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  1. When did this website get a wall?? xD

  2. of course you can join! Just send an request thought my id. If I dont send it first of course
  3. Union: Vulpes [NA] ID: 7609 Name of the Party: Dream ☆ Eaters Play Style: Core+ Latest Ranked: We just started this week so none at the moment. Available Spots: 28/30 Goal: We want to rack up a lot of lux and have fun with the game. Maybe possible break 100 or higher. Requirements: There's no lux requirement. We do expect each member to contribute one way or another. Either by having a decent pool to help others get by while they are progressing though the game. Or by just playing the game it's self to collect lux. This party can acepcct experienced players and beginners. But once you get a 6 star please share. I can help out a lot. We know that people have lives to live. So we can be pretty understanding just let us know whats going on some how. But over all, we want to have fun a build a community. :biggrin: My top 3 metals: *Vanitas: STR +915/DEF +485| SATK Boots on 4| Skill: Sleep (currently sharing) *KH II Cloud: STR + 1000/DEF +1000| SATK Boost on 2| Skill: Paralysis *Valor Form Sora: STR +970/ DEF +405| SATK Boost on 1| Skill: attack boost II max My Partners top 3 metals: *Zack : STR + 1000 / DEF + 1000 | SATK Boost on 3 | Skill: No Cost. *KH CoM Black Coat Riku: STR + 1000 / DEF +1000| SATK Boost on 5 | Skill: Poison *Peter Pan: STR + 1000 / DEF +1000| SATK Boost on 0 | Skill: Attack Boost All 1 Sharing: Auron: STR + 1000/ DEF +1000 | SATS Boost on 3| Skill: ATK boost II & Lux Plus Please Post or PM me if you are interested in joining!
  4. Andre Walker, I must say wow I am so impressed. Someone should deffently put you on the kh3 team because [even though I was already a fan of frozen] you just sold me. I would totally play that. I saw it play out so perfectly in my mind that I can't believe it. Wow just..wow!
  5. I know this might sould a little silly to ask but I was wondering, will the khD3 cutscenes be in Hq. Not like the way they are now but like a qulaity where you dont see the reflection of the camrea. Kinda like the way the BBS scenes are. I'm am not sure if the 3DS has a way of making that this is why I am asking.
  6. Where is the cutscene? I have never seen it. As far as I know Sora knows nothing. In Re:Coded at the end data Sora was talking to Data Namine and that was the only thank you she got. it was a cutscene in kh2 final mix and sora remembered what happened in co Can you please provide me with a link I can't find it.
  7. Where is the cutscene? I have never seen it. As far as I know Sora knows nothing. In Re:Coded at the end data Sora was talking to Data Namine and that was the only thank you she got.
  8. It was a nice find. I played it. It was pretty cool. I think I got some pictures of it too. Not too sure. But it was awesome.
  9. Well if you think of it this way. The 3ds will not really be new when Kh3d comes out because it'll take at lot of time to plan make it. BBS hasn't fully came out yet in the NA. BBS took them 3 years to make. By the time KH3D comes out the 3ds should have lowered in price and you'll have plenty of time to save up for it.
  10. To me...Xigbar because he was the hardest for me to beat. ^-^U
  11. Oh yeah. I don't know about the local stores because I don't have it near where I live. Sorry for the mix up.
  12. Good find. I would have never seen that.
  13. They do sell their toys in Disney world and land. I saw it there with my own eyes. They don't show off Kingdom hearts but they don't hide it either. Though it would be nice to have them make a little bit more of a franchise and milk it a little. Like have Sora and co walk around like the other Disney characters.
  14. That would be so funny. It could be like a sad moment and then you just see sora pass in the background and him going,"Oh hay a camera," Winks and points. Then he walks away. xDD. Naw that's semi-bad idea to have sora there because I would totally mess up the movie going to everyone around me,"HEY LOOKS ITS SORA!" in shock and awe.
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