Original RP Interest Check: 2 Choices!

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Sin's Castle -

Plot - For decades upon decades, a location known as Midnight has had multiple occurrences deemed as ‘Supernatural’. Magic cast by witches, Vampiric creatures crawling in the night, and even ghosts, ghouls, and fairies have become reality. But even with these occurrences, it has been peaceful. Most citizens don’t mind the supernatural and have come to accept it...Until one night...One eternal night...

A red moon appeared in the sky. Dark mist covered the grounds.
Skeletons, bats, and even zombies have started terrorizing the town for no more than 5 days. Efforts were made to stop the madness, but to no avail will this haunting invasion end. The source? A black castle by the cliff.

Amongst the dancing fires enveloping the Midnight town, the county has chosen the best Vampire Hunters, swordsmen, mages/witches, poison users, alchemists, summoners, monks, ninjas, weapon architects, gunmen/gunwoman, familiar-makers, enchanters, archers, ect. (ANY CLASS YOU CAN THINK OF OR CREATE) to finally put an end on the terror. After they have halted the invading fire, they must enter the black castle, solve it’s perplexing mysteries, and kill the monstrosities that lie within. But you must be warned...The smallest choices can lead to the most crucial consequences…

Enter Sin’s Castle...If you dare...

May the Lord bless you and keep you...
Lift His countenance upon you...
And give you Peace...

Demon's Chest/Swing You Sinners! -

Plot: If the demon’s chest is ever opened, the one-hundred-and-twenty-three (I may lower this number) ghosts, ghouls, and demons that once rampaged the Earth will reign once again to cause havoc. And the ones who opened it...Will pay the price of having an eternal hex of their personal disliking until all are sealed once again by the ones that opened the chest. But is it wise to seal back the sinned spirits of the past even if it seems some have learned from their misbehavior and deserve a chance at heaven? I leave that choice to you...


Soooooooo.....What do you all think? Which one?

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