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  1. MasterXemnas

    What are your thoughts on KH's current story direction?

    Fool. I'm ready for the Xehanort saga to end and then I think I'll drop Kingdom Hearts.
  2. MasterXemnas

    Leonard Nimoy's replacement

    Fool. His voice acting in Over the Garden Wall could be a nice reference.
  3. MasterXemnas

    What are your thoughts on the KH3 Boxart?

    Fool. It's pretty cool. Reminds me of KH1's box art. Maybe on the back has all our Norts facing back at our heroes.
  4. Fool. Sephiroth would be nice. Or a grown-up Zack.
  5. Fool. Yes, I think he will reprise his role.
  6. MasterXemnas

    My cringy first video

    Fool. Yes, it is pretty cringe. No one starts out perfect, though. I would suggest filming with the camera above you looking down. You get better with repetition.
  7. MasterXemnas

    ~Drawing Request~ Feel Free to Ask a request :3

    Fool. Draw a chair with a can of Pepsi on it.
  8. MasterXemnas

    Is the Kingdom Hearts Community Spoiled?

    Fool. I'm not sure which type of spoiled you're talking about. Spoiled as in ruined? Nah, the KH community isn't ruined (no help from Square Enix and Nomura). Spoiled as in feeling entitled to whatever they want because they always get what they want? No, I don't think that's the case, either. But Kingdom Hearts 3 has taken way too long. Nomura is not a good director. He made a really good one hit wonder and didn't know what to do after. Every game after KH2 was unnecessary. Nomura likes to paint himself into a corner.
  9. MasterXemnas

    Vexen will be a Seeker of Darkness

    Fool. I don't think they can exist at the same time. For one, Vexen was killed off. That's how Even came back. Roxas was a special case. Roxas was never killed and Sora became a person without Roxas' death. Braig's heart was taken by Xehanort right after he came back as Braig. That's why he's Xigbar again. I disagree that the Nobodies are completely different people.
  10. MasterXemnas

    Man is grind to LV100 on Destiny Islands

    Fool. That's pretty cool. I remember someone doing it with FF15. It took them like 90 hours.
  11. MasterXemnas

    Terra Sprite Pixal Art.

    Fool. Cool stuff. I'd be nice if you could make it bigger, though.
  12. Fool. Good job. Looks bad from the thumbnail, but looks pretty good when seeing it big. Keep at it.
  13. MasterXemnas

    How long will you sit at the main menu?

    Fool. Maybe two seconds before I hit that "Start Game"
  14. MasterXemnas

    A General Apology (to KH13-ers from 2014 and earlier eras)

    Fool. Very mature. I, too, was a big jerk on this site a while back. I'll never apologize and don't feel bad about it one bit, but that's big of you to do so.
  15. MasterXemnas

    Who's your Favorite Final Boss in Kingdom Hearts?

    Fool. Definitely Xemnas from KH2. You are all very nice people. Happy happy happy.