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  1. Actually you're wrong mickey uses Ultima against xehanort who uses stopza. And you would be capable to use stopza if it was a magic use in kh 3 no reason why sora wouldn't be able to do if he's already use all these crazy wack ass abilities in COM DDD kh 2/1 and even recoded
  2. It all started when I was a little kid when Kingdomhearts first came out, My brother and I who is about 11 years older than I he always got a lot more stuff for Christmas and special occasions then I did because I was only so young about 5/4 years old. But one day my brother has ended up getting prince of Persia and some other games along with a new gaming chair while my dad had found for me Kingdomhearts I didn't know if I liked it at all really I thought it was odd, Seeing a spikey haired boy with a key sword and some Disney characters eventually it dragged me in seeing my other favorites from final fantasy series like cloud and squall recognizing them if it weren't for my brother playing them all the time I would have been so lost and I had a good intuition on the story of the game because of me seeing all of these Disney films already as well. But then on from there I knew I love Kingdomhearts everything about it got me Into speed running it to reading books to getting merch for it and so on. But the following year after I had gotten it my father had passed away from well his own hands. It was a dark place for me I was really into boxing while young but when ever I was really down Kingdomhearts always taught me such a great and valuable lesson. And what that may be I honestly would say is be there for everyone that's in your heart love and appreciate the moments you have with people because one day it could all be lost you'll never understand how hard things are till it's to late and that can drag you down into the deepest darkness. Not a cringe formated rant, but truly it does inspire you to look at the things you have around you as a greater deal then to believe at face value. I thank everyone who has made this game the friends I've made because of it and how it's given me a leg up. To be more optimistic about situations rather than to be face down at the ground in the hardest of times. Once it came to the series and how sora has lost his friends many of times and had the multiverse at sake and he's the only one to save it when he's able to get up from that it's very leadership like to take charge and go for the things you love no matter what. Don't ever give up.
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