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  1. I liked: the "Boom boom"part with Ikuto,Marlene's "I got",Sora's"I got","Even if the sky is falling down",the "Blame it on the pop" parts 'cause I like how they flow,"Rum-ba-ba,Amu's "I like that"parts,when the Mad Hatter danced,and when Lightning socked Snow. You really outdid yourself,Tricia-chan! X)
  2. This commerical is funny!It really made me smile.
  3. I haven't been on for a long time,so I don't really know if anyone's missed me or not.But I have missed my friends on here. -sigh-I don't get on here very often.Why? Deviantart.I made an account on there(Finally!) and ever since then,I've spent most of my computer time on there.So,I'm really considering cutting off most of my ties with this site.Expect me for an occasional visit, though. Well,if anyone has an account on Deviantart,look me up.I'm ToriAlly-sama15.Oh and I'll be posting all my stories and poems on there for now on.So,goodbye guys.Thanks for everything.
  4. Shrek forever after,and before that,Iron man 2.
  5. Geez....poor JF...Tell her I'm praying AND I hope she gets better. Man,her situation is screwed up....
  6. I'm going to the one in L.A. on July 1-4 with my friend,cousins and aunt.Olny problem is: I've NEVER been to an expo and I don't know anything about them. Can someone explain everything? Including resistration?
  7. His performance was cool.I just hope he...doesn't turn into ANOTHER JB.
  8. IM2 was good,but it could have been better.The new Rhodey seemed a little too arrogant(my aunt agrees) and the final fight scene should have been 5 minutes longer.But,there was a nice hint about the Avengers and Thor movie. Eh,4/5,'nuff said.
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