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  1. the best pranks are the obvious ones
  2. I hate the false announcements tbh
  3. do you guys know what day it is tomorrow?
  4. tears of the kingdom is right
  5. omg I just got the joke his name is Link alr omg it's legit just... full on... Missing Link
  6. bots and scalpers bots and scalpers...
  7. god... the fact the Mario Movie is a thing makes me wonder... how firetrucking cool would a Starfox movie be?!?! or a Metroid movie!!!
  8. I was buying tickets for the mario movie right as you do, a week in advance a- and I always sit in row 10 seat 7 it's the perfect spot, not too far or too close and you only have 1 seat next to you as on the other side you have the aisle BUT SOMEONE TOOK MY SPOT I have now reserved the spot in front of them do I buy a big ass Mario hat to obscure the screen for them?
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