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  1. I love the entire series of Kingdom Hearts as a whole and throughout the entire series there have been moments that make me feel overwhelmed with happiness, moments that would make my heart ache with sadness, and moments that would shock me and fill me with so much intrigue. Despite my desire to list off all of the different amazing moments of Kingdom Hearts I will say that my one most fond memory of Kingdom Hearts would be the very end of my 100% playthrough of Kingdom Hearts 1 when I was collecting synthesis items to make the ultimate weapon and defeating waves of heartless to hit level 100 while listening to a playlist of different Kingdom Hearts original tracks, remixes, and covers. When I had first started Kingdom Hearts 1 I didn't really hate it but I also didn't consider it to be my favorite game and by the time I had reached this moment I had absolutely fallen in love with the game a thousand times over. To this day Kingdom Hearts 1 is still my favorite game of all time and I honestly don't think anything will ever top it. I'm so happy that I had decided to play through this series because it brought me so much joy.
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