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  1. There is no HEART without ART ♥

  2. Hi nippie! How have you been?

    1. Destati_Dream_XIII


      Hello Rikku!!!! I'm so sorry it's been so long since I last checked in!!! Was busy with tests at school, then a bunch of other stuff ended up popping up that I needed to do as well ^^; But other than that, I've been doing okay. What about you, how have you been? :) I hope things have been going alright for you ^^

    2. *Rikku*


      *glomps* NIPPIEEEEEEE YUSH YUSH YUSH THINGS ARE OK WAZ UPPPP. Aniohakasayo (trying to say hello in Korean)

    3. Destati_Dream_XIII


      Annyeonghaseyo to you as well!! <333

  3. My favorite characters are always the ones that make me cry the most why do I do this to myself

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    2. Destati_Dream_XIII


      Yes. *high fives you for your awesome profile pic*

    3. Danex Darkfire +

      Danex Darkfire +

      *follows through with high five because Zack Fair is the best person to have as a profile pic*

    4. Destati_Dream_XIII
  4. Marathoning the Naruto anime atm. My gosh this series has so many characters with touching stories ;u;

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    2. Destati_Dream_XIII


      Just finished Part 1 and am at episode 57 of Shippuden now ^^

      And same here. Some other animes have made me cry too, but the Naruto series really makes me cry my eyes out (and more than once;;;)

    3. Shulk


      Oh, alright. :D I'm behind in the Shippuden anime, but I read the manga, so I'm caught up to the story still. xD I like watching it animated, though.

      You're not even at some of the saddest moments yet... ;_; Keep some tissues at hand for later.

    4. Destati_Dream_XIII


      Ah I see ^_^ And yep I know there's gonna be a bunch of sad moments :( I hadn't gotten caught up to the manga but I did get far enough into it to know I'll have to brace myself for all the crying I'll be doing when I get further in the anime, haha... ;_;

  5. Thank you so much for all the comments guys, I'm really happy you like my drawing, it means a lot ^^ Unfortunately I can't take requests, sorry Maybe someday when I get faster at drawing then I might c:
  6. Aww thanks The link to my Deviantart is at the bottom of my profile btw ^__^ Yeah I might draw her someday! Actually I've had this idea of drawing something of the three KH trios~ Though I think I'll wait until I get a bit faster at drawing for that, as that would be too many characters for me to handle atm haha.
  7. Aww thank you!! Haha yeah I hope she turns out well once I get around to drawing her *crosses fingers*
  8. Happy you like it!! Marluxia sure is a beautiful character~ Lol but Marluxia is a guy.. ^^ I plan on drawing all of the Organization XIII members, so I'll be drawing Roxas eventually I already started on Zexion though so it'll be a while before I get around to him. Okay I'll do that c: Later on when I make another drawing I'll title the thread "Organization XIII fanarts" or something like that so I can start keeping them in one place Thanks!
  9. I tried drawing semi-realistically again ^^ I had drawn Saix last time, and since it was in grayscale I decided to do Marluxia in color for practice. I drew this sometime last month but I forgot to post it here;; Hope you like it! And any advice or constructive criticism is much appreciated ^^ I plan on drawing the whole organization like this eventually...I think I'll be doing Zexion next. Oh and I was wondering, do I have to make one thread where I could post any Organization XIII fanarts I do all in one place, or should I make a new thread each time I draw another member? Thanks c:
  10. After over a month of practice I'm finally able to play FFX "To Zanarkand" on the piano!! I'm so happy :D

  11. Fem!Romano reminds me of Kairi and Fem!Japan reminds me of Xion
  12. It'd kinda of be too many to list all the one's I've seen, so I'll just list what I'm currently watching/reading Animes I'm watching: Shingeki no Kyojin, Free!, Dangan Ronpa. Mangas I'm reading/keeping up with: Bleach, Naruto, Black Butler, Noblesse
  13. Awe this is so cute! Sweet that they've found out they're twins now~ Can't wait to see how they pull off pretending to be eachother
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