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Anybody fancy doing a Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts Role-Play :]? note: the Role-Play is based on the events of the films, not the books and the play.


The title of the Role-Play is called "Harry Potter and the Dark", it is set during the years Harry and everyone else's children are attending Hogwarts and the Role-Play will explore not only the United Kingdom part of the Wizarding world but also other locations like both America and Japan for examples, the former example having already been seen in the Fantastic Beasts film.


The Role-Play is set in a parallel universe where the events of the Cursed Child do not occur and instead, the story follows directly after the events of the Deathly Hallows-Part II, where everyone see off their children heading out to start their school terms at Hogwarts' School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.


The makeup of the Role-Play's story universe is meant to be similar in theme to the Manga/Anime Naruto's Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, where the story universe focuses on the children of the previous heroes who saved the world, as well, as other new Characters who would interact with these children, old Characters would return in supporting roles and they would help guide the children, as they learn about life itself, what it means to grow up and what both dreams and goals that they wish to obtain in the future, its basically a Slice of Life Role-Play story with the central theme being about Magic at its heart being a added twist.


In the story of the universe for the Role-Play we will see not only Magic be involved but also Science and Machinery too, we will see how both Science and Machinery become combined with Magic to form the latest advancements and achievements for the Wizarding world, how much it has evolved over the years since Harry finally lastly defeated Voldemort, to say basically, we will be seeing how Wizards use a Smartphone App using Magic instead of a normal phone, know what i mean?


The premise of the Role-Play is to see how the Wizarding world is advancing alongside technology and how they are incorporating the latter into their society, we will also see political talks and meetings about how the world of Muggles and the Wizarding world are finally starting to open up to one another and how they are going to proceed onward from this point on knowing that such magic, such powerful and dangerous magic exists, how are the Muggles going to cope with the Wizarding world? things like that.


I'll explain more later on, to be continued but so far, what does everyone think of the premise :]?


Right then, continuing from where i left off, ahem :].


Although the story has Harry's name in it, he does not star, as the primary protagonist of the Role-Play and instead serves, as its major supporting Character, also, besides regular Characters from the Harry Potter franchise making an appearance there will also be guest Characters from other franchises with magical properties making an appearance, for example, Ardyn Izunia, the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy XV will appear, as a major antagonist in this Role-Play, as i think he would be a good guest Character to appear in the world of Harry Potter, his motives primarily being the reason why, he could serve, as either the primary antagonist of the Role-Play overall or just a major supporting antagonist, i'll put up a poll for voters to decide which either option should i go with.


Since i may be taking too much control of the stories of the Role-Plays i make and this could be the reason why people don't sign up, this time i'm going to make this Role-Play in particular open world if you know what i mean, it will have a story but that doesn't mean people have to strictly follow it and can do whatever else in the Role-Play they feel like doing, there will be major events that will be announced later on in the story like Quidditch, Halloween and Christmas for examples but overall, the Role-Play will be free and accessible in the sense that it would play out like it was a real open world based setting video game like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as a primary example, Role-Players can do whatever they feel like doing, making up original story-lines and creating new magical creatures and spells for everyone to enjoy, its a free and creative Role-Play world :].


For those interested in a strict story-line based experience, Harry Potter and the Dark will focus on a world where Voldemort is no more and Wizards no longer have to live in hiding in fear of He Who Must Not Be Named now that he is no longer among the living and his spirit is forever trapped in Limbo, however, even though the Death Eaters have no master, they still work in his memory to cleanse the world of Mudbloods and make it a world where only the "strong" and the "elite" are allowed to live, Harry and the Aurors over the years have been cleaning up Voldemort's remnants and now, they are finally nearing the end of clean up duty and are about to round up the last group of Death Eaters still fanatically loyal to both Voldemort and his cause even after his death, this is where the Role-Play starts off with Harry and the Aurors battling the Death Eaters on a old island in Ireland at a sea cliff at an abandoned mansion, said to have once belonged to Salazar Slytherin of ancient times and where Voldemort once lived and had used, as a secret base during his supreme reign of darkness and evil, known only to his top ranking officers in his army of followers, the mansion is currently preoccupied by Voldemort's last remaining fanatic servant named "Bivilbosk Grivilback" who was not present at the Battle of Hogwarts and instead was on standby awaiting Voldemort's orders after his "victory" at Hogwarts was to be "assured", only to ultimately fail in the end and now Bivilbosk and a group of small time Wizarding criminals that just call themselves Death Eaters for the sake of it are now on the run by Harry and the Aurors with Harry having been chasing the Death Eaters for a long time, Bivilbosk is outraged at Potter's constant pursuing of them and also when one of his henchmen speaks out of line, Bivilbosk uses a unique killing curse of his very own to silence them and dares any other of his henchmen to speak out against him should they want to suffer the same fate, as the previous henchman beforehand, now the showdown between the Aurors and the Death Eaters, Harry and Bivilbosk is about to begin! what will happen? following up are the Rules and Character Sheets for the Role-Play.




No Godmodding.


No Romance above Age 12.


No Swearing above Age 15.


Please stay true to the mythology and timeline events presented within the Harry Potter chain of films, this Role-Play is the Sequel to the films, not the books.


You can create new spells and new magical creatures if you want but you must describe what they look like, how they live in both the Wizarding world and in secret among the Muggles in their world, also what peculiar quirks do they have?


The Role-Play is set in the year 2018, on January the 1st, the Role-Play will start off with Harry and the Aurors fighting both Bivilbosk and his group of "Death Eaters" at an abandoned mansion located somewhere near the Irish Sea, straight afterwards, the Role-Play will time-skip to Hogwarts and focus on the children of the original Harry Potter Characters whilst also introducing new Characters, Hogwarts is the primary hub setting for the Role-Play's world but other locations will be introduced and world exploration will appear in the Role-Play, as well.


Guest Characters from other franchises like Ardyn Izunia from Final Fantasy XV can appear, as long, as you can explain their appearance in the story-line, how did they appear in the world of Harry Potter? why did they appear there? what are their motives? also, you have to decide how much of an importance they will have to the story-line of the Role-Play since its still Harry Potter after all.


Please message me if you want to use a Character like Neville Longbottom for example from the original Harry Potter films.


You can have, as many Characters, as you can portray up to, either new Characters created exclusively for the Role-Play or original Harry Potter film Characters.


This is my 1st time making a Harry Potter Role-Play so if i am missing important crucial details that need correcting please may someone help me since the world of Harry Potter is vast and i don't want to miss out any crucial details.


To show that you read the Rules, please put down the name of your favourite J.K. Rowling work at the end of your Character Sheets.


Character Sheets:






School Year:








Alignment: (Good, Evil, Neutral.).


Occupation: (Student, Teacher, Auror, Death Eater, Ministry of Magic.).


School: (Hogwarts, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, Durmstrang Institute for Magical Learning.).


Hogwarts Houses: (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw.).


Species: (Wizards, Muggles.).


That's everything, does anything need changing? please tell me what can i do to make this Role-Play appealing for people to join.


Here's the Theme Song for the Role-Play by the way: https://youtu.be/Htaj3o3JD8I.

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