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  1. I will never reach this high of a peak ever again that is the single best banana snipe to have ever happened in the history of Mario Kart
  2. worst offender is luxembourg though 🇳🇱 🇱🇺 like Luxembourg really said "I like your flag, let's take it and make it lighter for our country"
  3. the French just looked at the Dutch flag and said "let's turn it 90 degrees" better then Croatia though they just decided to put a symbol on the Dutch flag
  4. nah but the french did steal the dutch flag fr fr
  5. ah firetruck that must've taken weeks
  6. idc what anyone says anyways, from that image I presume you have a sewing machine and now I'm jealous I just hand sew <:bitcry:1067679547371290675>:bit_cry:<:bitcry:1067679547371290675>
  7. nah,l that's Dutch mixed with Amsterdam
  8. I swear to god that's just the Amsterdam Flag merged with the Dutch flag lmao like fr fr
  9. that's why we go to thrift stores
  10. I usually just pop on a livestream when I sew painting is also fun on denim get some acrylic paints and paint your own designs I got an ace flag, trans flag and anarchy symbol painted on my vest and it looks cool af ngl
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