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  1. I'm going to assume whatever the Crown thing is: Sora, Yozora and Kairi are the most likely candidates. Characters like Mickey and Xehanort (if he does pop up) are also pretty likely thanks to having royal vibes. Ven's been a pretty central character and he's been kind of connected to royalty if you take him sleeping on a throne in a castle as a good enough symbol. I've looked up Strelitzia's name and the flower is named after a queen. Considering she's the true Dandelion that's important to MoM's plans, I wouldn't be surprised if MoM saw her as a Crown too. Of course there's MoM. What if he's a crown. >> << or maybe he was a Crown and he and the last generation of Crowns failed in the past?
  2. Interesting. I also hadn't thought of Ven having a Throne vibe to him but he has set in that chair like a sleeping king for a long time.
  3. Doesn't it also say the Crowns can be with aligned with Light or Darkness? We really don't know too much about their role.
  4. No. I think it was a HMK video on youtube that popped up. But this seems to be in line with that theory. Though I don't know how Riku fits being a Crown if we follow that logic of a character having a Royal symbol to them? To tell you the truth I'm hoping Riku isn't a Crown. I kind of dig him being set up being the standard Leader of the other characters like how he was set up in Limitcut/Remind. Riku has never come off as a king character to me. He's like a knight. I like the idea of him having a different role anyway, like the knightly one who protects the royals and leads the armies when the kings are doing something else? If that makes any sense.
  5. "Have I ever told you about Nightmare Chirithy or all the kids who murdered each other?" "Bad times" You know I did watch someone's videos theory about Xehanort being around in future titles and they were talking about the whole Crowns thing and who could be counted as one - Even though we have no clear idea what a Crown is yet.But it got me thinking about how Crowns maybe will be a character connected to royalty motifs already. What characters count as that? The (battle active) characters in the series I can think of being shown in royal way are: Sora* (crown necklace, various Crown and Throne symbolism).** Xehanort** (Throne and kingly symbolism like Sora). **Kairi** (also the only other character that had the Throne symbolism). **Yozora** (I think he's a King?). *Mickey Mouse (Literal King). I don't know if this will end up meaning anything as to where the Crowns things go. But I am curious now how many other characters have been given the Kingly symbolism in the series?
  6. "You were a vessel of one of the Darkness's Ven!" Terra: "You were used to murder an fellow Keyblade wielder to further the agenda of evil Ven?! Hey me too..." You know I sadly feel like we could make a very long list of "you were a __ Ven?!" The kid has a lot on his plate. X0
  7. Chirithy: So over a hundred years ago there was that time you wanted friends so badly Darkness entered you and killed the sister of one of you future friend's.... uhm oh you wanted happy stories. Too bad. =/
  8. So far he doesn't seem eager to though. If it wasn't for Sora, Chirithy wasn't even going to see Ven despite being able to and seems content to let Ven never remember the past. But yeah you're right. Chirithy is also the other option that could explain everything. I'm curious if's already opened up to Ven any yet offscreen in the year he's been reunited with him? A part of me hopes Sora and Strelitzia have jobs they need to pay for their very expensive apartments. X D
  9. I don't think anyone does. We got a lot of new mysteries to ponder and we don't want the characters to ponder about questions we already know the answers to for several more games. Vamos Vamos guys. We already got Yozora, The Star, Quadratum, What Luxu and the other Tellers are doing now, That Box, Maleficent's antics, MOM's backstory, the true Darkness, Sora finally opening up KH, the Crowns, The true Dandelion, Kairi becoming a major keyblade wielder player and what/how are we going to decorate Sora's apartment! We got new stuff to cover bring the characters up to date Laurium!
  10. Marluxia definitely has a lot of potential considering he started regaining his memories as Laurium thanks to Sora. Laurium could honestly explain a big portion of the plot points for the main characters. Just waltz up to Ven and be like 'hey I think you forgot but you me and Larxene are from the ancient past there's more to darkness theres the MoM theres... ect' He's got so much info in him he'd probably break Ven's brain again. I wonder if the plot will somehow keep Marluxia and Larxene away from the main characters so they can flunder in confusion longer?
  11. Quadratum being a kind of Valhala wasn't something I thought about before but I can see it now. I'm wondering though, I know what Sora did was called a taboo and treated like a punishment and we do know the punishment being separated from all he knows and loves. Quadratum itself so far doesn't seem to be a bad place. As Strelitiza says herself, it's a world of life for the people that live there and she doesn't refer to it as a straight up dead world. It's almost got this ethereal atmosphere to it from how characters talk about it and it being Yozora's home. Who himself has a divinely king aura to him. Is Quadratum a place for someone who committed a taboo but worthy of ascending to it like in mythology? As for Riku I'm curious if his loophole will have limits/repercussions for him? I would honestly be very surprised if we didn't get a cut scene of them in Kh4 considering Strelitzia looks like she's going to be a big player in the next story.
  12. I can see that. Maybe Brain gave it to the Player character in Missing Link at the end and Player took both it and Xehanort to Destiny Islands for safe keeping? Maybe at some point in the newest arc our main characters will go to Destiny islands and find the book hidden there?
  13. Wait... is that Meow Wow? -_- Is it Now I need to see Yozora's Meow Wow. Also bring Sora's Meow Wow to quadratum to live in his apartment and Sora can give him walks out and about the city.
  14. Yeah I agree with you about that. I'm just wondering if the Good Remind ending will connect to the battle in the KH4 trailer where Sora fights the heartless attacking quadratum? Maybe Sora fights the heartless and after defeating it Yozora and Luxord show up having watched the fight and Sora doesn't know whether to throw hands or not after the dream battle (poor kid has a lot to process either way). You know considering the MoM game had Sora jumping into Kairi's dreams to save her by fighting dream Xehanort, I bet dream battles will be a thing moving forward. For all we know Sora might interact with other characters through dreams often going forward. Though I'm also wondering about the timeline now? MoM takes place a year after Sora vanished. Sora shows up in Kairi's dreams. Kairi wakes up and Riku goes to Quadratum. Before that Riku spent a year dreaming of Quadratum because that's where Sora is. In Quadratum, Sora wakes up and is told by Streliztia he's been asleep for a week. When does Sora waking up in Quadratum take place? What are the chances that Sora's journey in Quadratum takes place a year before the events of Limit Cut/MoM and throughout the game we just go back and forth between Sora's present and the rest of the characters present until they match up?
  15. That makes sense. I guess I'm curious how this punishment pans out. Like if Sora's punishment will last longer then one game and if he leaves Quadratum it will be on a time limit and he'll have to return. Like you said, maybe an outside source will be someone like Riku who can leave and enter Quatradum with his own powers. But even then Riku's abilities to free Sora completely are limited. Yeah me too. What does save Sora mean? Is it simply get Sora out of Quadratum? Did Yozora bring Sora to Quadratum as a way to help him? Of course that alone doesn't seem enough since even in the good ending (which as far as I know is canon) still leads Sora to Quadratum and Yozora saying his power's not needed yet for Sora. Overall that makes me wonder if Sora's still under some kind of other punishment besides banishment from his own reality and only Yozora can save him? At this point I'm just going to assume it's MoM or someone working for him. Luxord is the other mystery I'm really curious. Back when KH2 released Luxord was actually my favorite Org member so the fact he's grown in importance is pretty fun for me. I'm guessing Luxord is Yozora's main caretaker and I'm also assuming in the good ending he's asking Yozora if he also thought Sora was impressive (be it the dream or the beginning of KH4 where Sora is fighting to save the city). I guess for all we know Luxord could have been the one to tell Yozora to save Sora though? Though speaking of Luxord, Remind made me very curious how he and Luxu will interact with each other since Luxord seems to be the only other character Luxu is completely in the dark about. For all we now those two are two sides of the same coin in some ways. At least when it comes to devotion to their masters and what covers they've had to assume.
  16. So does that mean in this new Arc, Sora will carry the repercussions of breaking taboo? I wonder if just being in Quadratum is the punishment or if something else will carry with him. Mostly Yozora's mission is making me think that.
  17. Hasn't Sora even technically fought Force User like beings anyway, he's had buildings chucked at him or weird mind powers holding him in place or stealing his weapon and flies around through belief. Sora's pretty much a Force User anyway. Should Vader really surprise him. The guy has fought actual gods and won. @_@ He could summon a carousel or a mermaid at Vader for crying at loud
  18. Same. My first thoughts seeing that was 'oh yeah the KH team are Star Wars fans.
  19. This is spoilers for Dark Road so I'll spoiler tag it but for KH4
  20. Don't know? I'm still thinking Return of the Jedi is most likely just for the Endor look alone. But I guess it depends more on what themes they are going for in 4 and what SW story would best fit. I usually just think movies but would Clone Wars work? Considering Sora's in more realistic setting I can't help but think he'd easily just fall into the live action movies. I love Fallen Order. Cal was so good and he and Sora would have great chemistry and relate to each other. It'd be cool if we could get a original story with the SW characters like Big Hero 6 and Pixar worlds.
  21. Yes to Original SW! I want to fight Vader and/or Palpatine! Idk, while Luke fights Vader maybe Sora could get Palpatine to get off his chair and fight a bit and then Sora gets knocked away at the end and we got the whole ending scene? Idk, I'm pretty sure Sora could give a force user a run for their money considering the people he has fought before. And if he can't I don't care. I think it'd be neat either way no matter how they do it to fight against Vader at least once.
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