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  1. Sora

    Do you happen to squirt?

    1. MyDixieRect


      X'DDDDD LOOL Sora. xD

  2. Lord Demyx. I await for our return.

  3. Insert another random comment.

  4. Eh, I've been on a Leather Pants rave for the past week. What can I say?
  5. www.kingdomofnothing.proboards.com If you're interested in serious roleplay, try out for a role here. I've stopped coming to KH13, am not interested in coming to kh13, and it's because my McAfee siteadvisor says that this site's not to be trusted. http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/kh13.com?premium=false&client_uid=770993044&client_ver= I don't use sites unless it's trusted. sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. "Why are you here?" Riku asked, in a tone that meant business. He kept the keyblade at ready position, waiting for the nobody to answer.
  7. Riku picked at a random flower. The flower screamed, which made Riku drop it. He nearly had a heart attack. This was his first time in wonderland, and so far he didn't like it. For some reason, things felt unreal to him. Suddenly, a portal opened up in front of him. He got out his keyblade, expecting the worst.
  8. =_= Maybe they will, Maybe they won't. I hear that if a nobody fades, and the right heartless is gone too... well, I hear that they become their original selves... So maybe Nomura will have a heart about this and give Edym/Myde/Ydme/Dyme his appearance that we all want.
  9. Aww.. you aren't crazy... You gotta get more involved in the stuff you don't like for that... XDD I'm crazy. XDD *shot*
  10. XDD I KNOW... I haven't had time to do it much, but I've gotten where the houses were right (I checked on that) but nothing else seems to add up. XDD I can't figure out how things are related and at the same time correct... It's too much for my Demyx brain I guess... XDD
  11. I've been listening to my playlist on my Gaia site (which my name is Seriously-serino777 there) when I hear a song that sounds familiar... my brain is reacting to it. XDD It feels like it is pulsing. XDD Awesome. XDD Anyway, the song is called "Requiem for a dream" which makes me think of KH for some reason... it makes me think of Aqua, and everything that happens in that trailor... It's from the Lord of the Rings according to the playlist though. I've been working on Homework too... I wanna play my sims games though. Plus... it's Halloween... Happy Halloween, btw... I'm dressed as Naruto's Sakura. Old costume I made myself years ago... but I seriously had nothing else done... Oh, and I'm going to dye my hair blondish. I bought it from the dollar tree, so I hope it turns out well. I want to lighten my hair to the point where it can be dyed silver... >.> I hate having brown hair and not blonde. Blonde, you can do so much with. A person like me who needs to change... I mean, I change my mind a million times a day, but I keep the same thought about silver hair for like... many, MANY years now... I've lost count.
  12. Demyx


    Disturbed! Oh... I love their songs.
  13. I really do. It amuses me the humor people take in explaining things... Have you ever looked at "freud was right?" Well... VERY funny stuff... Anyway, I learn a lot about things... and I look in a lot of them for things like Labyrinth or Kingdom Hearts. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RetGone "Kingdom Hearts seems to love this trope. " There's more in there, but the thing that annoys me about this site is that they put a lot of blanks in explaining things... COME AWN... Ruin it for me, that's why I went there. XDD *shot* But really, I wonder if there's a way I can show the blanks. Anyone know?
  14. Demyx

    TV Tropes

    Hehe... That's an awesome site. Only thing is... I tried looking up Kingdom Hearts in any of the death tropes, and gosh darn it... They didn't say anything about Vexen being killed midsentence... nor demyx's Wail... I mean, under the "Big No" one... they had Sora getting himself with a keyblade, and everyone's like "Nooo, sora!!"... Oh... wait, Demyx's death was mentioned, but it wasn't really the wail itself... it was about "alas poor villain," on how pitiful the death was... ah... here. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AlasPoorVillain
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