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  1. I fixed it so this thread can be locked if that's protocol
  2. It's not that it freezes, it's just that nothing happens at all.
  3. Okay so I apologize in advance if anyone has already asked about this, but I couldn't find anything on it. In DDD HD, the balloon training toy/minigame for Spirits doesn't seem to work. As in, whenever I go into the minigame, the Spirits just kind of stand there and no matter what button I press, nothing happens. I can't even leave, so I have to restart the game. Am I missing something? And if not is this happening for anyone else?
  4. Vanitas NEEDS to be the final boss of KHIII

  5. Your sig really contradicts your post, you know Also, my condolences
  6. I'll give advice, but this is a biased opinion, for two reasons: I'm a guy, so, of course, I don't know how exactly girls work. Almost ALL the girls at my school do exactly what your friend said. Based on those reasons, here is what I would do: I would just drop all contact with them. I wouldn't start any conversations with them or even acknowledge them. If they talked to me, I would give short answers and if they persisted, put an edge in my voice to let them know I don't want to talk. But, you probably don't want to do this because you don't want to be rude. Seriously though, in my school, girls have been acting like this for at least the past 3 years. I've reached the point where, if a girl says hi to me for no reason, especially if they're in a group (2 or more) I give them a quick "hey" and completely ignore them if they continue to talk to me. (There are exceptions of course, mostly just if they're my friend, or a friend's friend, or if my friend seems to be okay with them ) inb4 this information isn't relevant anymore
  7. About a month ago I was really sick, some guy in P.E. ran into me and slammed into my arm really hard, it really hurt, but, I'm a tough person(at least I like to think so) so I didn't make a big deal out of it. I was sick as hell for the next two weeks, I always felt so bad after coming home from school I just wanted to lay down and die. Not to mention my arm hurt, and it started to swell pretty soon. My insurance was messed up so I didn't get to go to the doctor until two weeks after it happened. Turned out there was a busted blood vessel or something and that had caused a blood clot in my arm, and it had a staph infection, as well. (This is not a professional explanation btw, I don't even understand it all, I'm just trying to put it in the simplest way possible) I had to go to a hospital and have surgery. They made an incision in my arm to drain out the dead blood and pus, and I just had the stitches taken out a few days ago. It's still recovering, and I'm excused from any physical activity in school for the next two weeks. That's an upside, I guess. This got kind of off topic, but yes, those two weeks before surgery were the sickest I've ever been, and yes, I did hate it.
  8. *enter "Real Life and Personal" section* *sees this thread* *leaves "Real Life and Personal" section*
  9. Wise words from KH13 user RoxSoxKH
  10. Dun Broch, from Brave. Of course there are a lot more I want, but Dun Broch is the one at the top of my head, and the one I want most.
  11. looking at posts i made a long time ago, smh

    1. RoxSox


      I know that feeling.

  12. Sorry I'm a little late, I couldn't get to this in time, but I'd like to confirm changing my name to 'EpiXauce'.
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