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  1. No


    no clue. we took an old broken computer and put it together with another old computer. it doesn't help that it only has linux.
  2. This is random but seeing how this is the random section and I'm watching Star Wars... Who is better. Aniken (hope I spelled the name right) or Darth Vader? Discus
  3. History I can understand but how do you fall asleep in science?
  4. OH dear lord that sounds creepy. I'd have to resist the urge to yell RAP
  5. No

    They always fail

    So all my role plays always fail, so in this one you can do whatever you want. so guy in a bar ticks you off, lock him in an outhouse and blow it up. Any way the only three cities that there are are; Lire, large city known for its collage of magic and is known as a center for trade it lies in the middle of a huge desert backed against the mountains. Minas, The capitol. and finally Felin, a large coastal city. If you want your character to be in a different city just give it a name and a bi-om. This is a fantasy role play and please DESCRIBE your character. don't use a picture. Thank you. and heres my character. Name: Kiera Age: unknown Hair: long silvery in color that falls to her knees. She has a blue ribbon tied in it on the side. eyes: Unknown. she wears a Blue blind fold. Clothing: A light blue dress that matches her ribbon and blind fold. She has yet another ribbon tied around her wrist and a bell on a ribbon around her neck. She has a pair of white boots with buckles on the back. Personality: Fairly out going. she acts like a cat at times. Though her true personality is actually quite menacing power: she can bend and twist time and move quickly by using worm holes. Weopon: she uses a whip.
  6. So you want us to be harsh? Every thing I say past this point is going to be opposite then. It sucks and I my seven year old cosine could do a better job. there. harsh enough? Mind you I mean the opposite of what I just said.
  7. So you want us to be harsh? Every thing I say past this point is going to be opposite then. It sucks and I my seven year old cosine could do a better job. there. harsh enough? Mind you I mean the opposite of what I just said.
  8. No


    (oh. Thanks sorry 'bout that.) Yeah but even one makes my computer stall.
  9. No


    I don't mean to complain (well, actually I do) but those fancy siggy's that move make my computer spaz out and take for ever to load! I'd rather be able to read the threads I click o without having to wait five minutes firs! Respect the salvaged computer please!
  10. I've never actually fallen asleep in class but I have spaced out until the bell rings. not sure if that counts though. /shot
  11. (sorry bout any grammer mistakes.) So I like to write and decided to post this. please give me me feed back/CONSTRUCTIVE critisism on how I did. I may or may not add more to it. Thank you Prologue: Sun streamed down out of the skylight. I had already decided that this place was better then the one I had been in before. If I had known the terrors that lay within this place. Then perhaps I could have warned those who entered before they were devoured. Chapter 1: I walked through the greenhouse on the roof. No one was ever up here and I felt safe among the rotting vegetation. In my opinion this was just another old abandoned house. Just a very, very big old abandoned house. I never saw anyone here and that didn't bother me for some reason. I loved the silence. I loved the smell. But most of all I loved that no one could hurt me so long as I was here. I was safe here. This place and no where else. My name was now Ismene. I had decided that as soon as I realized that they couldn't get here. But neither could I get out. I was trapped here. But being alone was better then being else where. Though I felt weird here, I honestly didn't care. At least I no longer saw that; the living becoming the dead in my mind, and then it happening in reality. At first I thought I was schizophrenic, or had some other mental illness. But as I grew, and my father died. I realized just how real it was. It terrified me, and I began to warn those who I saw. But the more I said, the more I hurt. Till the point that I fled to this very house. The leaves behind me moved slightly but I ignored them. I no longer trusted my mind. More recently I had begun to see blurred shapes, and occasionally the plants that surrounded me were growing an thriving, rather then dead and rotting, as if one of the blurred shapes was taking care of them. But this was no blurred shape. When I turned around I saw a little girl of about seven or eight watering the plants while humming to herself. Then it happened. In the back of my mind I saw her lying on the ground in a pool of her own blood, a long, slim black spear jutting from her stomach. I wanted to warn her. I knew that it wasn't to late, but no words came to my lips and I found my self fleeing the room, feeling helpless and pathetic.
  12. OMG Orange box! The only game I've played on it is portal 'cause I fail at Half Life 2.
  13. No


    NO! don't close the thread By. don't close the thread!
  14. Why is every buddy wishing coded a happy b-day but not me? I'm turning fifteen today too!
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