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  1. Lol. I'm glad so many of you liked it. Mayu actually showed it to me a while ago and has me repeating some of the lines by heart now *pathetic*
  2. Thanks everyone ^^ Clueless; Yes I use photoshop...I'm still in CS2 because my lazy brother hasn't given me his copy of the newer version yet
  3. Okay so I only edited some pictures to make a signature of Namine with Axel's Chakrams. *points to my siggy* Here's the story. I did one of those Org XIII quizzes to see what they thought of me and apprently I'm evil. Axel's exact reply was: Axel: What the hell? My room! My friggin ROOM!! My Chakrams! MY GOD SHE HAS MY CHAKRAMS! After I invaded his room... So I made myself a signature of Axel & Namine-But Namine has Axel's chakrams and as you can tell, Axel is pretty mad
  4. o.o; I never said you had to watch it. Wow.
  5. Don't tell me about hungry I spent 30 hours a few weks ago without food, Technically I could have eaten but...I didn't because it was to raise money for kids who don't have enough food...and to make matters worse, I knew where all the food was at that place. So...yeah. I've been pretty hungry and could do nothing about it -hands half a virtual sandwich-
  6. It's a fanmade video but it gets so funny. Be aware, there is a bit of crude language but not enough to hurt anyone. http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif
  7. Mayu-10/10 You know I like Axel & I'm biased cuz we're BFFs x]
  8. o.o Seems I missed a lot while I was off finishing school. I'm still confuzed as to how Sora became involved in this thread o.O; Sora's cool though xDD
  9. Oh. I got confuzzled. As usual. o.o
  10. Umm...*holds up false teeth* Whoops? *wipes cheese cake off face* Err...? o.o You...ATE...the puppyy? Nuuu!
  11. *weird silence*...My favorite song eh? I gotta say 'Your Eyes Don't Lie' by David Archuleta...(Only Mayu knows my other music obsession...)
  12. I'mma hold you to that now. >=D
  13. How do you know I forgot? Maybe I was just...not saying that. And do not say a word about my stuffed animal's Japanese name, or you will die. *growl*
  14. Mayu; Laugh while you can. Your name means cocoon and eyebrow... Axel; Sure *takes cookie* Luca; Shouldn't be an issue. I'm pretty random too. =P
  15. Yep, I got it memorized. That's one name I will never forget. MAYU! How many times have I told you...ah forget it...
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