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  1. o0k wait it's been 40 minutes, the Direct should end no? I gotta go to drumband rehersal soon, but I don't wanna miss direct H|YGNoiwT&GN#UI5y73n METROID PRIME METROID PRIME 4 Zero Mission and Prime 4?! Metroid fans are EATING
  2. I still need this game yesterday
  3. YESTERDAY 26th of September is not soon enough the fact that the there's a Horizon game revealed in a Nintendo direct unless it was also at State of Play ig
  4. dr,fjugznsrykun\gfwoun\7ftwqo8frt73eorf73nertf23
  5. kinda really upset that we're not getting Conker OMG NEW MARIO PARTY NEW 2D ZELDA!!!
  6. ok why does the Funko pop game look kinda fun though god with all these Switch releases the Switch 2 better be backwards compatible OMG ZERO MISSION!!! OMG MATURE 64 GAMES CONKER?!?! PERFECT DARK!!!!!!! no Conker tgho sadly
  7. like people still care about that game it's even worse then in Resorts cause it's 2-on-2 and not 3-on-3 Warner bros: no Looney Tunes movie, but yes Looney Tunes sports game DKCR now also on Switch better have Funkey Mode or not worth money fr fr
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