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    2. Lady Aleister

      Lady Aleister

      I have no say is this because I am a cat~thus meaning that I shan't. Be wearing clothes~

    3. Kirie


      just wear what you want don't let people get to u

      jezuz christ

    4. MyDixieRect


      What inori said

  2. Okay so I read the first part and really? "Is the dress revealing" It doesn't matter what I'm wearing, the 20-30 year old man shouldn't be looking at me like that in the first. It shouldn't matter what kind of cloth I put on my body, I should still be treated as a respected fellow human. And to answer your question, my cleavage was revealed, but it wasn't a 'v' dress. It was a straight line, revealing some cleavage because it's hard for me to wear a dress and not reveal some. Even when I rather wouldn't. Why should it be a hard concept in the first place?
  3. I'll change the font, then it seems you're not the only one with that issue! Sorry! ^^;
  4. I don't think it's flattering for someone to stare at my breasts. I find it unnecessary, creepy and rude. If you want to flatter me, tell me my hair looks nice, that my eyes are pretty, that I'm funny, that I have a nice smile. Don't stare at my body like a creep. If someone likes having their breasts and ass stared at, fine, that's them. No two people are the same.
  5. so i’m wearing a gray summer dress today, right? so i’m walking to this coffee shop near my house, on the street where it is there is a hair salon, nail salon, hair salon and a restaurant/bar then the coffee place. So I’m walking, minding my own business, listening to Marina and the Diamonds as I walk and this late 20s-early 30s man is firetrucking staring my tits like I’m a piece of meat he can goggle at. what. the. firetruck. I’M A TEENAGE GIRL MINDING HER OWN BUSINESS TRYING TO ENJOY THE REST OF MY EVENING WITH SOME DELICIOUS ICED COFFEE. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STARING AT MY CHEST LIKE I’M A DISPLAY. IF YOU NEED ACTION LOOK AT PORN NOT ME YOU HORNY firetruck. Ugh. Seriously. No matter who you are, what you do, don't look at people like they aren't people. If someone wants to show off their sexual prowess, they can. But if I'm just wearing clothes and walking down the street, minding my own firetrucking business, don't stare at me blatantly, I'm a human, not a piece of meat. I'm so angry right now. edit: changed font and color
  6. if you start something off with "no offense" big. deal. people are still going to take offence and most of the time when people start things off like that they are firetrucking horrible things to say.
  7. after reading this entire thread, i can clearly state that this makes me hate parts of humanity.
  8. some things make me hate humanity. like holocaust jokes.

  9. ???????? i took it like a bajillion people? i'm not sure what you're trying to accuse me of. if it's that it's not an original idea then idc because i don't spend enough time on here or other kh forums to really know tbh
  10. don't hate man. i know you wished you thought of that brilliant-ness. envy isn't a good color on anyone. [green is not a creative color]
  11. idk guys i think the thirteenth darkness is going to be sora's mom she's pissed because he never ate that dinner dammit sora she worked hard on that shit
  12. nothing in life is better than when your otp finally becomes cannon

    1. Saber Lily

      Saber Lily

      Which pairing is canon for you?


    2. Larxene12


      arthur and guinevere in merlin

  13. this is going to be a bad idea i know it
  14. my profile is now complete

  15. i wish i had sony vegas again wahhhhh

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