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  1. I redid my cosplay of her after 84 years. I’m still trying to nail down what i want her markings to be
  2. My nitro powers are gone
  3. Finally got around to redoing Naminé!!
  4. About MInecraft. (I am lying).
  5. I'm binge watching EvoSMP because I'm sad.
  6. My Spider-Verse character: Dream Weaver!!
  7. Even my phone hates In and Out.
  8. It bothers me bc the characters are starting to look same-y and they’re reusing palettes. If I wasn’t paying attention, I would’ve thought that was Yanfei. And I did at first. “Woah, Yanfei got a skin.” NOPE.
  9. And all the Dendro characters they’re conking out, and not many of them have green? Which is cool and awesome, but I want more green characters in general?
  10. I’m right. I love Yanfei, but not this much.
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