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  1. howdareyousaythathowtallareyou?thank you! lol JF's shirt is her youth groups shirt that they designed all by their selfs. You guys are soo cute~! 8D thanks!! you are really pretty!
  2. me and JF. yes i am taller then her..and she's two and a half years older then me. im 4'9 she's 4'6. lol http://img534.imageshack.us/img534/6875/photo0282f.jpg Me http://img714.imageshack.us/img714/4023/photo0033r.jpg
  3. anyone heard on Family Force 5??? they are amazing!!! i've seen them live at the rock and worship road show this year!! they are kinda crazy and weird but have awesome songs! they are also a christian band but have a really cool sound. their crunkcore i think.. but i <3 them! 8D here is their music vid of Dance or Die: lol this vid is really stupid crazy but i love watching it! my two fav songs are Fever and Share it With Me. so who here likes them?
  4. yeah it's gonna b a couple of months before she can fully use it gain. anytime, i know she wishes she could be on here more.
  5. well it wasn't really just one missed practice if was every wednesday practice, but it still wasnt fair cuz she always did a extra practice and ALWAYS did wayyy more then the rest of the team did but she says she wouldn't change her mind about not going to church. she loves church way more then basketball but basketball is really close so it did break her heart when she got kicked off. she got home finally from the hostipal and it turns out she broke her wrist and her arm. so she has a full arm cast.
  6. ..JF broke her arm she was playing basketball with her friends and she went up to shoot near the hoop..and one of her friends went to block but got there to late and as she went down she fell over her friend's back and landed on her arm It was horrible i mean you could hear the snap.. *shivers* she now can't write with her right hand and to make matters worse she still has a couple more weeks of school.. oh and she has to leave her team now too.. cuz they were mad at her for not coming to practice on wednesday and going to church instead even tho she's the second best on her team...which is stupid cuz most of the other girls on the team only go to practice once(they have practice three times a week) and she does an extra practice for missing the wednesday one but they still kicked her off. so she isn't doing good at all. Basketball has been her life for at least two years she's been on that team. and now she can't do it..so can u all just pray for her even if you aren't a christian. man i hate telling people bad news...D8
  7. lol. she says "Lies!! I miss you all more then you can even know!! D8"
  8. she's missing every single one of yall and is sorry she had to stop getting on the computer and all the stuff. (: ..im not sure if this is suppose be in the personal or random so mods just put in the right spot if it's not suppose to be in. lol
  9. 1: Do you like to read? YES!! 2:What type of books (Genres)? fantasy like the lord of the rings 3: Do you like most of them? yea 4:Whats your fav book/series? lord of the rings 5:Are you a fast reader? no not really...LOL My sis JF can read 1000 pages in 5 to 6 hours so no i'm very slow. I'll do one for my sis cause I know her so well. ;D 1: Do you like to read? she's insane with reading...trust me if she could she would read for 7 days straight...no food or drinks or breaks...just reading. 2: What type of books (Genres)? fantasy, little bit of romance, action 3:Do you like most of them? she says she likes most of the books she's read. 4: Whats you fav book/series? Dragon in our midst, Oracles fire, Percy Jackson & the olympians, Lord of the rings 5:Are you a fast reader? yes she is...like i said in mine she can read 1000 page book and finish it in 5 to 6 hours..4 hours if she doesn't get intertuped.
  10. me and my sis JF LOVED that show!! I only watched the reruns tho...but we still loved it!
  11. hiya everyone! it's me lovebug99 JF's lil sis! i'm back..lol i keep forgeting about this place!
  12. haii!! nice to meet ya too!! thanks! 8D
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