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  1. Mio

    Fan Art of KH3 [Not mine]

    Can you post the sources? Or at least the 1st and 2nd one?
  2. Sora

    Woah! You've finally made it possible to leave a comment on your profile! Time to take advantage of this privilege >8D. Hai

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    2. Sora


      You should! And make sure you link me to it once you finally post it too, just in case I miss it 8D

    3. Mio


      I might submit a different picture lol the one I made is pretty bad looking at it now x_x I'll link you one eventually though :3

    4. Sora


      Sounds good!


  3. Mio

    Avoid the Moderators!

    yeah i've been busy >_< 1
  4. It's freezing in here ._.

    1. Ruby Rose

      Ruby Rose

      The cold never bothered you anyway

    2. King Demise
  5. Mio

    Pharrell Williams- It Girl

    I liked that a lot more than I am proud of. Overall the video was kinda cute though.
  6. Mio


    Are the oreos halloween themed?