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  1. Anagram is a game of word in which the letters are scrambled to make new word(s). Just like how Roxas gets his name from letters of Sora (before the X) To begin, click: here and type your name there For Example: Cloud Strife's anagram name is CURSE IT! FOLD Jennifer Lopez's anagram name is JEER ZIP 'N' FELON So yeah, you get the idea If your anagram name is not malicious enough for you. You can also double-anagram it: Roxas Is Wise's anagram name is SIX WISE OR AS Six Wise Or As's anagram name is IS WORSE AXIS As you can see, mostly it's much funnier if you use real names My Real name Anagram: ............... anagram name is FAIR, PRURIENT, RADIANT If was so happy until I looked for the word prurient in dictionary WTF????
  2. Disney would never explicitly say that. Most likely it just meant kh is off-track of disney story or such so they have something against it. Maybe not all kh, just several kh they particularly dislike (dunno why). Isn't it more like SE bought disney's licence of characters so it doesn't really matter they dislike it or not, the SE would still make it. (Except maybe if something really horrible done by SE that damage disney image, like putting something inappropriate for them, they'll struggle to drop off the license) But if just minor opinion it won't do/affect much
  3. Recap from My Character Designs (http://kh13.com/forum/topic/20530-my-character-designs-8/): Basically the story is about some kids have their pets can turn into monsters so they go to an adventure to defeat evil force Sorry it's rough, this was made in about 4-5 hours only and supposedly made for colors to distinguish things but I didn't have time to Usual real world thing, exam coming up I plan to make the finer version afterwards. For those who have trained eyes to see beyond all that, or used to read 'name' (manga sketch) please comment. That'll be used in making the complete version. Thanks! WARNING: Heavy bw killer (loong spoiler contents) COntinued... 8P
  4. Thank you Keyblade it's very time-consuming to make details though, I would need assistant to do that Thanks for the input Thanks Venrox!! To everyone, thank you for the encouragement, I've just made the first 10 page of manga for the story, it's still pretty rough since I don't have time to do colours and finishings (due to exam ) But Enjoy
  5. @Oath Thanks! @Rod From many sources mixed together with my aspiration I've been always loving animal-related stuff ever since I can remember
  6. Nobodies of course! They are the ones who make me love kh
  7. I made the character designs for adventure story I plan on making, I want to show them here 8D Basically the story is about some kids have their pets can turn into monsters so they go to an adventure to defeat evil force (I love that kinda theme it's been long time) Suggestion please, Do you think for the main character's pet, I should use the yellow or black bird? (and which clothes for the owner?) (click to enlarge) The rest of the team:
  8. Aww Xion you're soo cool! 8D @Ansem Yes of course it's not important, it's just for fun if it exist, it's all-about-kh thing site after all! X]
  9. So as you may have tried, our original error is like this http://kh13.com/forum/error-page-404 Just for fun, why don't we have a funky 404 page (if DC has a spare time of course) examples: http://www.cavestory.org/OMGWTFBBQQ.php http://futureofwebdesign.com/404 <-open it in chrome/safari to make the earth spin.that kinda takes time to load, though if it's bw killer to have moving ones, we can have things like this: http://wpnetdna.mugnai.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/error69.jpg http://wpnetdna.mugnai.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/error88.jpg *making puppy eyes to DC and Aaron to create kh-related one*
  10. Foreign girls rob the shirts IDWKA
  11. It's good, it'll be better to have more wonderland environment stuff later, yay! 8D Only one thing... Umm... aros? I found that funny if it's gag story it's interesting, though @KaiSo Very difficult to read? Nah, it's Xion's style, you'll get used to it Note for Xion: Try separating the lines so it's short each, the last fourth paragraph made me spaced out before I finished reading it
  12. I didn't like lolita until I see this thread 8D turns out what I considered lolita all these long was bad lolita
  13. People never guess my age literally so I never know :blink: But they're always surprised whenever I mentioned my birthday age coz I'm counted as young for my grade
  14. I knew it because it's in random sec, yet I'm tempted and eat the price. luckily I'm using chrome so there's "Prevent this site for showing this tab" or else I would be losing trust on your threads (and be in depression mode for God knows how many click it needs)
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