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  1. My fondest memory from Kingdom Heart is from 358/2 Days. It was winter break and I was playing the game for the first time curled up beside a bed with my dog stuck into the room. There's a scene early on in the game where Roxas is telling Axel and Xion that he wishes the moments he has with them could last forever, and Axel tells him that nothing can last forever. At the same time, Axel assured the two that it was okay for things to change, and that conversation really stuck with my tiny teenage self. I was always the kind of person that struggled with accepting change, and it was the first time young me had ever seen change and endings discussed in a way that accepted how they could be sad but it was okay. It was reassuring at the time, and even today I still think about it. The themes in days are by far my favorite in the series.
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