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  1. While I could write an essay on why I love the series and what it means to me, instead I'm gonna focus on a few specific memories that really stand out. My first experience with the series was watching my older cousin play kh1. I was completely enthralled by all the characters and flashy gameplay and so I begged my mom to buy me a copy. We weren't able to afford much at the time so I had to go to my faithful video rental store and rent a copy for myself. Of course I wasn't able to finish the game in a few days since I was 6 or 7 so I had to wait months until my birthday before I had my own copy. Once my birthday rolled around, I still wasn't able to get it but my cousin gave me his copy (we played the entire day trying to do everything). Whenever I think of kh1 it brings me back to those warm summer days spent with my cousin. After that point, I was hooked. We didn't have internet or anything like that at my home for years and so anytime I was around a computer l, I was watching kh videos. Whether it was the openings, soundtracks, or the classic "kh3 trailers with box art", I watched it all. I also remember the first time I went to the beach and decided to make it a tradition to stand in the waves listening to dearly beloved (which I still do to this day haha). Another tradition I had during my time in school was playing through the kh2 prologue 7 days before school starting. I would play each day in real life and the game up until my "summer vacation was over". As I was writing this, more and more memories kept resurfacing. Long story short, I love this series beyond explanation and it provides me with so much nostalgia of happier days when everything was simple and clean. Thanks for reading.
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