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  1. the grandfather of KH, the man that made it all happen, the elevator pitch keyblade master https://discord.com/channels/179158453640495104/809143735166173284/981207311127285780
  2. man they really need to hire better graphic designers. even from a minimalistic viewpoint, this is so basic
  3. ikr? we have all these damn cd's and no vinyls smh
  4. is anybody else severely disappointed with no KH official vinyl release? :sadpepe:
  5. wait so if everyone dead in this dimension, org xiii making a full comeback? hopefully in a more serious role too and not as goofy and meme wrothy
  6. come one weve had lightsabers since final mix at least bring in luke
  7. marvel crossover worlds :gsmiley:
  8. the mouse wont have any sinful remarks in his christian gaming servers
  9. riku guna be a zaddy in this new one
  10. here's to hoping haley joel osment will drop his voice a few octaves for the english release :sadgepray:
  11. lol if we know anything ab this series, then we understand the plotline is going to get even more incomprehensible w the fourth game
  12. sora bout to have a harem in this new one
  13. his weird teen haircut is gone
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