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  1. I especially ship Aerith and Tifa tbh Cloud is just in there cause they both like to tease him
  2. or they could have a 4-way poly if you want
  3. what if Aerith x Tifa and Cloud x Zack would that make you happy @Daz_4th
  4. Question Am I wrong for wanting Cloud, Tifa and Aerith to be in a polyamorous relationship? Especially with Tifa and Aerith in chapter 10 of FF7R
  5. https://tenor.com/view/me-after-lockdown-airplane-gif-journey-lockdown-gif-18916504
  6. the first and last message were jokes and Sam.. got woooshed hard
  7. Like diff genres Cause sometimes you’re in the mood for a diff genre Game hopping, but also finishing the games
  8. And if you can that means that you’re just actually indeed not in the mood
  9. I am trying to break said habit By just Playing the game Once you force yourself to play it you can’t stop In my experience
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