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  1. thats actually pretty bad, more than $50 per record lol but i got an order in anyways, need this in my life
  2. Anybody know if the vinyl box set has already gone up for purchase?
  3. the grandfather of KH, the man that made it all happen, the elevator pitch keyblade master https://discord.com/channels/179158453640495104/809143735166173284/981207311127285780
  4. ikr? we have all these damn cd's and no vinyls smh
  5. is anybody else severely disappointed with no KH official vinyl release? :sadpepe:
  6. wait so if everyone dead in this dimension, org xiii making a full comeback? hopefully in a more serious role too and not as goofy and meme wrothy
  7. come one weve had lightsabers since final mix at least bring in luke
  8. marvel crossover worlds :gsmiley:
  9. the mouse wont have any sinful remarks in his christian gaming servers
  10. riku guna be a zaddy in this new one
  11. here's to hoping haley joel osment will drop his voice a few octaves for the english release :sadgepray:
  12. lol if we know anything ab this series, then we understand the plotline is going to get even more incomprehensible w the fourth game
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