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  1. Hello, I hope you can take away my fear. I'm doing a perfect run at KH3 and I'm afraid that I did something wrong. Initially I took the Pro Codes, I want to do the EZ Code Merits after Yozora. I am currently in the post game and have maximized Sora's stats (especially magic power). Now I'm afraid that I won't be able to do the EZ Code Challanges because Sora is too strong. Especially in the Icebreaker Challange it is important to freeze the enemies without defeating them. Do you think it's still possible to do this? Many people fight the enemies in Battlegate 0, but I read a comment that you can also do the challenge in the Grape Flan minigame with shooting star (double arrowguns; magic form). Unfortunately, the exact procedure was not mentioned. But the flans don't die immediately after you freeze them with the thrown back ice attacks, do they? Is the time enough to freeze and defeat 30 of them? Or do you know a better way/place? As I said, Sora is overpowered. Even if I activate one of the pro code that effectively resets his level back to level 1, he still has over 100 magic power. It's not about trophies for me, I want to have a complete game and have completed all the challenges. Please help me! Can you guys maybe check it in your game? Thanks!!!
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