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  1. There are so mamy fond memories all across the board. The one that sticks out the most is involving KH2. I remember being the 'responsible' teenager I was, I preordered it and failed to inform my mother that we needed to go pick it up [as in, she had no idea I had done so in the first place]. I was adamant to go get it, and she refused to bring me, [understandable since I did not communicate this]. My grandmother somehow got roped into making the drive so I could go finish paying for it at Gamestop and bring it home. Fast forward to later that year, I moved out of my mother's home temporarily since we were not getting along [things were rough at the time when I came out] and I moved in with my grandmother for a while. I remember playing the game a lot to cope with everything happening, and I was living there when I had finally beaten the game. She is no longer alive, but every time I play it, I have special memories of her during a rough time in my life.
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