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Vulpix's top 6 favorite music tracks

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Hey everyone, it's your lovable Firefox here. Now, I usually do some MOTD, in which I post a song on my statuses, but the creeks been dry lately, so I'd figure I'd drop a waterfall on you. That's right, you don't get one, not two, but six (used to be ten, but ran out of time) of my favorite tracks I have on my Spotify playlist! Consider it as my Christmas gift to KH13. Anyway, let's get right to the list; Also, album names qwill be placed in () so you know what album to find it on


Number 6: True Friends- Bring me the horizon (That's the spirit)



Released on YouTube by BMTH's vevo , the full album was released on 2015. Its a very good song, but it has recieved controversy from those who have been listening to the bands earlier works


Number 5:Numb-Fame On Fire (Linkin Park Cover)



I found this one while surfing YouTube for cover songs. Was released area months ago, or 2013.


Number 4: It has begun- Starset (Transmissions)



Transmissions was released 2013. This song, like many others, shows that the band has an electronic rock feel. But this song stands out because of the opening.


Number 3:SCAVA- Hollywood Undead (American Tragedy: Deluxe Edition)



This ones a real feels maker right here. I like the poetic feel it has, very reminiscent of paradise lost (another song they made) the album was released in 2011.


Number 2: Painkiller- Three Days Grace (Human)



This was released on the bands YouTube channel, and the official album was released in 2015, 3 years after Adam Gontier announced his departure. Matt Walst of My Darkest Days is now the front man.


As with all lists, we need to get some honorary mentions out of the way before Number one is picked, so here they are


"I'm not Jesus"- Apocalyptica (Ft Corey Taylor)

"Here I Am" -Asking Alexandria

"Blow me Away" -Breaking Benjamin (Ft. Valora)


And now, a drumroll for the number one track!


Number 1: Linkin Park Melody- Chris Rolland (Ft. Zachary David and Brian Storm)



This is three covers mashed into three minutes of awesome. Its basically a cake filled with icecream, and topped off with chocolate sprinkles.

It was released as of 2014.


Thanks for checking out my list, and be sure to to give some of the artists other material a try. Thanks for stopping bye, and rock on to 2017!

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