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UMvC3 quotes: Aqua

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UMvC3: Aqua


Intro: Aqua takes two steps and summons her Keyblade as bubbles appear around her.


Outro: Aqua takes out her Wayfinder and holds it up to the sky.


Victory screen: Aqua holds her heart with her right hand, looking to her right.




My name is Master Aqua; I accept your challenge.


I won't give up as long as I have friends by my side.


Don't worry, everyone. I'll keep you safe, no matter what.


Win: That was....actually a bit scary.


Win: As long as there's hope, I'll keep fighting.


Win: Terra, Ven....I hope they're okay.


Off-Screen: My friends....they are my power!


Off-Screen: You didn't win because you were unfocused. Even YOUR team isn't good enough.




(Vs. Doctor Doom)


There you are, Doom! This time, you're MINE.


Doom: So, we meet once again, Keyblade Master.


Win: It's over. Now tell me how what you're up to!


Doom's win: I knew your title of Master was just a title.


Off-Screen: Whatever you're plotting, it won't work! I'll never forgive you if you've killed anyone during this incident.




(Vs. Ghost Rider)


Ghost Rider: You're not very responsible for a "Master".


Ghost Rider's win: You should be lucky I didn't demand YOUR soul; it disgusts me.


Off-Screen: Don't worry, Blaze. I can help you with Mephisto, if you need any. I could even go demand your soul back, if it helps.




(Vs. Captain America)


You're...THE Captain America?!


Cap: I'm sorry, but....who are you?


Win: It was an honor to spar with you, Captain.


Off-Screen: Your reminds me of my former master, Eraqus. I respect you for that, Captain.




(Vs. Hulk)


Dr. Banner?! What are you doing?!


Hulk: Hulk no like fighting girls...


Win: Dr. Banner, is something wrong?


Hulk's win: How dumb key hurt Hulk, anyways? Hulk never hurt by keys before!




(Vs. Jean Grey)


Off-Screen: Don't worry, Jean. I know someone like you who's going through similar problems with the darkness in his heart.




(Vs. Deadpool)


Sheesh...don't you EVER shut up?


Deadpool: How did anyone ever enjoy these games without me in 'em?


Win: There. THAT should keep your mouth zipped up.


Deadpool's win: I think you oughta lay off the magic, blueberry. It's for the better, in your case.


Off-Screen: Not even the Mandrake Unversed were this annoying. At least THEY didn't have mouths. Also, none of what say about Square something makes ANY sense to me.


Off-Screen (Deadpool): Hey, we cool, Aqua. Almost as cool as ya name! By the way, when's Square Enix gonna put ME in a Kingdom Hearts game?




(Vs. Sentinel)


This creature....this is no Unversed.


Sentinel: Unidentified object found. Entering combat mode.


Off-Screen: This thing almost looks like an android of sorts. I have a bad feeling there're more on the way.




(Vs. Spider-Man)


So you're this "menace" Jonah mentioned.


Spidey: You've got a black belt in stupid if you think you're gonna beat me.


Win: That should stop you there, menace.


Spidey's win: I must admit, beating the living snot outta you...was a great honor.


Off-Screen (Spidey): Look, don't take notes from JJ, alright? He's just a sociopathic meathead who can't be grateful for my help. He even helped create some of my enemies.




(Vs. Doctor Strange)


I wonder how my magic will match yours....


Strange: A fellow mage? No need to ask ME twice!


Win: Seems like our magic-off ended in a tie.


Strange's win: Glad YOU'RE not like the Enchantress!....Assuming you're not her or Loki in disguise, anyways.




(Vs. Thor)


A pleasure to meet you, Odinson.


Thor: Let us fight honorably, Milady.


Thor's win: It appears you might be able to counter that blasted Enchantress....maybe even Loki!




(Vs. Galactus)


Galactus: Let's see what you're made of, Keyblade Master.


So YOU'RE Galactus. I won't let you eat consume anything more!


Galactus's win: The Keyblade War ended in tragedy. The Earth shall be no different.




(Vs. Ryu)


Konichiwa, Sensei Ryu.


Ryu: I'm honored to spar with a fellow master of fighting.


Win: I understand your struggles. There's a friend of mine enduring the same.


Off-Screen (Ryu): Master Aqua, would you like to come with me to see K'un-Lun's leaders? I'm trying to perfect a technique that I call the Iron Shoryuken.




(Vs. Akuma)


The darkness in you...I can see it miles away.


Akuma: What can your little light do against the Satsui no Hado?


Win: I can tell that you're DEFNITELY not an Unversed.


Akuma's win: You're no master if you cannot withstand my fists.




(Vs. Tron Bonne)


Off-Screen: There's no sense in just having to yourself. I would know because I've met plenty of people like you.


Off-Screen (Tron Bonne): Now, let's see how much that key goes for! No doubt my pile's gonna be SLIGHTLY bigger than the pyramids.




(Vs. Firebrand)


This creature....this is no Unversed.




(Vs. Pheonix Wright)


Wha...? Is he flirting on me?


Pheonix: Um....hi, there?


Win: I hope he realizes that I'm only 17.




(Vs. Jill Valentine)


Off-Screen: Jill, I'm sure I can help you if you let me.




(Vs. Felicia)


Off-Screen: *(giggles)* I can't get over're too cute.


Felicia: She has blue hair, like I do!




(Vs. Morrigan)


I won't give in to you, succubus!


Morrigan: Don't be afraid, little girl...


Win: I've faced worse than you. Don't expect me to cower in fear.


Off-Screen (Morrigan): You remind me a bit of Felicia, but much more stubborn. I wonder what your little weapon is like.




(Vs. Nemesis)


Get...get that face away from me!


Win: Thank goodness it's over.




(Vs. Chris Redfield)


Off-Screen: Wait, what do you mean the Nemesis doesn't really die when it dies? Does that mean...oh, no!




(Vs. Arthur)


No, I'm not a princess, and no, I'm not kidnapped.


Arthur: Princess? You're free!


Arthur's win: So you're NOT the princes? My apologies, then!




(Vs. Zero)


A living puppet....interesting.


Zero: Stop lecturing and show me what you've got!


Zero's win: I don't listen to lectures from losers.




(Vs. Dante)


Dante: How come I never meet any nice girls?


Dante's win: Sleep it off, baby.




(Vs. Kuja)


Let's settle it THIS time, Kuja!


Kuja: An honor to finally dispose of you, Master Aqua!


Win: Looks like he got away, again....


Kuja's win: Typical slippery rats....


Off-Screen: Why are he and Doctor Doom conspiring? And what're their intentions? It can't be anything good...I HAVE to hurry.


Off-Screen (Kuja): Our little test subject got away appears this won't go well between me and the Intelligencia. A tragedy, really.




X-Factor: Light!


One ally down: We can't give up!


Two allies down: This isn't good....


Light defeat: No....I've failed....


Heavy defeat: Aaarrrrrggggghh!!


Time over: What? Wait! Get back here!

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