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Cool ring I found to match my class ring

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Thought I'd also use this as an excuse to finally show my face publicly after five years, haha.


What I find really cool about the stone is that it literally really does turn completely lime green in the sunlight, and purple at night.


I like how I have a little book on there too. c:


I love destiny~

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Got a pretty decent pic where it glimmers both colors~


edit - man, gold went up a lot. This ring is only 10kt white gold, started at $550 in 2011 when it was bought and now costs over $800 for the same thing


pretty cool how this is my birthstone too, and that I was born on the /day/ that Square/Disney show their stuff at the panel every year; (best bd ever xD) my last name is also literally the word 'Fruit' in german. and...


Jared Joseph Obst

Haley Joel Osment




idk wtF is going on anymore tbh but I guess I'll just enjoy the ride. lmfao.

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