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  1. Yeah! Like one where Roxas isn't breaking Sora's brain or there isn't some reality ending crisis going on where one of them vanishes at the end of (it just hit me Roxas vanished at the end of KH2 with no hope at the time of ever coming back as his own individual and Sora vanishes at the end of KH3 with no hope at the time of ever returning to his reality. Maybe there will be a game where neither vanishes from each others life at the end someday).
  2. Me too. While I want to see Xion and Sora interact more. I'm hoping they at least throw some moments here and there outside of the usual dynamics. It's was nice to see Riku finally interacting with the Hollow Bastion FF crew and having a nice moment with Namine at the end of KH3 considering their history and link to Replica Riku. Riku's interactions with Xion in 358/2 days were complicated to say the least. But he was also the one who got Xion on the path to rebelling against the Org 13 and thinking for herself more. I'd like to see them interacting again and how they'd be as friends.
  3. To this day I still wonder what the heck Roxas was even doing there? He was so touched by Sora's belief he was his own person and Roxas was like 'see that's why it had to be you'... Then the heartwarming moments fans everywhere have been hoping to see turns into Roxas = D while Sora looks like his brain is going to explode as the download of 358/2 days goes straight into his head. I was like, Roxas! Sora just got done telling you your feelings and life is yours alone and you two weren't the same. What part of that did you interperate as surprised Sora by forcing him to look into your whole backstory? You two are face to face. Use words. Tell the backstory! This was such bad timing on your part. D X Idk. Maybe Roxas is like, I can trust everything to Sora. He can handle it. = D Meanwhile Sora @_@ i can't handle this
  4. Perpetually nice big sibling can exist.... in fiction
  5. Probably didn't help a) Roxas didn't know what Sora was like b) everyone who was a good guy (even if they were a revenge obsessed jerk like Ansem the Wise at the time) wanted him gone for Sora's return and kept saying how better Sora was c) even his friends told him he wasn't real and did things behind his back. Thankfully after settling his differences in a fight (oh hey typical bro stuff already right), Roxas got to see Sora for who he was and since then Sora was the one person who never let him down. Roxas has closer friends. But it's nice to see how much post KH2 games showed Sora's thoughtfulness for Roxas and Roxas's faith in Sora to help him even when he had already given up on himself. It's why while I don't care of Roxas doesn't have a big part to play in the next arc, I hope he gets some shining moments and he and Sora (and Xion) can really get into that sibling dynamic KH3 seemed to push. You're right. I bet he would even give Roxas his last sea salt ice cream. Though if Roxas wants a fight, Sora has shown he's not above being underhanded with him. X D But yeah Sora's the ultimate big bro. Pretty sure Roxas would throw hands if Ven said Terra was the best big bro.
  6. Just watch Everglow's youtube channel. He has all the cutscenes complied together so it's a good way to see the story or remember what the heck is going on. https://www.youtube.com/c/Everglow8444
  7. Well Sora didn't hug him but he was the first person to tell him he deserved to live as a person. He got his hug from Axel and Xion so we're good there. 👍 The irony is that someone was. Sora was taking care of him through there connection and quickly came to his aid again when he needed it most from fading away. It's too bad Eraqus, Aqua and Terra were looking out for him but were doing an arguably terrible job at it. X P
  8. Aw yeah. You can tell Roxas really looks up to Sora after reconciling his relationship with him. Roxas is always counting on Sora to never be worried and to save the day like it's a simple thing. He just trusts Sora completely to take care of everything - makes sense. Sora was the first person ever to tell him he was his own person and even protected his and Xion's hearts until they had bodies. Plus how angry he got when Sora got hurt in Remind. Yeah there's actually a lot of good moments between them throughout the series. KH3 really upped the whole sibling like dynamic potential between them. Particularly in the Big Hero 6 world where it seemed like they were comparing Sora and Roxas to Tadashi and Hiro (which gets sadder considering like Hiro, Roxas saw Sora vanish from his life right in front of him). It's probably why even if Roxas and Xion have no plot importance (which Nomura could easily give them I suppose. We don't know everything about this new Arc in the series). I can still see them being given focus in Sora's story because of how the series built their relationship for more. Also Xion's fascination and perceptiveness with Sora is also cute.
  9. Yeah me too. Laurium's story is pretty interesting with what he'll be doing. I'm assuming he and Larxene will remember everything. Which means they'll know the truth about Ven and everything else. The only question is when they'll explain things or where they even ended up? It'd be easier if they found Ven who then would take them to Quadratum. But unless they've done their own digging they don't have a reason to go there except maybe finding Sora because they owe him one. Yeah like who will find Strelitzia first, Laurium or Ven? Ven is the most likely candidate since he knows Quadratum exists now and Sora is there. We also don't know how Strelitzia will react to Ven. Will she caution Sora on trusting Ven, prompting a confused Ven to begin to recover his lost memories? But if Lauriam finds her first then less drama because he can explain things (basically we'll have Ven having another crisis over his identity either way).
  10. I know right? I thought it was pretty obvious since Coded they were coming back. At least in in DDD with Sora telling Roxas he deserved to be his own person and how Ansem the Wise talked about how everything can have a heart. How weird would it have been if Roxas, Xion and Namine were just stuck inside Sora and Kairi forever post KH3 despite the previous games telling you they had hearts and deserved to live their own lives? I won't hold my breath for them being in KH4 but at the same time I wouldn't be surprised. Ven I could definitely see popping up and potentially being important to the story. Plus I could see him wanting to see Sora after everything Sora's done for him and even sneaking off or deciding to go to Quadratum on his own. Unlike Aqua, he's not busy training a new pupil. He's also the only main character connected to the old age of Keyblade wielders and there's a lot of potential for him running into Strelitzia or anyone else from that age. Ven being in Quadratum in 4 could happen for a lot of reasons. Though I want to see moments of big brother Sora with little brother Roxas and little sister Xion. The moments they gave us of them with Sora were so good. I'd like to see more now with the latter two freed and having been living their own lives for a year already.
  11. Yeah I mean they kind of set themselves up by keeping Axel relevant since he promised to find Subject X who we all know will be important in the current new arc of the series. Unless they make a lot of effort to have Axel never speak and doing things offscrean (kind of like how they didn't give Dilan any lines, lol). But I don't think his fans would like that too much.
  12. I'm just waiting for it to be outright confirmed in story that the Remake is a
  13. Idk. Maybe Axel won't even show up in KH4 until they figure that out?
  14. I don't mind. I'm assuming this new arc will at least have several games in it's story so that's plenty of time to give everyone at least some attention big or small. I think the only thing that I'd want to see more of Roxas and Xion is more actual bonding with Sora since KH3 seemed to put emphasis on Sora and Roxas possibly seeing each others as siblings so that'd be a fun dynamic to explore more. Other then that we know Axel has his own relevant plot moving forward with trying to find Subject X with Isa so we know those two will pop up again. But right now we already have a ton of characters, old and new, that are in the focus and I'm pretty interested in seeing them. We have Sora in his new predicament. We have Yozora. We have Strelitzia. The MoM. Riku searching for Sora. Kairi training and who knows she might even get to Quadratum by the mid to end parts of the game. Donald, Goofy and Mickey both looking for Sora and questions to the past. Laurium regaining his memories and looking for his sister. The other Lost Masters. Luxord most likely being Yozora's driver. Ect. The list could potentially go on. I didn't even bring up Ven's link in all this until now. KH4's big appeal for me right now is exploring Unreality, Sora and Strelitzia's predicament, Yozora and his connection to Sora and the MoM.
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