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  1. Naruto is not from Disney or Square Enix. Disney currently airing Naruto Shippuden means nothing.
  2. When the 30th Final Fantasy comes out. Think about it for a moment.
  3. lol China called North Korea a "spoiled child"
  4. You're 15, so you don't either. Eterna wins! To be fair, 15 year olds are capable of giving birth True, but if you are giving birth at 15 then there's something wrong... yeah, but I think the world record was a 12 year old giving birth. I think she was british or german, I don't really know, I just heard it from some classmates. That's impossible. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lina_Medina
  5. Kairi's Grandma X Billy Mays Kairi X Cat Valentine Tsubaki X Aqua Captain Planet X Larxene Borat Sagdyiev X Aqua
  6. If anyone thinks North Korea would win, they're stoned off their ass. Big difference between the Korean War and a potential Korean War II: First Korean War, North has the Soviet Union and China on their side. In a potential second, Russia would most likely be on the US/South Korea side, and China is probably going to be neutral and not step in unless shit gets out of hand. At the very least, it'll likely be South Korea, America, United Kingdom, France, and Japan. Even then, it wouldn't be too hard to defeat Kimmy. Germany maybe, Canada maybe, Russia maybe. If we get a good amount of troops from every country in NATO to fight, plus some Russian and South Korean troops, it'll be like a football player fighting a 5 year old. UPDATE: China is having talks in Seoul (capital of South Korea) regarding the situation in the Korean Peninsula. Little Kimmy better have all his fingers and limbs crossed that China decides they're gonna stay neutral and they won't come to our side, or they're even more screwed. Meanwhile, I'll be here hoping China decides to be on our side so we can open up the can of whoopass with a bigger can opener and end this nonsense.
  8. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5657512/1/tdi_ganglife The writer of this needs a brick thrown into their face.
  9. World War III would need more than North Korea on the other side. It'd be another Korean War, technically a reboot. Oh, and Sarah Palin says "we must stand by our North Korean ally." There are people who WANT this dumbass as president. Apparently, were sending out one of our best warships for the new drills with the South. As for drafting, by the time I'd turn 18 the war would be over under likely circumstances.
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