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  1. I'm sorry to say this but, WHAT THE MATTER WITH YOU PEOPLE?! Obama is trying his best! he can't help it that things like this are happen like this because of the Republicans, the tea party and the people who listen to them talk badly about him and they're actions! People voted for him to because they wanted change over night but people need to understand change takes a while. I think voting for Trump is not going to change anything but probably might make our situation worst!
  2. I am so sorry. I wish there was something done as well. Its sad for a young age... Please don't blame yourself and keep the memory of her in your heart. and Remember family, friends and all of us on here for you.
  3. OMG! The Big Comfy Couch, I loved that show when I was younger. I still have my own Molly the Dolly doll.
  4. I just post this to say I haven't been on here for a while. This site has changed since I been gone and I just wonder about some of the changes. I don't care if I'm known or not, I don't talk much anyways. Oh and you want to know if I'm a he or a she, I'm a she. lol, I hope so too. :lol:
  5. Oh, the hetaloid version of Double Lariat, I love that one! Ya, they sound weird, but there awesome anyways for a fan made thing. I love it that they sound like the japanese cast.
  6. Oh god, I'm sorry to say this, but I hate when people talk about this. it's like 2000 all over again! It total BS and people can't really predict thing. It will happen when we least expect it. By 2013 we'll be all like "Why did people freak out about this?" and maybe laugh. This is how I think the world will end when it ever will; Nuculer War (aka World blows up because of human's actions), big huge meotor, or (got this idea from Doctor Who) Earth gets too close to the sun. But that not going to happen for a super, super very, very, very, very, very, very, very long time. I agree. It the when the plants align, so they're calender ended there.
  7. That a good question. I wonder about that too. Well I like to say of Marluxia's rank as the 11th member. It has two 1 in it. There more to it but thats what I think. :lol:
  8. Two Become One, Oblivion, oathkeeper, Bond of Flame, Star Seeker, Void Gear, Lost Memory, and Way to the Dawn. (yes, more than one fav keyblade)
  9. I didn't play it but I watched it on Youtube. Horror stuff doesn't really scare me but this game did. I only screamed once through out it, though it wasn't cause by the game, it was my little brother. But I freaking out through a lot of it. Its an awesome game, even though I'm never going to play it because I'm going to freak out through out the game.
  10. :blink: All Of You People Who Read The Thread Title, Please Get Your Mind Out Of The Gutters. Its Not That Type Of Thread!
  11. oh my, I am so sorry. please stay strong.
  12. Charlie Sheen when off the deepend because he was too in the stuff he was doing (and is just high. and the media kept talking about him.) i'm tried of hearing about him everyday, no offended to anyone who likes him. I really liked him, he was a good actor, but what he's doing now is just nutts.
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