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  1. Part 2: "It is us, the children of the village of Oak at the request of Moon to calm thee, Sun. Be you now enraged as you seem?" Spoke loudly the first-born boy for the dragon spirit was very tall. "I should kill you now for even addressing me so foolishly, worms! I am what I am and you shall be sought for in the next life!" roared the Sun of all his might, trees and rocks split and swayed away at the immense energy bursted forth from the Sun spirit on top of his favorite mountain. The elder boy was not even the slightest bit afraid, but the younger had only a teardrop of fear within him, which he had hoped not to be sensed by the mighty God-like spirit before them. I must inform you now reader that they cannot see the dragon really, for he is so bright that their eyes would go blind from even looking at him, so they remained shut this entire encounter, and soon, BATTLE. The Sun came pounding first towards the two boys, making so much noise that they can easily know where he is and sidestepped the dragon. They had no plan to kill the spirit, bringing no weapons with them, knowing no spells and hoping only to speak to the spirit in persuasion. "Pray forgive us O Sun of this Earth for we are young and restless, yet we see your brother Moon in distress and wish only to aid you in returning to a happier sight." said the younger boy with a creak in his voice. The Sun grew even hotter and brighter now in anger, fangs and teeth barring, body flaming in rage so much that the area around him (which was only rock and shrubs) had all scorched up and turned black, and so even suddenly the dragon changed color and smell. Once bright yellow and gold, now a more rusty and paler color, and a smell of rotting flesh and burning wood engulfed the area, even though no bodies or trees were around. Even his voice changed suddenly. "I cannot be swept away so easily!!" The Sun could have destroyed the boys right then and there, if the sky hadn't suddenly changed color... --------------------------------------------------- to be continued, now i must go to school!
  2. Interesting, its easy to not sound negative in the poem, simply find a lighter topic, so light that it shines out any negativity from it. Good poem though, your rhymes remind me of mine own in the past.
  3. Thank you heh, my embarrassment will get over once I write something better. I should know better than to write a story or poem late at night.
  4. Dear Self, It is February 1st, 2012. Another headache is just landing upon me, and i'm, of course, speaking or thinking in a way humiliating to others besides my own mind. I have just returned to KH13.com some two days prior, my mind is not as fast as it can be working right now..................not as fast as the average boy's mind of my age, wasted on the sins of greed and others. I made my comeback AMV yesterday, just finally finishing it struck the bell of nostalgia. Now i'm remembering the golden days of my youth on this site, imagining the roleplaying section, creating spectacular AMV's to my eyes, writing poem after poem and chapter after chapter of a novel I have all but given up on for it is illogical. Everyday, my body is in chronic physical pain-struck by its own self on me. Now though, just my heart is in pain, a little headache, the top of my spine. I have always been "cursed" with being in pain every single day, all I had done unto myself though. If I hadn't gotten hit by that red truck in my elementary school years my knees wouldn't ache, if I had watched what I ate my heart and other some body limbs wouldn't pain me, if I had less work to carry in my backpack and born into a different family wouldn't have been struck with scoliosis of approx. 70% (my spine was a hair's width away from touching my heart, the surgery was painful to recover from, the horrible 7 hours of surgery, 3 days of recovery, 24 screws jammed to every knick and thick of my spine, 2 rod shafts crushed along inside and then to just be stitched up after being cut like a frozen pig' s carcass!) but I am feeling better now as time passes. My memory is bad, but never the memory of that time. But thats the past and today is today dear self. The lord has blessed me greatly for my girlfriend, for whom I would never have met in school if I wasn't held back in kindergarten another year because of my baby talk speech impediment. We both have lived terrible lives, one more year left till we can live together, be together happily. Today I will tackle like the rest, with kindness, patience, understanding and truthfulness. If I remember, 80 push-ups in p.e last week for intensive training day on wedsndays. I hope for a similar number today. This was creative, a diary publicly to "let it all out". It does good for my soul and lifts the pain a little. (deep breathes, let it heal my premature arthritis, my tickling-aching knees.) I hope I can write my stories and poems just as good or even better than before's times when I resided in this site, maybe my AMV's can work out as well, or my roleplaying. My research has stopped itself from the last time I was on this site, now i'm researching my religion, which I could only be scoffed at for even mentioning such a cliche, such a imaginary and "fake" thing which couldn't possibly exist in the eyes of others. But it does to all of you who are as blind as the Sun and receptive as the ocean. I might be typing too much even for here, my apologies everyone, my mind wanders from thought to thought even if it is a slow mind. -Sorage55
  5. baylaust- Yes. Cricket- I do. Oath_keeper14- Well, I was aiming for a fairy tale sort of way of narrating the story, it was very late at night and thhis was all my brain could muster heheh. Thank you for the criticism.
  6. Hello everyone, after being off of the site for well over many months my longing finally drew me back once again. I hope no one minds, if I practice a bit of my old writing skills for some commentary and criticism. This is for a novel i'm planning on, but I need to catch up to my muse. Please comment, this is on the spot as it always has been ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [untitled] You hear footsteps on the anonymous wooden floor which occasionally creaks at frequent or constant tempos. The air is sweaty, musky, rotten, foggy-yet it is transparent. Leather boots slamming and crashing louder and louder as they gallop their hosts across dirty floor. It is nightfall only the moon hasn't risen. This is a bridge, not a safe one at that. Yet there must be more than one man rushing across it tonight, desperate a fool they could be, or determined foolishless-ly. A bridge over black water as shade as a Raven's feathers and as ominous as the bridge that conquers it. 2 men, two boys-actually-dash through a fenced bridge as old as a cent'. What could be so frightening about a river? Or is it the bridge itself? Or is it the land in which houses both? Boys no older than 16 and 17, garbed in soft clothing, the younger sprouts a trimmed beard and long hair down to past his shoulders, the elder fashions shorter hair down to his chin which is shaven clean. The older tan, the younger pale. Halt as they did nay two feet away from a fierce dragon that lies asleep at the end-side of the bridge. A serpent-like body with pale scales and hair as gray as age. The dragon awoke at once in front of the two boys, as if by sense or inner instinct. Its eyes shined a vibrant Aquamarine, its fangs white as snow and tongue as bright and textured as gold. Any dragon would have attacked right then and there, but not this dragon, whom even feels from a distance as if to no harm come to those around it. "Speak dearly my children." spoke the dragon, its voice as echoing as if through a cave or from a great height, and rhythmic as the waves. "Beloved Moon, could you not cast your light on this world tonight? What ails ye O great spirit of night?" said the younger boy, seeming not afraid or troubled by any way at the beast's appearance. "I do face much trouble my children. I would shine for you, as it pleases my very happiness and destiny, yet to my discourage, there is my old rival the Sun whom chases me day after day. I beg for peace yet he does not listen, he blinds himself as he blinds us all with an impure light these years." Spoke the dragon with the pale scales, a mournful humm resonated from within his throat as he ended his speech of distress. "Great Moon, we shall see to it that the Sun be brought to justice for his blind anger." spoke the elder brother. And so the Moon was pleased and hid underneath the bridge as morning dawned on the two brothers, whom slept on the bridge itself for the night, protected by the Moon. When they crossed the bridge and walked to the tallest mountain peak in the province, they only stared at the sky and the clouds. This was the Sun's favorite mountain for it was taller than the rest, and no soul dare to stand on it un-invited for fear of death. The two boys each waited patiently till a burning wind rushed from the east and in came the Sun, in the form of a mighty dragon with bronze scales, wings as large as a house each, eyes like polished garnet, teeth as black as night and a tongue as dark as if coated with dark blue sapphires. As he landed, the Sun almost knocked down both boys with its fierce wind. "Who trespasses?" Commanded the mighty Sun. ----------------------------------------------------------------- This is, I guess, the first half if the shirt story that i've made up, if I get enough good reviews, i'll complete it. But it doesn't look that good.
  7. Name: KH Operation Ground And Pound Category: Music videos Short Description: Not a full AMV View Video
  8. I'd also like to join in if thats alright. I couldn't find your youtube nor facebook so I hope its ok if I leave my entry on here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-buFdi33w8w&feature=youtu.be My Youtube name is MoonlightNaught but my old Youtube account name, Sorage55, is unavalible to me. This is only a small excerpt of an AMV to save time.
  9. I was about 12 - 13 when I noticed my voice grow deeper greatly.
  10. Hi everyone, its good to be back.
  11. Hello, this is Sorage55. How is everyone doing? I haven't been on this site in well off a long time.
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