FF7 Sephiroth is Santa: The Christmas Massacre YTP Full Episode!

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My Christmas Episode for you guys hope you enjoy Thumbnail is subject to change cause I find it shit but it do for now. I kept to my promise for you guys and well I think the video is good but definitely is not one of my favorites.


6:46 Goddamned it was supposed to be SAVE ME ugh not doing that again because of one mistake it took me hours of rendering.

And another mistake at the end with one word... Ooh well
The video will be reupload tomorrow with better grammar this time around.
-Improved dialoge
-Better grammar
-Edited things better.
Edited by AwesomeKHfan

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Holy crud, this was a hilarious watch! What I loved is that you used the Japanese version of the FFVII anime so you could just do what you wanted with the subtitles! Clever work on your part! Lol, this could be the best story ever told! A new Christmas classic! x3

I re-edited the video after some feedback though you should watch it again now xD.

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