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Authors note: Hello. I've returned once more with another story. Sorry about my previous story. I just couldn't get the details correctly aligned as I wanted. The vision I wanted to bring to words just couldn't come out right. I did mention about another story and here it is. I've put a lot of thought into this. This one has been my main focus even when I was writing my other story, So here it is. Hope you all like it. Allow me to introduce my take on Superman, but set in the arrow-verse continuity. For disclosure, I do not own any of these characters or story lines I draw inspiration from. This work is meant for fan-fiction only.

Chapter 1


'' I was sent here for a reason. I learned about my powers since I was young. This world is filled with people with gifted powers as it is. How do you think they will react to someone like me?''


The birds sang little songs as they flew in the sky. The city was Metropolis. A peaceful city. Low crime rate, low employment, and lastly, the home of the greatest paper in the world, The Daily Planet. The birds soon landed on a tree as the leaves fell and hovered until they rested onto the chest of a sleeping man. This man had a beard around his face. He had white skin, blue sleeping eyes, semi-long black hair, a red shirt, blue jeans, and a hat that covered half of his face. This man was Clark Kent. He sat up and brushed the leaves off his chest. He enjoyed nature. He stood up and walked out of the shade of the tree. He was then exposed to the sunlight. For some reason, he always enjoyed this warmness. He felt strong. The wind blew across the park he rested in. The leaves soon passed him once more....


The leaves landed in a corn field as a young Clark Kent ran across it. He wore a red cape as he pretended to fly. Outside of the cornfield stood two figures. Jonathan and Martha Kent. His beloved parents. He turned and waved at them as they waved back. The leaves blew once more....


Landing once again on Clark as he enjoyed the memory. He started walking through the park. He has been away from home for 2 years. He walked outside of the park into the busy streets of the city. He shut his eyes as he cringed a bit. He was hearing everything, He covered his ears and quickly focused. Soon, he was able to make it go away. He sighed.


'' I'm never going to get use to this.'' Clark whispered to himself and he placed his hands in his pockets as he walked through the busy crowd. He stopped at a electonics store window as he saw the news play. The screen wasn't showing anything but the audio worked fine.


'' This is Vicky Vale with channel 52. I'm reporting on the events of Oliver Queen being outed as the Green Arrow. A picture recently showed up and what it looks like seems to be Mr.Queen unmasked as the vigilante. Speculation has been called in order as Queen was outed as The Hood 5 years prior...'' Clark walked away. He had heard of Oliver for years. Especially when he returned from the dead. He shook his head as he didn't care for that stuff. He soon stopped at nearby Jitters coffee. That's where he saw her. Lois Lane. He saw her long brown hair tied up in a bun, her brown business suit that matched, her blue eyes, phone to her ear, and coffee in the other. Soon, she walked out. Straight passed him. Clark reached out a bit, but retreated his hand. He couldn't.


'' Hello?'' a voice called out as Clark opened his eyes. He saw Lois standing across from him. It was his second interview at the daily planet and he blocked the elevator.'' I kinda need to use this.'' Lois said as Clark turned to the side.


'' Oh sorry. Just nervous so I froze.'' Clark said as he laughed a little and rubbed the back of his hand.'' I'm Clark, and you are?''


'' Lois. Lois Lane. Reporter.''


Clark opened his eyes and saw her gone. He quickly looked around. He needed to talk to her again. He quickly pushed through the crowd to find her until he saw it. On top of the road, an 18 wheeler was coming down extremely fast. The crowd was stunned as a woman tripped in the middle of the street. That's where he saw. It was Lois. Clark quickly ran with superhuman speed and landed right in front of her as he crashed into the 18 wheeler. Saving her. She lowered her arm and saw Clark standing over her. He was unharmed from the truck. Everyone quickly started taking pictures of Clark. He helped Lois up.


'' Thank you. My heel broke because I started running late for my job and then this truck. Wait! How are you not hurt?!'' Lois asked. He was surronded by the crowd. Clark felt uneasy as he quickly ran from the people and hid in a ally way as he finally was able to stop. His breathed was quick. He sat down. 


'' I need to stop. I can't let the world find out about me. Why am I liked this?'' Clark asked himself. He stood up as he heard sirens and quickly walked away. He always had the heart to save people. Now, he has exposed himself in a major way. 


Lois quickly ran into the editors room. Perry White looked up. His wrinkled white skin, blue eyes, black hair with grey in it, and lastly, his business suit.


'' Lane. What are you doing here? I expected you to go straight home.'' Perry stated as he stood up. Lois shook her head.


'' I need to run this story Perry. That man. He saved him. I think he's a meta-''


'' I'm going to stop you there. How can you be sure? All the Meta's are in Central City. Besides, I think West already beat you to a story of the impossible.''


'' No, not like this. Perry. I think I have something here. Please let me run this story.''


'' Unless you have more sources or more proof of this man's 'powers', then you can, but I want you to rest. Understand?'' Perry stated.


'' Of course sir.'' Lois nodded and walked off. Her phone ranged. She saw it was her father.'' Hello. Yes dad. I'm alright. Yeah, I meet up at your house right now.'' Lois hanged up and walked out the press room.


Clark's head rose up. He stood up and looked around. It was dark. He must have slept while thinking. He looked up at the night sky. He closed his eyes. 


'' Why can I hear all this? Everything hurts mommy..'' Clark held his head as he laid in bed, covering his ears from the noise. Martha stood by his bed.


'' It's okay son. Don't be afraid. Focus on the thing you want to see.'' She said as she rubbed her hand on his side.


'' I see you and daddy..''


'' Yes Clark. That's my baby boy.'' She hugged him as she careless his hair as the a storm began outside. The raindrops hit the ground as Clark looked up. He was now a teenager. He stood besides his father in front of Martha's grave. She had died in a car accident.


'' Why did she die dad? I could have saved her if I was with her.'' Clark said as he squeezed his hands. He trembled,


'' I know son, but you have to keep this side of yourself a secret. How do you think the world will react if they saw someone like you?'' his father calmly said as he rubbed his son's back.


'' Did god curse me dad?'' Clark looked up as tears from down his face.


'' No son. Your something else.''


'' Huh?'' Clark questioned as his father straighten out his throat.


'' Clark, your not from this world. I'm sorry, but your an alien.''


Clark opened his eyes as he remembered. He looked around and decided to do something. With him exposed now to the world, he would then now have to do something. 


'' Mom, Dad. It's time I revealed myself, but not the way you think. I'm going to do this my way.'' Clark said as he walked away. If he was going to do this, he would need some help. Clark signaled a cab as he knew where just to go.


Elsewhere, the ice wind blew as a figure walked through the small bizzard. He wore a big blue fur jacket, goggles, and a mouth cover. He was wearing everything he could to be warm. He soon stopped on top of a small mountain. He soon saw it. Crystals. Not normal crystals. These were different colors as they shined. the man lowered his mouth cover. He got a radio out and pressed it.


'' Yes. It's me speaking. I wish to speak to general Lane. I believe I have found something interesting.'' the man said as he heard a response after a couple of seconds.


'' Right away Mr.Luthor''


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Ah, I was wondering why you weren't working on Meta anymore! But well, sometimes things like this happen, when one tries to do things the way they are in our minds, but then don't translate into paper like we want to. It's a natural thing!


As for this story, wow, it seems really interesting! I like how you've made slight changes to the Superman mythos when it comes to his parents and when it comes to having to keep his power a secret and whatnot. I'm eager to see where this story goes! Great job! :)

Edited by The Transcendent Key

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Chapter 2


Water dripped from a glass as an older gentleman slipped out of a cup. He wore a brown trench coat, black hat that covered his face, wrinkles as he appeared elderly. He was day drinking as if waiting for someone. The bar was dark as no one but the bartender was in there. Soon, the door opened and came in a man. He had semi-long red hair that stopped at his shoulders. He wore a black business suit with a red tie, brown eyes, and white skin. He held a wrapped up item. He approached the gentleman as the bartender went in the back.


'' Why hello General Lane. Thanks for meeting me here.'' the man said as he sat across him. He placed the wrapped item on top of the table. Lane looked up and took another slip from the drink.'' I understand you want me to skip straight to the point correct?''


'' Look Luther. The only reason I agreed to meet you was because you said you had a game changing discovery. What is it?'' the general asked as he was impatient. Lex unwrapped the item as a green crystal could be seen.


'' This general. This is a new mineral found in the arctic. My research team discovery it a couple weeks ago. I decided to check it out myself. I never seen anything like this before.'' Lex said as he handed the crystal to Lane. He studied.


'' What is it for? What can we possibly use this for?'' Lane asked. Lex smiled.


'' What if it this is the answer we have been looking for? The answer to the Meta problem. If A.R.G.U.S can't figure a solution, then we can. If we partnered up of course.'' Lex stated as he wrapped up the crystal. Lane stared at Lex.


'' Let me think over it Luther. Besides, I have my own worries.'' the general said as he left a couple bucks on the table. He started walking out. 


'' Be careful general, what if a god were to appear? What would you do then?'' Lex asked as the general walked up as Lex stared at the wrapped item.'' This will change everything. Now I can start my project.''


Clark stood in front of a strange aircraft. His father right next to him. It was the spacecraft that brought Clark to Earth years ago. Clark ran his hand on it as he felt it.


'' This is it son. This vessel carried you here. Me and your mother were driving home and then we saw you crash land in the fields next to us. Interesting enough, when we got the craft to the farm, we expected the government to show up, but they never did. Your the answer Clark. The answer if we're alone in this universe.''


'' I don't want to be. Can't I just keep being your son?'' Clark asked tearing up. His father quickly hugged him close.


'' You are my son Clark. No matter what, but out there, you have another family with a different name. It's up to you, even if it takes you the rest of your life, to find out why they sent you here.'' His father said as he held Clark closely.


Clark opened his eyes as he was in a taxi. He was remembering this memory of his father. One of the last talks he gave Clark before dying in a sinkhole accident five years ago, He soon arrived at a building. He paid the taxi driver and went inside the building. There was a computer screen hooked up to a computer, a map of the city, a big space for training, and lastly, a suit. Clark set this building up a year ago when he wanted to try the hero business, but lost the inspiration because a man escaped him. He walked up and saw it. His uniform. A simply blue shirt with the S symbol and a red cape.


'' Well, a good time is good as any. Being exposed to the world now, I might as well start again.'' Clark said as he walked up to the mirror. He grabbed his razor as started getting rid of his beard. He soon had a clean face. He stared at himself. He breathed. He soon got dressed. He wore his S shirt and cape with pride. He had no need for a mask.


'' When you decide what kind of man you want to be, this world is going to change, for good or bad.'' his father's words echoed in his head.


'' I miss you guys. I swear I'll do right by ya.'' Clark ran out the building with speed and jumped with grace on top of nearest building. He stared at the city as he was on the outskirts of Metropolis. Clark knew what he had to do.'' First, I will save a couple people and then.'' Clark looked to the sky.'' I will find out why I'm here. That is my mission.'' Clark said as he jumped towards the city again.


( Authors note: I know what it looks like, but the only powers he has right now is super strength. He has yet to learn how to fly, ice breathe, or heat vision. He'll get those soon. Wouldn't be right to start it off with him knowing everything. This just begins the story I'm glad I'm able to write. I took a little inspiration from Zack Snyder's take on Superman because I really enjoyed how he told his backstory and really couldn't think any better way to tell it.)

Edited by terraxaqua34

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Excellent second chapter! I'm really liking the story so far! So it seems that Clark's gonna reveal himself to the world! I wonder how people will react to him now knowing that he's Clark Kent? I bet this is gonna make for some interesting drama! Also, I'm loving how you're portraying Lex here! He has such a mysterious air about him! Intriguing! :O

Edited by The Transcendent Key

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Chapter 3


'' It has been a week since this mysterious new hero has appeared in Metropolis. He has saved people from a collapsing building and many other heroic deeds. Who is this man? Some say he's the same individual that saved reporter Lois Lane last week-'' The television was turned off as Perry White was watching it. No one has been able to get a picture of Clark doing his deeds. He turned around in his chair and was facing a man. He had brown hair that was gelled to be sticking up, white skin, brown eyes, black shirt, brown over jacket, blue jeans, freckles on his cheeks, and lastly a camera around him.


'' Mr.Jimmy Oslen correct?'' Perry asked he flipped through his notes. Jimmy straighten out and cough a little. 


'' Uh yes sir! I've been with this company for a couple years taking pictures. It's actually an honor to meet you sir. I'm glad you noticed me!'' Jimmy said as he laughed a little. Perry rolled his eyes.


'' I need pictures of this man. It's said you been able to take impossible pictures and I'm surprised. To be able to catch a picture of The Flash? Impressive. Look, get me pictures of this man and I'll make you a reporter.'' Perry offered as he stood up.'' The Daily Planet is dire of catching up with the rest of this country. First Star City had The Hood, then Central had the Streak, and lastly Gotham has rumor appearances of a demon. Get me pictures of this man so we can get on the radar.''


'' Yes sir!'' Jimmy nodded in agreement as he shook hands with Perry and left the office. He felt joyful as he finally had another big shot. He got into the elevator and noticed Lois Lane next to him.'' Oh hi Ms.Lane.'' Lois turned her head.


'' Hi. I just saw you leave Perry's office, what was that for?'' Lois asked as Jimmy smiled even bigger. Not only did he get a task from Perry, he was now talking to Lois.


'' He offered me a reporter job if I got pictures of the super man.'' Jimmy said as Lois chuckled.


'' That doesn't sound like a nice name for him. Maybe something else. Nice seeing you.'' Lois said as she exited the elevator. Jimmy ran out of the building to get started. Lois walked until she met with someone. Her father.'' Hi dad.'' Lois said as she hugged him.'' Where were you?''


'' I had an important meeting. Nothing to worry about. Besides, I needed to make sure you were alright.'' Lane said as he walked with her.


'' I'm alright. Just trying to figure out how to find out my savior. Perry said if I did, I could write about him. Funny enough he's trying to get pictures of the other man going around. Do you think these two could be the same person?'' Lois asked as Lane looked at his daughter.


'' I'm not sure Lois. Just try and be careful. Nothing ends well when a hero appears in a city. The question shouldn't be who he is, it's when the terrorist attack going to strike.'' Lane said as him and Lois walked into a restaurant to have lunch.


Inside a laboratory, Lex had a crystal on top of a table connected with a machine. He had been studying the crystal carefully. He grabbed a metal knife and starting cutting it, but the knife broke. He tossed it aside as it landed next to different broken sharp objects. Lex ran his hand through his hair as he got out a tape recorder.


'' Test number 102, it seems this mineral is uncuttable with any sharp object. I can now conclude this mineral to be outside of our planet. Going to the next phrase with laser experiments.'' Lex stopped the recorder and placed it back in his pocket. 


'' You've been at this for days. Why not relax?'' A woman said as she walked up as Lex turned around. She had long blonde hair turned up in a ponytail, white skin, blue eyes, and wore a black business suit.


'' Hello Mercy. I didn't expect you to come down here.'' Lex said as he stood up. Mercy was his personal assistant.


'' Well I had to check on you. You've been down here this whole time Mr.Luthor.'' Mercy said as she stood there. Lex walked past her. 


'' This crystal is the answer. I believe it to be true. This can accelerate the project. I tried doing it two years ago and didn't get the results close I wanted to. With this, I can finally get what I want. I can finally step outside of my father's shadow and joint the front of ruling men.'' Lex said as Mercy stood by him.


'' And I'll support you as I have sir.'' Mercy said as she put her hands behind her back. Lex smiled.


'' Good because I have a mission for you Mercy.''


Clark stood in his building. He soon started boxing in the air. He knew since he learned of his powers, he might go up against Meta-humans. He breathed and kept going. His punches were strong, he knew that. He just needed to learn how to fight and how to control them. He pictured himself to go up against the Green Arrow. He quickly lost. He stood up and tried again and again, but each one ended in failure. He stood up once more and walked to sit down.


'' I need to learn this. If I don't, then how can I protect people?'' Clark said as he saw the news. It was boring. He then started hearing something. He had forget he has super hearing as well. He heard someone in trouble. He quickly donned on his costume and ran out the door, heading to the back. 


People were on the ground as the Royal Flush gang as started robbing the bank. They had machine guns and masks on. One was grabbing the money into the bag.


'' Hurry! We don't have that much time!"' one of them said as the bagging one continued. Then, Clark crashed through the roof and onto the ground. He stood up as everyone stared at him.'' Shit!'' The man shot his gun at Clark who got hit and fell down.


'' Yes! I did it! I killed him! Take that!'' the man yelled as he turned away.'' Hurry up!'' he yelled as the bagging one dropped his crash as he was pointing behind him.'' What?'' The man turned around and saw Clark standing there. The bullets didn't even pierce through his skin.


'' That was my favorite shirt'' Clark said as he grabbed the gun and crushed it. He quickly punched the man in the face as the others surrendered.'' That's more like it fellows. Now, lets wait-'' Clark turned around and saw Jimmy taking a picture. Jimmy was there to withdraw cash when the robbery started. 


'' It's you. You saved us.'' A woman said as Clark looked around. Jimmy smiled with joy. Clark quickly escaped through the same hole as the police arrived as he landed in a ally. He panted. He never had a group of people surround him like that. He started walking back to the street. That's when he noticed he didn't have a disguise. He looked around and saw a pair of glasses on the ground. He quickly put them on his face. He saw a puddle of water and looked. He didn't even look like himself anymore. He took off his cape and changed his shirt with a random on the ground as he walked out. Clark was finally able to move around as he please now. He decided to actually get a new set of clothes but knew he needed a job first. That's when he bumped into her. Lois. She looked at Clark.


'' Why hello there. Where you of to such a hurry?"' Lois asked as she studied Clark.'' You look like you need a job. How about you come on the Daily Planet as my assistant?'' Lois asked as Clark came up with an idea. Not only would he be able to save people, but he would be able to do without anybody questioning where he would be.


'' Sure. I'll like to take your offer.'' Clark said as he smiled. He followed Lois to the Daily Planet's building.


Elsewhere, Lex sat in his office on the top floor of Lexcorp. He soon received a phone call.


'' Hello?'' Lex answered as he laid back in his chair.


'' It's me Luthor. Lane.'' the other side answered as Lex smiled.'' Turn on the news.'' Lex stood up and turned on the television as he saw the photograph taken by Jimmy has started trending.'' This is the man that saved my daughter. He doesn't seem to be normal. I'll take you up on your offer Lex. Lets start Project Cadmus.'' Lane said as Lex smiled.


'' Excellent General. We start our first project. Starting with Project Metallo.'' Luther said as he hung up and stood up and faced the open glass window that overlooked the entire city.'' Now, we can begin.''

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Oh snap, it looks like Lex's plans are going to be set into motion! He seems to be wanting power, and well, with kryptonite, he can attain the power he wants! Also, I loved the references to Arrow, Flash and Batman! Nice touch with those! I don't know much about DC lore, since I'm more of a Marvelite, but I at least recognized those Easter eggs you put in there!


Let's see how Clark fares in trying to get a job! :D

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Chapter 4


It's been a week since Clark has been working at the Daily Planet. Lois has been working him to the bone. Clark rushes to the building as he's running late. He passes an unknown woman as he reaches the elevator. The unknown woman stands next to him.


'' In a hurry aren't we?'' the woman says as Clark turned to her. Her black hair was short and ended at her shoulders as she wore a black business suit with a black tie and white undershirt. She looked at his name tag as he was still new.'' You must be the new boy Lois told me about.''


'' Huh? You know Lois?'' Clark asked as the lady nodded. She snicked a bit.


'' The name's Lucy. I'm Lois's sister. I'm from Gotham, but I came to check on her after he little accident.'' Lucy said as she shook Clark's hand as the doors opened.


'' Clark, I'm going to need you to-'' Lois's words stopped in mid sentence as she saw Lucy.'' Lucy! Oh my god!'' Lois gave her sister the biggest hug.'' Clark, you met my sister. Funny how you met her.'' Lois said as she giggled. Suddenly, Jimmy came through the other doors.


'' Guys! You need to check this out!'' Jimmy said as he turned on the television as it showed a woman tied on the top of the tallest building in the city. The woman screamed for help as helicopters flew around. There was no place for someone to help her. Clark quickly used this time to slip away. He rushed towards the bathroom after grabbing his bag. He quickly changed his outfit and rushed out the window.


Clark jumped across every building he found until he made it to the building. He grabbed onto the pole and slid down to the woman.


'' It's okay. I got you.'' Clark said as he reached for the woman, but couldn't grab her. Suddenly, she started laughing.


'' Got you.'' the woman disappeared as it was a hologram and the pole exploded. Clark was sent towards the ground as he crashed into a building. He groaned as he sat up. He rubbed his head. He looked around.


'' What was that?'' Clark asked himself until something hit him in the face. He crashed into a couple of crates. He stood up until he saw something. That's when he saw it. A machine. A robot skeleton. He was grey with a green power circle in the center. The robot quickly rushed towards him,but Clark caught the punch. He quickly punched the robot and it was sent flying. Clark panted as he felt something. He felt dizzy. He shook his head and rushed towards the robot. The robot quickly stood back up and punched Clark back. Clark stood out again. He started getting tired. Whatever what was going on, Clark had no idea.


'' It's a shame. Your suppose to be strong Mr.Steel.'' the robot said as it had a female voice. The same voice from the hologram lady. The robot turned it's right hand into a machine gun and started firing onto Clark. Clark shielded himself with his arms as he was bullet proof. Clark knew he couldn't win this with fists. That's when he felt his eyes tingled.


'' Get back!'' Clark yelled as he started firing lasers from his eyes towards the robot, causing it to explode. Clark panted as he fell back. Sirens blaring.


Water dripped from the broken pipe that hung from the ceiling as Clark's eyes shot opened. He sat up as he recovered. His vision was blurred as he walked away as sirens blared louder. He soon tumbled out of a window onto a dumpster. That's when he barely remembered as a hand reached out to him.


'' Dammit!'' a woman's voice yelled as Lex was sitting in a chair in his lab. Soon, a pair of doors opened as Mercy came in.'' He destroyed Metallo sir.'' Mercy said as Lex was rolling a ball in his fingers.


'' Interesting. From the results, we did not expect him to have heat vision, but did you notice something Mercy?'' Lex asked as he showed the video.'' He started acting strange when fighting our project. We need to figure the reason for this.'' Lex said as he stood up.'' Where are we at with phase 2?'' 


'' We reached out to your desired clients, and only one answered back. It seems they need more persurain in order for them to join Project Cadmus sir.'' Mercy said as she sighed.


'' Now now, these things take time. When I was apart of Tempest years ago, Malcolm taught me something and it was if things had to be taken care of with your own hands, then do them. Sadly, he's dead now. Now, shall we begin investigating on why Steel was feeling effects from Metallo shall we?'' Lex said as he grabbed his lab coat and put it on. 


Clark felt something warm as he woke up on an unknown sofa. His body felt numb still. He moved his hands and found a warm cloth on his forehead. He sat up rubbing his head.


'' I didn't think you'll wake for another couple of hours.'' Clark turned in alarm as he saw Jimmy staring at him.'' Easy. I'm not going to hurt you Clark.'' Jimmy said as Clark's eyes widened.


'' How did-''


'' It wasn't hard. I remembered seeing you and noticed something. It was when you were gone when Perry was calling roll call. I was the only one who noticed you going to the restroom and never came out. Don't worry man, your secret is safe with me.'' Jimmy explained.


'' Your the one who took the picture of me at the bank.'' Clark said as Jimmy nodded.


'' Funny enough, Perry asked me to get a picture of you and luckily enough, I did and now I'm a reporter too.'' Jimmy said as he offered a glass of water to Clark as he took and drank.'' By the way, I found this in your clothes.'' Jimmy reached in his pocket and took out a little green shard.'' This was in your shirt. This doesn't look like a diamond.''


'' It's the same color as the robot.'' Clark said as he drank some more. Jimmy stood up.


'' I can help you. It looks like you'll need some help. By the way, name's Jimmy. Nice to meet you Clark.'' Jimmy extended his hand as Clark shook it.


'' I guess I have no choice but to accept your help Jimmy.'' Clark said as he smiled.


Elsewhere, Lucy and Lois were drinking at a bar. They were sitting at the bar top as they spoke.


'' So what brings you back home Lucy?'' Lois asked.


'' Dad asked me to. He wanted me to keep an eye on you since he had to return to Washington.'' 


'' I don't need looking after.'' Lois said as she took another drink.


'' I know you don't, but it's nice to be apart of sister's life a bit. So, how's that story coming?'' 


'' It's going alright. Perry has proof so I'm going to post it soon. By the way, how's the military going?'' Lois asked as she placed her empty cup on the counter top.


'' It's fine. I'm going to level with you Lois, I'm actually here on a top secret mission.'' Lucy said as Lois looked surpised.


'' On what?'' Lois asked as Lucy looked around.


'' To investigate Lex Luthor.'' Lucy said as she dug in his purse and gave a folder to Lois.'' This is all the info I have right now, I need your help. I need you to get to Lex. Find out what I need.'' Lucy said as she finished her drink.


'' Why me Lucy?'' Lois asked as Lucy stood up.


'' Because who else? Dad won't so I'll need your help. Just be careful.'' Lucy said as she walked away and exited the bar. Lois opened the folder and some different type of documents. As Lucy walked out of the bar, a black BMW vehicle quickly followed her. Lois stood up and paid for the tap and walked out towards home, not knowing what she was getting herself into.


Clark stood on Jimmy's apartment roof as he breathed. Jimmy appeared behind him.


'' So, what now Clark?'' Jimmy asked as Clark shrugged.  


'' Whatever that robot was, this feels like it's part of a bigger game. I'm glad I have your help Jimmy because I feel like this is just a tiny piece of the puzzle. That is why, I need to train harder. Find out what else I can do. I just learned I can shoot lasers through my eyes. What else am I capable of doing?'' Clark asked as he looked up.


'' Aren't you a Meta? Shouldn't you only have one type of powers?'' Jimmy asked as Clark shook his head.


'' I'm an alien Jimmy. I'm not from this world.'' Clark said as he revealed his secret to the first person.

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Sweet, sweet, so Jimmy is now an ally and a friend to Clark, and with his help, he'll be able to learn more about his powers bit by bit! Okay, so far, super strength and heat vision, aka lasers are his powers that have manifested. I'm excited to see how his other powers manifest! Great work! :D

Edited by The Transcendent Key

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So the next chapter is coming, just trying to decide which story to post. I'm either thinking a childhood flashback to Clark's childhood or visiting Krypton and how he arrived. Let me know what ya think guys. Your thoughts truly help me.

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So the next chapter is coming, just trying to decide which story to post. I'm either thinking a childhood flashback to Clark's childhood or visiting Krypton and how he arrived. Let me know what ya think guys. Your thoughts truly help me.


Hmm, you propose an interesting comment! Both prospects for a chapter sound interesting! Why not try to implement both? I'm sure there could be a way of implementing a childhood flasback and also touch upon Krypton!


But if not, then I think I'd like to see how things were in Krypton! I'd like to see how things happened from your point of view! :3

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Chapter 5


Krypton. A planet that lies thousands of light years outside of our galaxy. Two moons surround the planet as a red giant is the star it orbits. The planet consists of a kingdom of ruling class families. Cities stretch a far across this once great planet. The once blue skies were now a definite orange. After years of draining the resources, Krypton has starting to become unstable, but only a few know of this as the ruling class believes it to be false. 


In the city of Kandor, the main capital, inside of a station with a spaceship, two individuals talk inside. Soon, the light turns on automatically. It is Jor-El and Lara-El. They held each other as they continue speaking.


'' It's the only way Lara. Krypton is doom. It's certain now we cannot save it. In order to do so, we must send him away, before it is too late.'' Jor stated as he held Lara.


'' I know. Its just, how can the others not believe. Are we truly the only family that believes among the mass?'' Kara asked as she stepped away to another room. Jor went to the ship. It's the same ship that brought Clark. He started entering numbers. Kara soon returned with something in her arms. It was their child. Jor walked up.'' We haven't even named him.'' Kara said sadly as she held their child.


'' Ka. His name will be Ka. Son of El.'' Jor said as he held their child and placed him in the pod. Soon, an explosion occurred at the door. Jor quickly turned.'' Lara! Upload the data now and send him away!'' Lara quickly ran to the computer as the smoke cleared as two men walked in. Jor quickly grabbed something off the wall and turned it into a sword. 


'' Jor-El. In the name of Krypton's court, you are arrested for treason.'' one of the men said as they wore krypton armor.


'' Zod. Please don't do this.'' Jor-El said as he held the sword. The man's helmet came off as it slide off into the armor. Zod had short black hair, white skin, green eyes, and a scar on his face that ran between his right eye.


'' You think I have a choice Jor? The last thing I want is to arrest my only friend.'' Zod said as he motioned his partner. The other one's helmet came off the same way.


'' Please brother.'' the unknown man said as Jor-El shook his head.


'' No Zor. I will not. You no longer deserve the name of El. I hereby cast you out of this family.'' Jor said as he quickly rushed towards the two as he clashed blades with the two.'' Now Lara!'' Lara quickly pressed a button. The two soldier's looked up as the ship started flying towards the ceiling as it opened. As the two soldier's were distracted, Kara quickly blasted the two away with a rifle as it shot blue beams at them. Jor quickly hugged Kara.'' Do not worry my love. Our hopes and dreams will follow him.'' Jor was then tossed away as he dropped his sword. He groaned as his widened as the last thing he remembered was Zor piercing his wife with a sword.


Jor-El's eyes slowly opened up as he was chained against a wall. He was in a prison cell. He looked up and saw Zod looking at him. He tried freeing himself but found himself that he couldn't.


'' You! Zod! You crossed the line! Killing my wife?!'' Jor yelled as Zod formed fists beside him.


'' I had no choice! You think I wanted to?! She broke the law Jor! You, a ruling class, should know better that no one is above the law! Even the family that made them!'' Zod yelled right back. Zor walked in.'' What is it?'' 


'' The council is ready for him.'' Zor said as he glared at Jor before leaving. Zod motioned for the door to close.


'' Jor. He wants to kill you. Not only for disowning him from the family, but for breaking the one law known to all. Betraying your own kind.'' Zod opened the cell and cuffed Jor and walked him towards the council room. As Zod opened the chamber doors, Jor saw the 11 figures sitting in their chairs. These were the other 11 households that ruled Krypton. Jor was one of them until his recent events. The center figured motioned Jor to come forward. Zod pushed him forwards.


'' Jor-El, head of El. Do you know why you have been brought before us?'' the man asked. Jor glared at all of them.


'' No. I do not.'' Jor stated as a woman stood up from her chair.


'' You know why. For conspiracy against your own kind. That is the worse of all here. You betrayed us! Sending off your child across the sea of stars! For what?!'' the woman yelled.


'' So he can be free! Don't you see?! This planet is about to explode! We exhausted our resources!''


'' What did you expect us to do Jor?'' the man asked.


'' To look to the stars! Like the ones before us! We used to be stretch across multiple star systems, but now, we are nothing but insects on a dying planet!''


'' You don't know when to keep your mouth shut! This planet isn't dying! You are a liar and a traitor! Zod! Take him away!'' the man yelled as Zod took Jor away. As the doors shut behind them, Zod took off Jor's restraints. 


'' Look, I know you may not forgive me for ordering Zor for killing Lara. I don't seek it. I'm giving you a chance. Help me overthrow this council. We can save our race.'' Zod said as Jor felt his wrists and stared at Zod.


'' And then what? What families surivie? Who has the right to choose this? You? No. I will honor the man you once were Zod, but not this monster you have become.'' Jor said as he punched Zod in the face. Zod quickly kicked him across the hallway. He then pressed a button as the room behind them exploded, killing whoever was inside. 


'' We could've saved them!'' Zod yelled as he started fist fighting Jor. Jor quickly gained the upper hand by grabbing a sword from the wall and inflicting a wound across his chest. Zod scream in agony as Jor quickly stabbed him. 


'' I may can't find Zor right now, but I can at least stop your coup.'' Jor said as he kicked Zod away, with the sword still within. Jor quickly ran towards the communication room, passing the guards as no one knows what's happening as Zod loyalists attempt to take control. Jor opened the doors as he saw what he needed. He quickly typed in a message.


'' Attention all of Krypton. This is Jor-El. Head of the El family. Hear my pleas. A coup is being attempted by Zor, forner El and the now decreased General Zod. The planet as we speak is dying and no idea when it will explode, but hear me out. Get off this planet as quickly as you can! Before-'' Jor's message was cut short as he was impaled by a sword. Jor looked behind and saw his brother Zor. 


'' Goodbye Jor. I will find your son. He will die by my hands!'' Zor extract his blade and walked off as Jor collapsed to the ground closing his eyes. He quickly opened them as he heard an earthquake. He struggled to get up and noticed volcanoes coming out of the ground.


'' It's begun..'' Jor quickly walked as fast as he could to a transport. He quickly flew to the station. He overlooked as many attempted to flew but couldn't. No one believed his message. He was out of time. He quickly landed on the ground. He stumbled out and walked inside and saw Lara's dead body still there. He fell on his knees and hugged her body close.'' I'm so sorry Lara. Ka. I hope you remember us. I left a clue in your pod. Be better then us. Show the planet I'm sending you to..'' He coughed up blood.'' To not make the same mistakes we did..'' Jor held Lara as the planet soon exploded. 


In space, over the planet was a Kryptonian spaceship. On the bridge stood Zor as he had personal preparing the ship. He walked up to the window and stared at the remains of his former planet. He looked to a soldier.


'' Trace the route Ka's pod took. Find it at all cost. We shall find him. We will.'' Zor turned around and walked off inside the ship. He walked until he saw a comatose Zod.'' Do not worry General. We shall have our revenge soon. Even if it takes us years, we shall find him.''

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Chapter 6

Clark sat on a swing as it swung from a tree. It’s been two weeks since he told Jimmy his secret. He was at his farmhouse. He hasn’t been here for years. He’s been helping the people as much as he could but he kept pondering in the back of his head. Just who was that woman and why that machine did was able to hurt him.


‘’ Damn it.’’ Clark stood up and walked inside to see Jimmy standing there.


‘’ Oh hey. I was wondering why you brought me here.’’ Jimmy asked as Clark walked past him.


‘’ I need your help in order to discover what other powers I have. Since I’m an alien, I should be able to do more maybe.’’ Clark said as he sat on the sofa.


‘’ Well, maybe some things are just triggered. Like you said your laser beams came out after the metal man attack you, so maybe that’s what we got to do. Expose you to that same situation.’’ Jimmy explained as he pulled out the small green crystal.’’ And figure out this thing.’’


‘’ Well, for one, I don’t think I’ll be fighting another robot right now and two, maybe I should just train some more. Get in touch with my surroundings. Jimmy, get some wood, let’s set up some dummies in order to practice my heat vision.’’ Clark said as he walked outside again with Jimmy following him.


Elsewhere, Lois was sitting in her apartment. She was in her casual clothes as she looked through the file Lucy gave her. All it was were a picture of Lex and his history. Nothing unusual.

‘’ Why is she investigating Luthor, it makes no sense. What did he do?’’ Lois asked herself as ponder through the other notes.’’ Let’s see, born to poor parents and yet was able to become one of the most powerful men in the world. Nothing is really showing on his past. Maybe that’s it? Oh. He has a sister. Maybe she’ll have some answers.’’ Lois grabbed her phone and dialed a number.’’ Yeah, it’s me, I need information on a Lena Luthor.’’


Lex studied the remains of his machine. He heard his doors opened as he saw someone walk in. It was General Lane. He walked up to Luthor.


‘’ You do realize the stunt you pulled only expressed popular opinion towards Steel. What’s your endgame Luthor? Why did you need me to create project Cadmus?’’ Lane asked as Lex still looked at the machine and not at all at Lane.


‘’ You see. This man is interesting. Very interesting. I believe this crystal and this man be of the same origin. Do you want to hear my hypnosis?’’ Lex asked as he grabbed the larger crystal.’’ This mineral was only discovered of course only a couple of weeks ago, yet no element that belongs on the periodic table is in it and then we have him.’’ Lex pulled up the picture of Clark.’’ A Meta. Or so I believed.’’


‘’ Yes, he’s a Meta. So what?’’ Lane asked as Lex shook his head.


‘’ A Meta only has one power. The Flash has only speed. Firestorm only has fire. The list goes on General. Except for him. He has shown to have more than one power. Super strength, bullet proof skin, super jumps, and now heat vision. This only explains one thing General.’’ Lex stated. Lane looked at him a bit puzzled.


‘’ He’s an alien!’’ Lex explained as he slammed the crystal on the table as he spoke.’’ Just as this very crystal. They are not from this world.’’ Lex stated as he finished his explanation as Lane looked at him.


‘’ I see. That is a lot to take in. So we now have an alien hiding among us.’’ Lane sat down on a nearest chair.’’ Then that makes the capture of him much more important.’’ Lane said as he gave Lex a drive.’’ This has all the names of the individuals you requested for the project. I hope you have use for it. I’ll need to have a talk with Lyla.’’ Lane stood up and walked away. Lex smiled as he grabbed the drive.


‘’ One chess piece has been move. Now it’s time to move the other pawns.’’ Lex said as he walked off.

Clark stood in the backyard as the pieces of wood hanged untouched. He panted as he rested on the ground after a few seconds. Jimmy came out as it started to rain.


‘’ How’s it going out here Clark?’’ Jimmy asked as he walked up and stood beside Clark. Clark looked up and stood up.


‘’ I can’t get my heat vision to come out.’’ Clark said as he focused his eyes on the targets but nothing came out.’’ I guess I might have to get emotional again. Dang it. Here I thought I would be able to train some more.’’ Clark said as he walked back in the farmhouse. He browsed the pictures hanging on the wall as he walked pass them. 


‘’ You seem really happy in these pictures’’ Jimmy said as he observed Clark.’’ I was never with my real parents. My parents were drunks. So I was taken out of that house and moved around a lot. I became a reporter in order to find my parents again but to no luck.’’ Jimmy said as he sat down.’’ Maybe you should focus on that. Your memories of your family.’’ Jimmy said as Clark held a picture. It was a picture of him standing in between his parents.


‘’ Your right.’’ Clark said as he walked out. The sunlight started emerging out of the clouds as Clark felt it. He felt stronger as he embraced the warm glow. He then closed his eyes and started focusing on his memories. The day his family celebrated his graduation. Tears started falling down his face as his eyes lids started glowing as he opened them as his heat vision came out. Destroying all three of them. Clark smiled as he wiped his face. ‘’ I did it…mom, dad, I did it.’’ Clark said as he smiled. 


Lois stood in front of a grave in the middle of the graveyard. She was taken to the grave of Lena Luthor. She ponder her notes. She took out a file as she sat on a bench. 


‘’ Died in a mysterious accident. Strange. Why?’’ Lois kept looking as she pondered her thoughts. She kept looking until she noticed a black car pass by. She knew for a fact this graveyard was closed. She got up and quickly ran back to her car.’’ I think I’m being followed.’’ She got her phone out.’’ Lucy. I need you to meet me somewhere. I’ll text you the address. Be on a lookout.’’ Lois hanged up and quickly got out of the graveyard. 


Lois sat in a diner as she waited for Lucy. The diner was busy this time of day. That’s why she picked it. Nobody would bother her here. She then saw Lucy walk in. Lucy sat across from her.


‘’ Why did you want me here?’’ she asked as Lois handed her back the folder.


‘’ I investigated like you asked. I saw some irregulars in his history. He somehow rose to power through unknown means and there’s no trace on his parents and his only relative besides them is his sister which is shown to be dead. That’s what I’m trying to get at Lucy. Lex is up to something.’’ Lois said as she didn’t even notice Clark and Jimmy enter the diner as well.


‘’ Why here Jimmy?’’ Clark asked as Jimmy giggled.


‘’ It’s my favorite place to eat and why not this place to celebrate your achievement?’’ Jimmy said as he sat the bar top along with Clark. Lois and Lucy continued talking as outside movement was seen. Three SUVs parked outside as men with ski masks got out holding semi-automatic guns.


‘’ We arrived.’’ One of the men said as he and the men got ready.


‘’ Then leave no one alive. Especially the Lane’s.’’ a mysterious voice said on the other end. As everyone continued to their normal business. Clark heard them with his super hearing.


‘’ Jimmy. I’ll be right back. You should duck.’’ Clark said as he sped walk to the restroom as Jimmy looked in confusion as suddenly, the men kicked down the door and started opening fire.


‘’ Quick! Get down!’’ Lucy quickly tackled Lois to the ground and grabbed her pistol out of her side and started firing back as the other men started firing back as Jimmy was seen crawling and saw Lois.


‘’ Lois?!’’ he called out as Lois motioned for him to get to safely. The men had Lucy pinned down.


‘’ Shit. I’m getting empty!’’ Lucy said as she took out another person until the wall exploded. There stood Clark in his hero attire. The men turned and quickly firing at him to no effect. Clark quickly rushed towards them and punched them away. That’s when he saw one of the men point their rifle at a family. Clark focused as his heat vision destroyed the rifle. The man stood in fear as Clark punched him through the wall. The other two men ran back to their car and started driving away. Clark quickly jumped out of the building and gave chase.


‘’ Is everyone okay?’’ Lucy called out as she stood up and saw some people down. She got her phone out.’’ I need emergency services here quickly! We got wounded!’’ Lucy said as she scanned the diner for anymore shooters. Jimmy got to Lois.


‘’ Who were those guys?’’ he asked as Lois shook her head. She had a feeling on why they were here. Lois stood up as Jimmy got his phone out and started taking pictures. Elsewhere, Clark ran after the car as they drove.


‘’ Shit! No one said Steel was going to be there!’’ the driver said as the other one got a rocket launcher ready.


‘’ That’s why we have this.’’ The man opened the back door and pointed it at Clark.’’ Surprise!’’ the man yelled as he launched the missile at Clark who got hit and crashed through a building.’’ Now drive!’’ the man yelled as the driver floored it. Clark stood up brushing off the dust as he saw them get away. He quickly ran back to the diner to check on everyone. That’s where he saw Lois make eye contact with him. He walked up to her.


‘’ Are you okay?’’ he asked as Lois stared at her savior. She knew this man was the same one who saved her weeks ago.


‘’ Yeah. Thank you. If you hadn’t shown up, then I would’ve been killed along with my sister and co-worker.’’ Lois said as she pointed out Jimmy who was taking pictures and Lucy who was on the phone.


‘’ It’s why I’m here. Until next time. Try to stay out of trouble.’’ Clark said as he jumped away. Jimmy walked up to her.


‘’ You know, maybe we should have an actually name for him.’’ Jimmy said as Lois nodded.


‘’ Yeah. Man of Steel sounds perfect.’’ Lois said as she walked towards Lucy.’’ Luc, I know why they were here.’’


‘’ Me too. That’s why dad wants to meet with us.’’ Lucy said as she walked towards her car as Lois followed. Jimmy’s phone started ringing.


‘’ Hello? Oh. Right away Perry. I’ll be right there.’’ Jimmy said as he walked off as Clark stood on top of a building overlooking everyone.


‘’ I need to find out what happened here. Maybe it has connection to the mystery woman. This was not random.’’ Clark said as he jumped



Elsewhere, the two man stood in a warehouse waiting. They barely managed to get away. That’s when they heard footsteps.


‘’ Look boss. We didn’t know Steel was gonna be there.’’ One of them said as the figure turned out to be Lex. He then grabbed a gun and shot the man.


‘’ Sigh. When you can’t get things done so you have to do it yourself.’’ Luthor said as he pistol whipped the other one.


‘’ We tried boss.’’


‘’ Trying? I needed you to succeed. Now Lane will keep investigating. I needed both of them dead!’’ Lex said as he rubbed the gun on the side of his head.’’ I guess I have to resort to greater measures.’’ Luthor said as he shot the other man. He turned and saw Mercy walking up to him.


‘’ You didn’t have to kill them.’’ She said as Lex shrugged.


‘’ Less mouths to worry about leaking information. I’ve worked too hard on this project. Cadmus needs to continue to the next phase. Now, we have to worry about the Lane’s. I guess I need a talk with the General to get them in line.’’ Lex then pulled out his phone and made a call.’’ Yes. I know who you are. It’s time to come out and play once more. You should still have your collection. I’ll send you anything you need. Toyman.’’


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Oh wow, things are really moving forward now! I like how Clark and Jimmy are getting friendlier to each other, thus symbolizing their friendship from the comics! I like how you make Clark try to get a grip on his powers instead of him just knowing how to use them already! I also find your version of Lex to be extremely interesting! I look forward to more! :D

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Chapter 7

-Six years ago-


A man sat at a wooden table. He was a round fellow wearing a black shirt and blue shorts, brown hair tied up to prevent it from falling, glasses, sweating as his blue eyes can be seen. This man was working on something. It was a human doll, but made of machine. The machine had short blonde hair, soulless blue eyes, white skin, and perfect skin. The man smiled as he put the finishing touches. He soon flicked a switch as the machine’s eyes soon came to life.


‘’ At last…my greatest creation. Mary, are you awake?’’ asked the man as the machine sat up and looked at the man.


‘’ Yes Mr.Schott.’’ the machine spoke as the man stood up cheering.


‘’ You can call me Winslow. At last you’re alive. My greatest accomplishment is realized.’’ Winslow said with excitement as he hugged Mary.

-3 years ago-


‘’ You don’t understand how much your inventions are worth. You need to sell your designs and your business to me. Trust me. I can make wonders for them.’’ An unknown man said as Winslow is seen on the phone. He wore a black suit as if he came back from a funeral.’’ I may not understand how much your wife meant to you, but she would wanted you to-‘’


‘’ Don’t speak as if you knew her! We’re done Dunhill!’’ Winslow yelled as he hanged up the phone. He stood up and picked up something in the darkness. It was the design plans for Mary. He had just lost her in a car accident. His greatest creation and his life love were gone in an instant. He took a look around his workshop. He pondered on what to do.

-Present day-


Clark was sitting on the sofa as he watched the news of the diner shootout. Jimmy unlocked the door as he entered his apartment. He placed his groceries on the table.


‘’ Man. Perry was pissed because I didn’t have pictures of you. But he shrugged it off when I told him that Lois was there. By the way, have you heard from her?’’ Jimmy asked as Clark shook his head. He was holding the small green crystal in his fingers.


‘’ Jimmy. These guys were pros. They weren’t just shooting this place for the hell of it, they were after someone.’’ Clark said as he held the crystal.’’ And I believe it could be connected to this.’’


‘’ The crystal? How?’’ Jimmy asked as he put the food away.


‘’ I don’t know, but Lois might know something.’’ Clark said as he put the green crystal away.


‘’ Why you say that?’’ Jimmy asked as he walked up to Clark as he stood up.


‘’ Because when the men arrived, I heard them talking to someone. They said no one makes it out alive, especially the Lane’s.’’ Clark said as he got his hero persona on.


‘’ So that means Lois is up to something and it has got her dip in the sharks.’’ Jimmy concluded as Clark nodded.


‘’ So that means I will be paying Lois a visit as Steel.’’ Clark said


‘’ Actually, that’s not what we’re calling you anymore.’’ Jimmy stated as Clark looked confused.


‘’ Up, up, and away Man of Steel!’’ Jimmy said with excitement as Clark looked at him dumbfounded.


‘’ Don’t ever say that again.’’ Clark said as he jumped off the balcony as Jimmy turned around and got his phone out.


‘’ On my way!’’ He said as he ran out of the apartment.

Lois sat on her sofa. She was thinking about the events a couple of days ago….

General Lane sat across his two daughters as they just arrived to his hotel.


‘’ I told you to be careful Lucy and now you got Lois involved?!’’ he yelled as Lois stood up.


‘’ Dad! She offered and I took it. She needed my help.’’


‘’ Yet look where it got you guys, almost dead!’’ he yelled again as Lucy stood up and gave her dad a glare.


‘’ Look dad. You asked for my help, I needed Lois’s investigator skills. I didn’t know this assignment was this dangerous. If I’ve known before, then I wouldn’t have asked for her help!’’ She yelled as Sam shook his head.


‘’ This is Luthor we’re talking about. I’m playing a heavy game just playing his side.’’ He stated as Lucy looked dumbfounded.


‘’ You sure your trying to play him dad? Or did he already suspect you and has kept you away from his plans?’’ Lucy said as she stormed out of the hotel room as Lois looked back at her father.


‘’ Is this true? You’re working with Lex?’’ Lois asked as Sam gave her a sad look.


‘’ I was assigned in order to figure out his plans.’’ He said as she shook her head and stormed off.’’ Lois! Wait!”’ but it was already too late. She had walked out.


Lois opened her eyes to a tap at her balcony window. She looked up and sat up in shock. It was Clark in his hero persona. She quickly got up and opened the window.


‘’ Your him.’’ She said as Clark nodded.


‘’ So your Lois. I saw you the other day and way before.’’ He said as Lois smiled and chuckled.


‘’ I knew it. You are the same person who saved me from the truck.’’ She said as he suddenly gave him a hug. Clark stood shock.


‘’ Thank you.’’ She said as he stood right back.’’ Why are you here?’’ she asked as Clark stared at her.


‘’ Who are you investigating? Those gunmen were there for you and your sister.’’ Clark said as she shook her head.


‘’ I can’t tell you. If I tell you, then they’ll be after you too.’’ Lois said.’’ I can’t live if somebody else died because of me.’’


‘’ I can’t easily die and you know that.’’ Clark stated as he dug in his pocket and handed her a small green crystal.


‘’ What is this?’’ she asked as Clark sat on the railing.


‘’ That is an unknown material. When I fought that robot two weeks ago, it was being empowered by this crystal and it weakened me. I’m trying to figure out the reasoning for it. Before I fought it.’’


‘’ You tried saving that woman tied to the tower, but it was a fake right?’’ Lois asked as Clark nodded.


‘’ I believed this woman to be connected to that robot, but the origin of this crystal is also important. If it can weaken me, then I won’t be able to protect this city.’’ Clark said as he put the crystal back in his pocket as Lois realized something.


‘’ Wait. The woman. What did she look like?’’ Lois asked as Clark gave the short description. As Lois typed in stuff her phone.’’ That woman was Mercy Graves.’’


‘’ Who’s Mercy Graves?’’ Clark asked as Lois looked in horror.


‘’ She’s the assistant to Lex Luthor.’’ Lois revealed as Clark stared in shock.


‘’ So Luthor is behind all of this?’’ Clark asked as Lois nodded.


‘’ That only explains so much. He’s the man I’m investigating, but I can’t go public with this yet.’’ Lois said as she got up.


‘’ Why not?’’ Clark said as she shook her head.


‘’ First we need hard evidence.’’ Lois said as she walked back inside as the news was on.’’ Steel! Look at this!’’ Clark ran in and saw the news. A warehouse that had workers was being held hostage as explosives were reported. Clark quickly jumped out the window. Lois stared in disbelief.’’ That’s no Meta.’’


Clark quickly arrived and crashed through the ceiling of the building. He looked around.


‘’ Whoever is here, you better surrender. You have no idea who you’re messing with.’’ Clark stated as he heard laughter.


‘’ Oh I do. It’s been a long time hasn’t it?’’ Clark’s eyes grew wide as something grabbed onto him. It was a teddy bear, but it exploded upon contact. He flew back and landed on the ground. He stood up and saw him. Winslow walked up clapping as toys of variety surrounded him.’’ Two years has it?’’ he asked.

-Two years ago-


Winslow stood at his work table. He had finished it. An exploding Teddy Bear. He placed it in a box. He got his phone out.


‘’ Dunhill. I’m sending my designs and everything else in a box. That way it doesn’t get stolen.’’ Winslow said.


‘’ Thank you. You’re going to be a rich man soon.’’ Dunhill said as he hung up. Winslow has discovered Dunhill was responsible for Mary’s death and decided that he needed revenge. A couple of days later, it was reported Dunhill was killed by an unknown explosion. Winslow was glad. It had worked and he had all this money now.’’ Don’t worry Mary. I’ll keep going. I’ll keep going just for you.’’ Winslow said. He had started a criminal career with his new inventions. He had built murder toys and started to terrorize the city until one day, a bearded man showed up in an ally to stop him.


‘’ It ends here Toyman.’’ The man said as Winslow was in a car. He laughed.


‘’ If it isn’t the magic man. Say, you have some interesting powers for a Meta.’’ Winslow said as he pressed a button as several teddy bears launched themselves towards the man as he swiped them away and rushed towards Winslow, but he quickly launched his car towards him as it exploded. Winslow fell to the ground as he was wounded. He laughed. He saw the man stand up barely wounded.


‘’ You’re not going anywhere!’’ the man yelled as he rushed towards him again but stepped on a teddy bear that was on the ground. It exploded as Winslow was thrown back once more as it was next to a propane tank. He stood up wounded and started limping away.


‘’ Hehe, shame. We shall meet again one day, but I need to get back home so I can actually terrorize without you there.’’ He laughed and walked away.

-Present day-


‘’ You’re him! Toyman!’’ Clark yelled as Winslow smiled.


‘’ Yes I am. The one and only that got away from you! The one that force you into retirement. Now tell me Steel. What’s worth more? Me or the people who are about to die by my toy train driving at MarkIII?’’ Winslow said as he laughed as Clark glared at him and rushed towards him as Winslow quickly grabbed a water gun out of his coat and sprayed acid towards him. Clark got hit and fell and yelled in pain. He quickly wiped it off but saw Winslow gone. He would not get away this time. Clark quickly ran towards the exit, but then heard something. A train.


‘’ There were never hostages.’’ Clark realized too late as a fast toy train crashed through the warehouse walls and slammed into Clark exploding as Winslow rode a toy airplane. He laughed.


‘’ You see that Mary? I defeated the Steel boy once more. Now, onwards to the meeting point. It’s time for phase two!”’ Winslow quickly flew away as Clark picked up a piece rubble off him. He stared at the sky. He had let Toyman get away once again.


Elsewhere, Lex sat in his laboratory as he watched the events occur on television. He was pleased with the results. Mercy walked in with a box being carried behind her by a forklift. Lex got up.


‘’ Were you able you find it and repair it?’’ Lex asked as Mercy nodded. She signaled the men and they opened the crate.


‘’ The Markov device sir.’’ Mercy said as she presented it to Lex.


‘’ Good. Shame they never got rid of the first one when he disabled it. Foolish Queen.’’ Luthor said as he admired it.’’ Now we begin Phase 2 of the project. Now, it’s time to get the next thing.’’ Luthor walked off as Mercy had the machine carried away as Lex looked at some plans that were displayed.’’ Get me in contact with the other members of Cadmus. It’s time.’’ Lex said.

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Okay, at this point, I have to say that you should really pitch this idea to DC so that a series can be made that is canon to the other DC live action shows! It'd be amazing, and your story has such amazing potential, weaving in DC Lore, and your own, modern take on it! Definitely some epic stuff, for sure! I really loved this chapter, and the backstory you provided for Winslow! Great work, I look forward to more! :D

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-Chapter 8-

Winslow stood on the roof of Lexcrop as Luthor walked outside. It was still dark out as Winslow was massaging his shoulder. He held his water gun to his side as Luthor approached him.


‘’ Thank you Toyman. I know it must’ve been a lot of trouble of getting you here from the U.K.  Tell me. Were you successful?’’ Lex asked as he stood with his hands in his pockets.


‘’ Of course. The Steel boy must be devastated again after losing me. Thank you for the payment. I only went into retirement for a bit was to make sure I built enough toys to do my plans.’’ Winslow said as he started boarding his plane.’’ Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to do something dramatic!’’ He laughed as he flew away. Luthor walked back in as he started walking down the stairs. He stopped.


‘’ Mercy. I told you not to follow me.’’ Lex said as Mercy was in the stairwell as well.


‘’ Oh please. We can drop the act for a bit Lex.’’ Mercy said as she crossed her arms. She always knew the stairwell was never monitored. Lex sighed.


‘’ So be it Lena. What is it?’’ he asked as Mercy smiled.


‘’ Well. I contacted the list Lane provided us and no one wants to be part of Cadmus right now. I believe they need to see your plans first.’’ She said as Lex walked down the stairs passed her.


‘’ Yes. I will destroy this city in order to rebuilt and gain the trust of the people.’’ Lex said as he looked at the crystal once more.’’ Now, we shall begin our tests in getting this crystal inside the device as I have plan. Also, begin project 4. I will need it for this plan when it begins.’’ Luthor said as he smiled as he was another step closer to his plans.


Clark sat in his living room as he had his eyes closed. His hero clothing was on the floor as he held his head in his hands. The living room was a mess. He couldn’t believe you let Winslow escape a second time. He stood up and walked outside. He closed his eyes once again to begin focusing. He breathed and soon started hearing everything and everyone around him. He was trying to find Winslow but to no luck.


‘’ Damn it!’’ Clark suddenly punched down the only tree in the backyard. He watched as it fell down. He quickly went to it and fixed it.’’ Sorry.’’ Clark turned and leaned back on the tree. He believed he could do this again, but failed once again because of one person. If he couldn’t catch Winslow, then how could he stop Lex? Clark placed his head in his hands again.


‘’ Clark.’’ Clark quickly looked up and saw his parents.


‘’ Mom? Dad?’’ Clark’s eyes watered as he stood up.


‘’ I see you knock over our tree.’’ His dad said as he walked to it. Clark stood completely still as he realized he’s seeing things.


‘’ You guys aren’t really here.’’ Clark said as Martha placed her hand on his back.


‘’ We know. We came to talk to you. Clark, you’re an amazing and special person. We couldn’t be happier that you’re our son.’’ She said as Johnathan stood next to her.


‘’ She’s right you know. Look son, you can’t let a failure stop you from accomplishing your dreams.’’ He said as he stared at Clark.’’ We aren’t your failures either. Just closed your eyes and focus. You can do this.’’ He said as Clark had tears fall down.


‘’ I miss you guys.’’ Clark said soberly as his parents embraced each other.


‘’ We love you too Clark.’’ Clark opened his eyes as he stood up. He was dreaming. He knew what he had to do. Clark dressed in his outfit once more and stood outside. He knew if he were to catch Winslow, he would need to do the impossible and not give up. Clark took a deep breathe in as he jumped into the sky. He pushed his arms forward and landed, but jumped again as he got higher. He suddenly pushed himself further. He knew he could do it. Suddenly, he lost his focus as he started pummeling to the ground. He crashed into the ground as he stood up. He looked up at the night sky. He pictured his parents but they weren’t his driving point. Soon, Lois appeared. He then kneeled down and placed his fist onto the ground as he began to focus. The ground started shaking as he focused even more as he jumped into the sky.


Clark began flying throughout the air as he maintained his speed. He flew passed cornfields and soon through the city itself. He then pushed even higher. Clark started laughing as he flew even higher into the sky and soon he was outside the atmosphere. He then folded his arms back to his sides and flew back into the Earth. He flew extremely fast that he broke the sound barrier. Thunder bloomed as he headed to Jimmy’s.


Lois sat a bar as she drank a shot glass. She’s been there since Clark left her apartment. She had no idea how to do this. Going after Lex Luthor and Mercy Graves. They are up to something but she couldn’t figure out what. She finished her drink as she left some cash and exited the bar. There she saw Lucy.


‘’ Why are you here?’’ Lois asked as Lucy stood there with crossed arms.


‘’ I figured I would find you here. Still piss at dad?’’ she asked as they started walking on the sidewalk.


‘’ It’s just. How to describe it. He’s been playing Luthor’s side for how long, even before this apparent assignment. Now we’re being targeted by him and have no idea how to prove his involvement. With Perry out of town, his stand in won’t let me run a story either. I’m

stuck Lucy.’’ Lois said as they kept walking.


‘’ Well Lois, if I were you, I would seek more help from Steel. He might be the only person who can help. I can’t even get in touch with dad right now anyway.’’ Lucy said as Lois stopped.


‘’ Steel visited me last night Lucy. We talked. We found out that fake hologram was of Mercy Graves. Maybe we can dig up stuff on Luthor’s assistant.’’ Lois said as Lucy shrugged.


Suddenly, an explosion occurred right in front of them. Lucy was dazed. She couldn’t tell what was happening until she saw Winslow. He laughed as he held a knocked out Lois.


‘’ Tch tch. Mr.Luthor warned ya. Now it’s time to pay the price.’’ Winslow then rode off in his plane as he kidnapped Lois.


‘’ Lois!’’ Lucy yelled as she barely got up and quickly ran to her car.’’ Shit. Maybe Jimmy can help. He knows Steel. I need his help.’’ Lucy said as she started driving towards Jimmy’s place.


Jimmy sat on his couch as he held a folder. It was given to him by Perry before he left for out of town. He opened and saw a picture of Clark. His eyes widened a bit.


‘’ Dang it Perry. Why are you asking to investigate my new friend?’’ Jimmy asked himself as he put it under his couch as he held something. He looked out his window and he jumped. He saw Clark floating. Jimmy opened the window and was surprised.’’ Clark! Oh my god! You’re flying! How?’’


‘’ It seems my high jumping was able to get better. I just had to focus as you taught me. I focused what my heart wants right now. So. I can do more now.’’ Clark floated himself inside the apartment as he placed his feet on the ground.’’ I know who’s behind this. It has to be Lex Luthor Jimmy. His assistant was the hologram. That means he’s behind the robot and the crystal but we need to find out what he’s up to. Lois said she can’t go public because he isn’t behind anything murderous intent. So, I think I’ll be paying him a visit in-‘’


Suddenly, a loud knock could be heard at his door. Clark clenched his fists as Jimmy opened the door slowly but Lucy budged in.


‘’ Lucy? What are you doing here?’’ Jimmy asked as she was panting.


‘’ A man kidnapped Lois! I need you to-‘’ Lucy stopped mid-sentenced as she saw Clark standing there.’’ Steel! This man came out of nowhere and kidnapped her! You need to save her!’’


‘’ Who did this?’’ Clark asked as you could hear the anger in his tone. Lucy caught her breathe.


‘’ He rode a toy plane oddly enough.’’ Lucy explained as Clark’s eyes widened.


‘’ You know who that is?’’ Jimmy asked as Clark nodded.


‘’ The only person to escape me. Winslow aka the Toyman.’’ Clark said.


‘’ You mean the man who has been terrorizing London? Why is he here?’’ Lucy asked as she realized.’’ Luthor must’ve hired him! To distract you and kidnap Lois to scare her off the case but I fear he might kill her.’’ Clark went to the window.’’ Wait! There is something that might help you Steel. He had a wife name Mary.’’ Clark then flew out the window.


Clark flew in the sky using his hearing. He held his voice. He could remember it clearly. Clark then flew to a warehouse in the docks.

Winslow hummed as he constructed something at a desk as Lois sat there tied up to a chair. She stared with fear.


‘’ Who are you and why did you take me?’’ Lois asked as Winslow just whistled. She looked around. She couldn’t tell where she was. She only just woke up a couple of minutes ago. Winslow turned around and faced her.


‘’ You know Ms. Lane, you remind me so much of my former wife. It’s a shame I’ve been told to kill you.’’ Winslow said as he walked behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders.


‘’ Who told you?’’ She asked shaking as Winslow pat her cheek as he walked back to the desk. A booming noise could be heard outside.


‘’ Strange. It wasn’t raining before.’’ Winslow said as suddenly, as if the sky ripped opened, Clark crashed through the ceiling as he landed right in between of Winslow and Lois. Winslow eyes widened but he smiled.’’ I knew you were coming. I was counting on that!’’ Winslow then grabbed his water gun but Clark bent it.


‘’ Winslow. I don’t want to hurt you.’’ Clark said as Winslow laughed.


‘’ Yet you’ve tried twice now!’’ he yelled as Clark breathed.


‘’ What would Mary say if she saw you like this?’’ Clark asked as Winslow twitched. He started breathing heavily.


‘’ Don’t you DARE MENTION HER NAME!’’ Winslow yelled as he quickly grabbed something off the desk as it was a toy air phone as he

pressed on it and launched a sonic wave and blew Clark through the boxes.’’ You don’t know my Mary! She was the best thing to happen to me in this world! You have no idea! I do! I knew what she would say! Because I created her! My perfect doll!’’ Winslow shot another shot in the same area as he turned to Lois and walked up to her.’’ And you! I wasn’t going to kill you because of how you looked like her. But you can blame him for that!’’ he pointed as he was then sent flying in the other direction as Clark pushed her away as he flew.


‘’ Are you okay?’’ Clark asked as he untied Lois.


‘’ Yeah. I guess this is three times you rescue me now.’’ She said as Clark smiled but he held something. They quickly rushed outside and saw Winslow on his plane.


‘’ Next time Steel boy! Next time I will kill her and you!”’ Winslow yelled as he started flying away.


‘’ He’s getting away!” Lois yelled as Clark walked up.


‘’ No he’s not.’’ Clark got in position as he flew into the sky and chased after Winslow. Winslow eyes widened as he turned around and saw Clark flying towards him.


‘’ What?! Impossible!’’ Winslow started flying faster as he started firing his sonic blasts towards him. Clark dodged them and flew faster as he grabbed Winslow from the plane as it crashed into the ground. Winslow started fighting until Clark landed in front of a police station and dropped him off and flew away. The officer quickly arrested him.


Clark landed on top of a building as he breathed with relieve. He started laughing.


‘’ I did it. I finally caught him.’’ Clark sighed with happiness as he flew back to Lois who was standing there. He landed right in front of her.


‘’ There must be some way to thank you.’’ Lois said as he stared at Clark. Clark laughed a little.


‘’ You don’t have to thank me. I was just-‘’ Clark was then surprised as Lois kissed him. She stopped and smiled.


‘’ Thank you Man of Steel.’’ She said smiling as Clark laughed a little and flew off.


Elsewhere, Jimmy was sitting in front of a computer. He was writing an article. It was about Clark’s alien identity. He stared at it but then pressed delete.


‘’ No Perry. I won’t expose Clark.’’ Jimmy said as he burned the file.’’ I hope this is the only copy you have Perry.’’


Elsewhere, Lucy and Lois hugged and embraced each other as they were both relieved. They soon saw their dad walk in.


‘’ Thank god you’re alright.’’ He said as he hugged them.’’ I will confront Luthor tomorrow.’’


Back at Lexcorp, Lex was walking to his car when he heard something. His window was then destroyed with a laser.


‘’ You know. You need to learn how to sneak up on someone.’’ Lex said as he turned around and saw Clark standing there with arms crossed.’’ So you can fly now. Interesting. I now know to add that to the list of powers. Tell me. Where are you from?’’ Clark glared in silenced. Lex laughed.’’ Cut the tough guy act. I don’t feel threaten by you alien.’’ Clark’s eyes widened a bit. Lex walked up to Clark not scared.


‘’ How?’’ Clark asked as Lex laughed a little.


‘’ Because I’m smart Steel. Why are you here? Mad about me sending Winslow? Please. I could’ve done worst to Lane. At least she knows not to meddle-‘’ Clark suddenly punched his car as it blew up. Luthor wiped the dust away from his face.


‘’ Stop what you’re doing or I will-‘’


‘’ Or you what? I’m currently with all the cards in hand Steel. None of you have no idea what I have planned. Even then. You can’t prove it because no one would believe you. Lane can’t stop me. Neither can you.’’ Clark suddenly felt a sharp pain in his stomach.’’ Not now or ever.’’ Clark looked down and saw Lex stabbed him with the green crystal.


‘’ You had more..?’’ Clark asked as he cough a little blood.


‘’ Trust me. I discovered more Steel.’’ Lex said as he withdrew the crystal as it was covered in blood as Clark collapsed to his knees.’’ Be luckily I didn’t go for a vital. Let this be a lesson boy.’’ Lex held Clark’s face by the chin.’’ Stay out of my way!’’ Lex then kicked Clark to the ground as he started whistling and walked away. Clark coughed up more blood as he saw Lex walked away. The last thing he saw before passing out was a hand reaching out to him.


Clark’s eyes shot opened as he sat up. He was sweating heavily as he laid in his bed. He was back at his farm house, but how? Clark stood up but felt a sharp pain. He looked down and saw his bandage. He walked down the stairs. No one was here. Clark looked around. He walked outside and embraced the sunlight as it felt good. He then saw it. Something written on the tree. He walked up to it and saw only a word. OZ. Whatever or whoever saved Clark, he would figure out, but right now, Clark knew what he had to do. He went to his phone and called Jimmy.


‘’ Jimmy. I think I finally found out what Luthor might be planning. Get Lois and Lucy too. It’s time we come up with a plan.’’

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Oh wow, a confrontation between Clark and Lex! I just love how Lex is calm, cool and collected and doesn't give two cents about Steel literally being there in front of him! Granted, he had the kryptonite, but still, Lex has some serious badassery on his persona!


Also, Steel flies now, sweet! Great chapter! :D

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-Chapter 9-


Clark stood in Jimmy’s apartment as they had a picture of Luthor hung on the wall. They’ve been studying for the past week.


‘’ Have you been able to see the file Lois has?’’ Jimmy asked as he slipped his coffee.


‘’ No. Even though I’m her assistant, I can’t get access to her desk. It’s tough. It’s a lead drawer so I can’t see through it.’’ Clark said as he pondered.’’ So Luthor has more of this crystal. A small piece like this can’t affect me, but of course exposed to a larger quantity, can wound me. That’s the trouble part. Luthor can counter me. So whatever he’s planning, he has back-ups.’’


‘’ Yeah. I’m not surprised. We need to do something though.’’ Jimmy said as he looked at his phone.’’ Hey, so about your kiss with Lois.’’


‘’ That was unexpected. She did that to thank me.’’ Clark said as he sat down.


‘’ I’m pretty sure you liked it. I can tell.’’ Jimmy laughed as Clark shook his head.


‘’ Of course I liked it. Maybe it was what I needed to motivate me.’’ Clark sighed as he wrote a symbol on a paper.’’ Besides, I found this on the tree.’’ Clark showed him the OZ symbol.


‘’ What is it?’’ he asked. Clark shrugged.


‘’ Someone saved me and this might be a clue. I’ll start investigating into this more after we bring Luthor to justice. Besides, I need to see someone.’’ Clark said as he grabbed his bag.


‘’ See who?’’ Jimmy asked as he stared.


‘’ A person who can give me information.’’ Clark walked out the door as he walked down the hall. As he did, he knew who to go to. He got into the elevator as it closed, Lucy walked through the stairs and knocked on Jimmy’s door.


‘’ Yes?’’ Jimmy answered as Lucy smiled.’’ Oh hi Lucy.’’ The two quickly hugged and shared a kiss.


Elsewhere, Lois was at the Daily Planet as she was typing up an article. She pondered through her latest events, not knowing what to do. She sighed in stress.


‘’ Damn it. How am I supposed to call out Luthor if he hasn’t even done any wrong?’’ Lois stood up and organized her papers. She turned off her computer and noticed something. She quickly reached for her phone but a knife was thrown next to it. Lois yelped as she saw the figure walk up to her. It was Mercy Graves.


‘’ Hello Lois.’’ She walked up and grabbed the knife. She walked up as Lois walked back into a wall.


‘’ Why are you here?’’ Lois asked as she took a deep breathe.


‘’ To scare you. I thought Winslow was going to do it, but you had Steel help you. Shame. My brother made sure to scare him.’’ Mercy said.


‘’ Your brother?!’’ Lois said in shock. Mercy giggled.


‘’ Yes. I’m Lena Luthor. I saw you trying to uncover stones, but you will stop.’’ Mercy said as she brushed the knife on her cheek.


‘’ Why did you fake your death?’’ Lois asked as Lena waved her finger.


‘’ Nope. I can’t reveal any secrets. What my brother has planned, no one can stop it. Especially since we have your father in our fingers now.’’ Lena said smiling.


‘’ What do you mean?’’


‘’ He confronted my brother this morning. It didn’t go too well. Shame. I told him to kill him but Lex just wants to keep him to witness what Cadmus is truly is.’’ Lena said as she started walking away.’’ I would stop. If not, you will be next. This is the last warning I’m giving. From woman to woman.’’ Lena walked out of the room as Lois shook and took a glup.


‘’ I need to tell Steel.’’ Lois quickly ran out her office.


Elsewhere in Stay City, Clark was on top of a building as he witnessed the Green Arrow defeating a couple of thugs. Clark observed him as he took down a thug.


‘’ Where’s Cayden James?’’ he yelled as the thug wouldn’t respond as he quickly impaled an arrow. Clark then jumped and landed behind him. The Green Arrow quickly loaded an arrow and aimed it at Clark.’’ Who are you?’’


‘’ Easy. I’m not here to fight. I’m asking for help.’’ Clark took a second to scan him.’’ Oliver.’’ The vigilante then removed his hood and mask.


‘’ How do you know me?’’ he asked as Clark opened his shirt and revealed his S symbol.


‘’ Because I need your help.’’ Clark stated as Oliver stared at him. Oliver lowered his bow.


‘’ So your Steel I’ve heard about. You remind me of a friend of mine. That’s why I’ll help. Why do you need my help for?’’ Oliver asked as Clark presented a small crystal to him.


‘’ Can you tell me what this is?’’ he asked as Oliver took an arrow out a showed Clark the tip. It was made from the same material.


‘’ It’s called Kryptonite. I told you remind me of a friend of mine. This material is not from this Earth and I know you’re not.’’ He said as Clark stared confused.


‘’ How do you know this?’’ Clark asked as Oliver stared at him.


‘’ My friend Kara, she’s from a different Earth. We just recently stopped an evil version of her. Tell me Steel. Why are you asking me this?’’ Oliver asked as Clark put the crystal away.


‘’ This man named Lex Luthor, he plans on doing something. I don’t know what, but this crystal can affect me and wound me. You had experience from stopping these type of people.’’ Clark said as he sat on the ground.’’ I’m honestly out of my depth. I haven’t done this before. I tried doing this two years ago, but I failed and I’m trying again, but I can’t figure out what to do. I thought I had a plan, but not knowing what Luthor is up to, it might be another failure for me.’’


‘’ Listen, I’ve had my times of failure. Plenty of them. The first man I fought, his name was Malcolm Merlyn. I thought I stopped him, but his device still went off and ended up leveling half the glades. So, you use those failures in order to better yourself into being a hero. Trust me.’’ Oliver said as he helped Clark back up.


‘’ Thank you Oliver. I honestly needed that. I owe you one.’’ Clark said as Oliver let out a slight chuckle.


‘’ Just don’t call too soon.’’ Oliver put his mask and hood back on as he shot an arrow and flew away with it.


‘’ Cool.’’ Clark said as he started flying away back to Metrophilis.


Jimmy was on the couch with Lucy. They were watching a show.


‘’ Why do we have to see each other in secret?’’ Jimmy asked as he held Lucy’s hand.


‘’ It’s because of the danger. If they found we we’re dating, then they might go after you.’’ Lucy said as she held him.’’ What if you got hurt

Jim?’’ she asked.


‘’ Well, then Steel will save me. Since he can fly now, he can save me like he does with Lois.’’ As Jimmy finished talking, Clark landed on the balcony.


‘’ Holy. Clark Kent?!’’ Lucy said as she stood up. Clark stood there shook. Thinking only Jimmy was home.


‘’ Yes. I’m the Man of Steel. I’m also an alien.’’ Clark said as he sat at the table with Lucy and Jimmy.


‘’ You knew about this and you didn’t tell me? Good. I’m glad you could keep a secret.’’ Lucy said as she smiled at Jimmy.


‘’ I think I know what Luthor might be planning. I just visited the Green Arrow and he help me a lot.’’ Clark said as he got the crystal out.’’

This is called kryptonite. It weakens me and can harm me. Luthor knows this. Besides, it also can power things and enhance objects and technology as we can see. ‘’


‘’ So?’’ Lucy said as she was confused a bit.


‘’ That means whatever Luthor is planning, he can use the kryptonite to amplify it.’’ Jimmy stated as Clark nodded.


‘’ Arrow however did mention Malcolm Merlyn.’’ Clark pointed out. Lucy’s eyes widened as she quickly dug up the file from her phone’s files.


‘’ Merlyn was the leader of the organization Tempest. Luthor was a part of it. Merlyn was responsible of the Undertaking. The event that destroyed half of the Glades in Star City. He used two devices. They were called the-‘’


‘’ The Markov device!’’ Jimmy said.’’ I remember! That was my first story that got me interested into journalism!’’ Lucy got her phone for a call and decided to make a call.


‘’ Yes. I need information on the Markov Device we recovered from Star City 5 years ago.’’ Lucy said as she heard a response. She then hung up.’’ It was stolen a couple of weeks ago.’’


‘’ That must be what it is. Luthor is planning on using Kryptonite to enhance the Markov Device in order destroy Metrophilis!’’ Jimmy yelled as he stood up. Clark’s eyes widened.


‘’ If so, that means Luthor’s device will cause more damage. Maybe even destroy the whole city!’’ Clark said as he stood up and got his persona costume on. Lucy got her gun loaded.’’ You can’t come Lucy.’’


‘’ You’re going to need backup. Trust me.’’ She said as Clark nodded as he grabbed on to her.’’ Hold on.’’ Clark carried her out of the window as he flew out. Jimmy’s phone was heard ringing. Jimmy went to answer it.


‘’ Hello? Oh Lois! Of course! I’ll be right there!”’ Jimmy quickly got his keys and ran out his apartment.

Back at Lexcrop, Lex stood next to Mercy. They held Sam in the other room. Lex examined his device. It was powered by the kryptonite. He smiled.


‘’ Amazing. With this device, I can finally reset this city. Shame. Merlyn failed. I won’t. Alright Mercy or should I say Lena. Go ahead and get this device to where it needs to be. I trust you. It’s why we faked your death. That way no one could figure this out.’’ Lex explained as he walked away. Mercy signaled her men and they soon started loading the device and drove off in a disguised truck. As they left, thunder boomed in the sky. Lex smiled. The ceiling soon exploded as Clark landed with Lucy.


‘’ This ends here Luthor.’’ Clark said as Lucy pointed her gun at him.


‘’ Lex Luthor, you are under arrest for conspiracy to commit a terrorist attack.’’ Lucy said as she held her weapon. Clark stood next to her. Lex started laughing a little.


‘’ And what proof do you have?’’ he asked as he spread his arms.’’ Clearly there isn’t any here.’’ Lex then crossed his arms.’’ Now shoo. I have a business meeting to go to.’’ Lex turned away as Lucy fired her weapon but missed.


‘’ Where is he?’’ Lex turned around as Lucy asked the question. Clark stared at Lucy.


‘’ Who?’’


‘’ You know who! Where’s my father Luthor?!’’ Lucy yelled as Lex pressed a button. A monitor displayed Sam locked up in the other room.’’ You bastard!’’ Lucy ran up but Clark couldn’t stop her in time until a noise was heard. Lucy fell to the ground as Luthor held a knife. He sighed.


‘’ This wasn’t supposed to happen. Suppose to go smoothly. Yet.’’ He pressed another button as Clark rushed towards him to grab him but was smacked away. He saw Lex entering a robot suit. It was a blue suit with green colors.’’ You Steel. Showed up. Like this? It’s my Kryptonite armor. Just for you.’’ Clark stood up and rushed but Luthor took the punch and then punched him away. Clark felt the full force. He stood up as Luthor walked up.’’ I won’t let my plans go to ruin because a farm boy decides to play hero!’’ He motioned his arm as a green blade extended out of it.


Jimmy and Lois rode in her car as she drove. Jimmy held something.


‘’ Why did you call me again?’’ he asked as Lois shake.


‘’ Mercy Graves is really Lena Luthor and from what you tell me, there’s more to this plan. I need my sister’s help.’’


‘’ But Lucy already went with Steel to stop Lex from unleashing his device.’’ Jimmy jolted as Lois slammed on her breaks.


‘’ He knew they would come. That is why Lena threaten me. She wasn’t scared because.’’ Lois quickly turned around and headed to Lexcrop.


‘’ Where are we going?!”’ Jimmy yelled as he held the USB drive.’’ I thought we were going to Perry to expose Luthor!’’


‘’ We need to save them before the Luthor’s unleash their device!’’


Elsewhere, Lena had the device set down underground as they were in the train system. She motioned her men away as she pressed a couple of buttons and flicked a switch.


‘’ Now the Undertaking begins.’’

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-Chapter 10-


Clark stood up as Luthor step up as he held his blade. He rushed towards him. Luthor dodged and punched him again. Clark fell back. He spitted out blood.


‘’ You know who I am?’’ Clark asked as he stood up as Luthor’s mask uncovered his face.


‘’ Of course. I did my research on you. Shame though. You didn’t even know what was happening despite you being an alien. My Undertaking will reset this city and I will be there to bring it up back top.’’ Luthor’s mask came back on as he his blade sleathed away as he started firing green lasers. Clark ended dodging them. He then flew towards him and grabbed onto him and crashed him onto the ground and soon, out of the building and into the streets.


As they crashed through a couple of cars, everyone started screaming as the two started exchanging blows to each other. Luthor had the upper hand due to the kryptonite. Clark panted as he wiped blood away. Luthor’s blade extended once more as he started swinging it. Clark dodged and fired his lasers at him. Luthor had a shield of green energy appear as he blocked it.


‘’ You don’t get it Steel! I win!’’ Luthor suddenly redirected the blast towards Clark as he flew with his suit and stabbed Clark through the stomach. Clark coughed up blood. He retracked the blade as he kicked Steel away.’’ You won’t win. Now, if you excuse me, I must take care of something.’’ Lex started flying away. Clark struggled to get up. Everyone was filming him until the ground started to shake. People started screaming as green crystals started bursting out the ground. The Undertaking has begun.


Elsewhere, Lois and Jimmy were running to Lexcrop as the earthquake started occurring.


‘’ Shit! It’s starting Lois!’’


‘’ I know Jimmy! I can see that!’’ Lois yelled as they ran through the chaos.


‘’ Then why are we here?!” Jimmy yelled as he tried his best to follow Lois through the chaos.


‘’ We need to figure out where the device is being held!’’ she yelled as they saw the hole from Clark and Luthor. They quickly ran in there and saw Lucy on the floor.


‘’ Lucy!’’ Jimmy yelled as he quickly ran to her side and held her. She was still breathing. Lois held her too.


‘’ Lois?!’’ Lois turned and saw her father walk through the door. He was wounded from being held captured. He ran up to them as the earthquake started getting stronger. Green crystals kept emerging out the ground. Sam held them all as they closed their eyes as piece of ceiling fell towards them.


Lois slowly opened her eyes as Clark was looming over them. He held the piece of debris as he struggled as he bled.


‘’ Hi. Sorry I’m late.’’ Clark threw the piece away as he helped them up. Jimmy carried Lucy.’’ She can’t be moved right now. Her lying down is the only thing keeping her alive. Jimmy. Stay here with her. Sam, Lois, I need you guys to get that USB drive to Perry.’’


‘’ You know what this is Steel?’’ Lois asked as Clark nodded.


’’ I saw it through your files when I was investigating your house with my vision.’’ Clark explained as the quakes started getting worst.’’ I need to find this device and stop it before it keeps getting worst.’’ Clark said as he held his wound.


‘’ But you’re hurt!’’ Lois held Clark close to her.


‘’ I know. But I need to go in order to save this city. And you.’’ Clark soon started flying off as Lois’s eyes widened.


‘’ Clark?’’ she asked as Sam took her arm.


‘’ We need to go! Come on!”’ he yelled as the two ran off as Jimmy stayed by Lucy’s side.

Clark flew through the streets, following the crystal’s trail. He saved whoever he could. A building started collapsing as Clark used his super speed of flight to save whoever was in there as he made his way to the sky. He panted from being wounded. He held his sword wound as he scanned the city for the device. He soon saw something underground as he flew straight there. He soon crashed through the ground and saw the device. It glow green as Clark felt weak just staring at it.


He was soon greeted with a punched and sent into the wall. Luthor stood there with his mask off as he walked up.


‘’ I knew you would come here. This is just right place to end you and witness the birth of my new city.’’ Luthor extended his blade again and rushed to stab him again but Clark grabbed it and screamed as he broke it off and kicked Luthor away.


‘’ How about we actually do this right?’’ Clark stood up as he coughed and got into his fighting position. Luthor donned on his mask once more.


‘’ You’re right. Time to end this Steel.’’ Luthor and Clark started exchanging blows over and over. Clark kept on returning more blows as he soon caught a punched and slammed his fist onto Luthor’s side, destroying a piece of his armor. He readied another blow but felt a sharp pain. He looked down as Luthor had another blade.’’ You really think I had just one?’’ Luthor then kicked away Clark as he slashed him on the chest. Clark coughed up blood as he fell to the ground. Luthor started laughing as he turned and started activating the machine.’’ Time for the Undertaking to go through its final phase.’’


Clark laid there as he struggled to get up, but couldn’t. He felt weak. Like his life was slipping away. He saw a light. He started going towards it.


Clark opened his eyes and saw he was lying in the cornfield from his house. He sat up. He looked around. The sky was orange. He looked around and soon something. He saw his mother working. He walked up but couldn’t reach her.


‘’ Sorry son.’’ Clark eyes widened as he turned and saw his father standing there leaning against the tree.’’ Hi.’’


‘’ Hi….’’ Clark walked up towards him but couldn’t reach him either.


‘’ It’s not your time yet Clark.’’ Johnathon said as he crossed his arms.’’ You grew into such a wonderful man Clark. Someone I can be proud of.’’


‘’ I can’t stop him dad. I just can’t. I’m not strong enough.’’


‘’ Then push yourself. Son, before I died, I wanted to tell you how proud I was of you, until the earthquake got me. Listen, you are the hero this planet needs right now. Someday, you will help everyone lead people into the sun and join you, but for now, you must help them. Save them.’’ He uncrossed his arms as Clark wiped his tears.


‘’ I understand father. Thank you. I now know what to do. Thank you.’’ Clark eyes were filled with hope as he knew what to do as everything went white.


As Luthor attempted to activate the device, he felt the ground shake differently. He turned and saw Clark standing up with hope in his eyes.


‘’ How?! You should be dead!’’ Lex yelled as Clark rushed towards him and they started exchanging blows again and again. Luthor extended his blade once more and swung it but Clark destroyed it as he grabbed Lex and slammed him into the ground and started punching him over and over. He then punched once more as he started firing his laser beams directly at the suit and destroyed the power core. Luthor panted as he was grabbed again. Clark glared at him.


‘’ How?! You couldn’t beat me earlier!’’


‘’ Because you reminded me what I need to fight for!’’ Clark then punched him into the ground again as he knocked Luthor out. He turned as he saw the device glowing more and more.’’ Shit. An auto switch!’’ Clark flew to the machine as he grabbed it. He coughed as he attempting to lift it.’’ Come on. Come on.’’ His eyes shut. His focus was on Lois. How he needed to save her and the city. He screamed as he lifted the machine as the ground stopped shaking.


Jimmy held Lucy as the crystals starting retracting back into the ground. Lois and Sam were reaching the Daily Planet as they witnessed the crystals disappearing too. Soon, in the center of the city, an explosion occurred as Clark started flying out with the machine and trail of crystals behind it. He flew higher and higher as he threw it into the sky. He soon fired his lasers at it and causing the machine to explode on contact as Clark was sent flying towards the city.


Lena Luthor sat in her van as she witnessed the explosion. She cursed under her breathe as she saw her men lift Lex into the back as he was wounded and passed out.


‘’ Don’t worry brother. We will return. Stronger.’’ She started to drive away.


Clark laid on the ground as he was in the center of a carter. He stood up holding his wounds as people surrounded him. Taking pictures as they started clapping and cheering. Clark soon flew away as he went straight to Lexcrop. He landed on the ground as he walked up to Jimmy and Lucy. Jimmy had tears as Clark walked up and held her.


‘’ Clark..?’’ Lucy said as she opened her eyes.


‘’ Hey. Don’t talk. We’re going to get you help.’’ Lucy shaked her head.


‘’ Is my father okay?’’


‘’ He is.’’


‘’ Good. Good. And Lois?’’ Lucy asked as she coughed. Clark had tears as he held her.


‘’ Yes. She’s safe too.’’


‘’ I’m glad Clark. Please. Protect them. Also. Keep Lois safe.’’ Lucy eyes shut as Clark had tears run down his face as Jimmy looked down.


‘’ No No No. Please Lucy. Wake up. Don’t go! Lois needs you! Jimmy needs you!’’ Clark saw her body go limp as Clark looked up. Jimmy clenched his fists as Clark screamed. He turned and saw Lois and her father walk through the hole. He shook his head as they quickly ran to her. Everyone just stood there as silenced echoed the room.


‘’ Tragedy stuck Metrophilis as it faced a massive earthquake two days ago. The act was reported to be committed by Lex and Lena Luthor. Authorities thank Lois Lane for exposing him. They’re reporting to be looking for the two as they became the most wanted throughout the country. The city was also saved by its own protector. The Man of Steel. We are now getting reports that he is now going by Superman.’’


Clark stood in front of Lucy’s grave. They decided to bury her behind Clark’s farm. A peaceful place.


‘’ I’m sorry Lucy. I couldn’t save you. I should have saved you instead of telling you to stay there.’’ He whispered to himself as he saw Lois walking up as she held his hand. Soon, Jimmy was shown to be leaving Metrophilis, packing his things as he left his apartment. Sam was talking with his fellow officers about the events. The city started building a statue for Clark for saving the city.


‘’ You know, I gave you the name of Superman in the article I published. Do you like it?’’ Lois asked as Clark smiled.


‘’ I like it. It gives hope Lois. I promise to continue doing my job in honor of your sister.’’ Clark as he stood as he looked to the sky.’’ I will protect everyone no matter the cost.’’


Behind the tree in front of the farmhouse, a man in a green robe holding staff looked at the two. He held a staff that had a circle at the end of it. He smiled in his hood as he disappeared in a blue light.


Elsewhere in the space, Zor stood at the bridge of his spaceship as Zod stood next to him. They looked at the computer screen.


‘’ What is this Zor?’’ Zod asked as Zor smiled.


‘’ We detected a source of energy that only belonged to Krypton on a planet that orbits a main sequence star. Our expert says Ka-El is most likely on that planet.’’ Zor said as Zod smiled.


‘’ Then we can finally have our revenge.’’ Zod said as Zor nodded.


‘’ Pilot. Take us to this planet right away. It’s time we meet the lost son of Krypton.’’ Zor said as he walked off as the ship jumped into hyperspace.

-To Be Continued-

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Ooh, what a riveting finale for this first arc! I'm assuming that there's more after this, right? Because I have loved how this story has progressed so far, and I like how you kept developing Clark's powers little by little! Great work on this story! I'm hoping this isn't the last we see of Lex, though! And poor Lucy! :(


So, the next arc will deal with Zod's revenge, eh? Interesting! :D

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Alright. So I'm currently constructing the second arc. There will be new characters introduced. I'll reveal one right now. It's going to be James Harper aka The Guardian. He's going to have a personal vendetta against Superman. As to Lex, his character will be developed more. So expect more from him. The main theme of this arc will be Zod and Zor as the main villains. They will come but probably not until maybe chapter 4-5. I will also be dropping more hints on who the hooded man is. This will eventually set up a crossover I'm planning with using the other characters of the Arrowverse. If everyone is familiar with the blue light and been paying attention to DC's Rebirth, then it'll come all into factor soon. I'm hoping to have the crossover to happen after the second arc for the planned ending I have will play a huge factor into this. So, in the meantime, be patience for I will be revealing more stuff along the way. If any of my readers have questions, don't be afraid to message me for I will try my best to answer. So until then, stay tuned!

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Alright. So I'm currently constructing the second arc. There will be new characters introduced. I'll reveal one right now. It's going to be James Harper aka The Guardian. He's going to have a personal vendetta against Superman. As to Lex, his character will be developed more. So expect more from him. The main theme of this arc will be Zod and Zor as the main villains. They will come but probably not until maybe chapter 4-5. I will also be dropping more hints on who the hooded man is. This will eventually set up a crossover I'm planning with using the other characters of the Arrowverse. If everyone is familiar with the blue light and been paying attention to DC's Rebirth, then it'll come all into factor soon. I'm hoping to have the crossover to happen after the second arc for the planned ending I have will play a huge factor into this. So, in the meantime, be patience for I will be revealing more stuff along the way. If any of my readers have questions, don't be afraid to message me for I will try my best to answer. So until then, stay tuned!


Oh wow, so epic things are in store! I can't wait to see how this second arc will evolve the story further along! I'm definitely interested in this Guardian persona, and I am curious to see what Superman will think of Zod and Zor! And yay, more character development for Luthor, that's something to look forward to! 


I hope your story keeps on evolving, and that you can be able to do everything you have planned for it! I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this story, for sure! :D

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-Season 2-

-Chapter 11-


My name is Clark Kent and I am not from this world. In honor of my late parents and friend, I decided to become a symbol of hope for this world. In order to do so, I have to become something else. I have to become Superman.


The earthquake started shaking the city. A man ran outside of a building. He witnessed the green crystals start emerging from the ground. The man was panting as he sweat. He had short blonde hair, blue eyes, white skin, and a business suit as he started running through the crowds. He got into his car as he started driving. Avoiding the crystals the best he could. He got his phone out.


‘’ Hello?! Thank goodness! You guys need to move now! I’m coming!’’ the man said as he phone service was cut off. He quickly took a sharp turn as he witnessed a building collapsing. He drove until he stopped by a wreck. He quickly got out and ran towards another building until he felt a stronger quake. He soon saw the building collapse as well.’’ NO!’’ the man yelled as he ran towards the debris and ash cloud that followed.


The man emerge from the smoke as he look through the rubble. He soon fell to his knees. He saw a teddy bear and a necklace. He grabbed onto them and squeeze them in his hand. He heard a boom as he looked up and witnessed Superman destroying the device. He glare with hate intent.


‘’ You did this. You could’ve saved them. I won’t forgive you.’’ The man said as he stood up as a card fell from his pocket. A name was on the card as it was a business card. The name on the card was James Harper.


Clark Kent stood on top of a building as he overlooked Metropolis. It’s been six months since The Undertaking. He breathed as he listened. It’s been peaceful for the past week. It feels nice for Clark. Everyone has been loving him. Superman has becoming popular lately. He jumped off and started flying around the city.


‘’ Alright. Guess I can finally take the day off!’’ Clark said as he flew straight to his farmhouse.


Elsewhere, Lex Luthor sat on a bed. He was inside a plain bedroom. A safe house located in the middle of the forest. He felt his head. He had shaved it in order not to be recognized. He’s been here for the past six months thinking of how to pay back Clark. He heard the door open and saw Lena walking in.


‘’ You look better.’’ Lena said as she shut the door. Lex looked up at her.


‘’ We need to return. We must continue The Undertaking.’’ Lex said as he stood up. Lena shook her head.


‘’ It failed Lex. You need to snap out of your Clark obsession. You need to the understand The Undertaking was a failure dream our father had. It’s time you stepped out of his shadow and make a better name for yourself. I’ll help you.’’ Lena said as Lex looked up,


‘’ You’re actually right. It’s time I snap out of this. We have resources. Let’s use them. It’s time we decide our next steps.’’ Luthor said as he walked out of the room as Lena smiled.


Elsewhere, a boy ran through on a football field. He rushed and tackled a couple of items. He panted as he removed his helmet.


‘’ Stone!’’ a voice yelled as the boy took off his helmet. He was a tall African American with a blade head, blue eyes, and wore his practice football outfit. He ran over to his coach as he called him.’’ Your father called Stone. He won’t be coming.’’


‘’ He never does. I’m ready for this big game.’’ Stone said as he begin to run off to practice again.


‘’ Victor! Try different tactics! Gotham doesn’t go down easy!’’ the coach yelled out as Victor rushed towards another practice dummy to practice.


Back at Clark’s farmhouse, Clark landed on the ground. He breathed. He was happy. He walked in and saw her. Lois Lane. She was sitting on the sofa typing up an article. He smiled as she walked up to her and kissed her on the head.


‘’ Welcome back Clark.’’ She said as she smiled and enjoyed the sight of him. He smiled as she changed out of his hero persona.


‘’ What are you writing this time?’’ Clark asked. He had since been promoted to a reporter since Jimmy left.


‘’ What do you mean Jimmy left Perry?’’ Clark asked as Perry sat at his desk. He looked up to Clark as he handed him some papers.


‘’ No idea. He just said he needed some time off. Then again, I don’t blame him. We just had an earthquake a week ago. Look, I want interesting stories okay? You got big shoes to fill Kent.’’


‘’ I’m writing about the recent art gallery that was in town. Some interesting work. Besides, shouldn’t you be typing up something Mr. Reporter?’’ Lois asked as Clark laughed. He smiled until he saw something. He stared out the window and saw Lucy standing there.


‘’ Give me a second.’’ Clark walked out through the back and saw nothing strange. Only the tree. He stared at the OZ symbol. He walked up to it and felt it. He heard a snap and saw Lois behind him.


‘’ What is that anyway?’’ she asked as Clark shook his head.


‘’ I don’t know. It’s something that appeared when I was rescued when I confronted Luthor months ago. Jimmy tried looking into it, but he couldn’t find what it means. Whatever, it’s a clue to something bigger.’’ Clark started walking back inside.’’ So, what’s for dinner?’’


Elsewhere, a car drove down a dirt road in the middle of a forest. This car was located on the outskirts of the city. The car parked when it stopped at a waterfall. The driver’s door opened up as James Harper exited his vehicle. He walked to the back of his car and opened up his trunk. Inside was a duffle bag. He got it around his shoulder and walked towards the waterfall. He soon grabbed a rope out of the bag and tied a grapple hook at the end. He started spinning it and threw it towards the edge of the mountain. He then swung inside the waterfall.


James landed on solid ground as he felt the water run through his shoes. He held onto his bag as he walked up. He went further into the cave until he turned saw a switch. He grabbed onto it and pulled down the lever. Lights started turning on as it was revealing a secret lair. A giant monitor in the middle, equipment, and various other materials. James placed down the bag. He unzipped it and pulled out something dirty. It was a yellow hexagon shield.


‘’ Never did I think I would have to return. Laura, Sydney. I promise to make this right by you guys.’’ James said to himself as he turned on the monitor as he watch the computer turn back on to life. He started to research some things.’’ Now, if I am to begin, there is something I definitely need.’’ James turned and looked back at his dirty shield.’’ And that is a new outfit.’’


Meanwhile in Star City, about a week since Oliver Queen announced he was the Green Arrow and turned himself in the FBI, Jimmy was sitting at a bar, he took a shot. He has been here since leaving Metrophilis. He sighed as he signaled for another drink. As he took a sip, he noticed someone sitting next to him.


‘’ What do you want?’’ Jimmy asked as he took another sip as it was revealed to be Sam Lane sitting next to him as he was dressed in his military uniform.


‘’ Just checking up on you. To see how you were doing.’’ Sam said as he signaled for a shot.


‘’ I thought you would be court marshalled for your activities.’’


‘’ Lois saved my skin on that. I reported back telling my higher ups that I had to rely on the Meta Superman.’’


‘’ You didn’t say he was an alien?’’


‘’ No. If I did, that would create panic. How do you think the world would react when they find out he’s an alien and not a Meta?’’ Sam asked as he drank his shot. He got up and patted Jimmy’s back.’’ You need to return home son.’’


‘’ I can’t. I’ve been trying to find myself here.’’


‘’ Then you better look somewhere else. Star City isn’t the place for you.’’ Sam said as he paid for his and Jimmy’s drinks as he walked out of the bar. Jimmy looked down at his drink.


‘’ Idiot.’’ Jimmy said to himself as he coughed something up. He quickly ran to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. He shook his head as he saw green blood drop down from his lip. He wiped it off.’’ Damn it..not again..’’ Jimmy wiped the blood of his lip and walked out of the bar and into the city streets. He walked down the street on the sidewalk.


Night fell onto Metrophilis as Clark rested in his bed as Lois slept at his side. He got up and walked outside after getting dressed in a robe. He walked up to the tree once again. Staring at the OZ symbol.


‘’ I’m surprised you’re getting so bothered by this symbol.’’ A voice said as Clark looked around. He couldn’t see anything. No one was there.


‘’ Who are you? Are you the reason I’ve been plagued with visions?’’ Clark called out as nothing was shown.


‘’ Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. Clark. You are indeed a special individual. I’ve been watching you for a long time now. After all, I am the one who saved you.’’ The mysterious voice said as Clark eyes grew wide.


‘’ You mean, when I confronted Lex, it was you who saved me? Just who are you?’’ Clark asked loudly as he was really confused. The wind blew passed him.


‘’ I go by many names, but one I choose to reveal to you is the same as my symbol. You may refer me as OZ. You won’t hear the last of me, Ka.’’ Clark couldn’t understand the last word he said, but as soon as he looked back, he saw the OZ symbol had vanished.


‘’ OZ. Just what are you?’’ Clark asked as he heard noises. He quickly donned his costumed and flew off to the city.


Back at the docks, men in black were loading crates inside a truck. The man signaled the other men. They soon started getting ready. On top of a crane, stood a man. He wore a golden helmet, blue armor, golden shield on his right arm, a device on his left, and lastly, armored pants. He pressed the side of the helmet and scanned the sky and then the ground. He jumped off the crane and landed softly behind the men. The men started getting ready to leave until




One of the cars exploded and out came the man as he started beating the men. The men quickly started shooting their weapons but to no effect. The golden man simply blocked with his shield. He grabbed one man and broke his neck and continued fighting. Landing fatal blows on each one. He quickly disarmed one and shot him with his pistol and quickly shot another until he noticed someone on top of a crate and he threw his shield at the man, knocking him off as he quickly fought the other men. He kept on going until a couple tackled him, but the man motioned his arm as his shield came back. He quickly regained his balanced and knocked the last one out until one remained. He silently walked up to the last one who backed up into the crate.


‘’ Who-who are you?!’’ the man yelled as the golden man approached him.


‘’ The Guardian.’’ He said with a low tone as he quickly killed the man with an impaled shield attack. He looked around as he noticed no one left. He opened the crate and there he saw it. A small Lexcrop container. He walked up to it until he heard a boom in the sky.’’ Right on time.’’


Outside the crate, Superman landed on the ground as he cracked the ground. He looked around in horror as all 22 men that were here were dead.


‘’ What the hell did you do?!’’ Superman yelled as the Guardian turned around as he stared at his outfit.


‘’ I did something that is always necessary. The law is unforgiving so must I. You don’t understand. Six months ago, you let people die. Loved ones. Because you chose not to save everyone.’’


‘’ You don’t understand, I did save-‘’


‘’ You only saved yourself! You let thousands die! With all your powers, how couldn’t you save them?!’’ Guardian yelled out as Superman quickly flew to him, but the Guardian quickly side stepped as he grabbed him by his cape and threw him to the ground. Superman quickly got up and tried punching but he blocked with his shield which caused the crate to fall apart as the force was deadly. Superman stared in shock as The Guardian quickly hit with the shield as Superman flew back into the ground.’’ You’ve barely started doing this hero business for six months. I’ve been doing it for years. Now, stay out of my way.’’ The Guardian exclaimed as he knocked Superman out with his shield.


Clark rubbed his head as he slowly woke up. He had only been knocked out for a few minutes. He noticed The Guardian was gone. He got up and flew away as sirens were heard in the distanced.


Back at the cave, The Guardian walked up to a table and took off his helmet as James breathed. He placed his helmet on the table. He soon got out the small Lexcrop crate out as he opened. That’s where he saw it. A piece of Kryptonite.


‘’ Soon, you’ll pay for your mistakes Superman.’’


Back at the farm, Clark sat on his sofa and pondered Guardians words. He noticed the football game between Metropolis and Gotham.


‘’ And Victor Stone landed the game winning point!’’ the announcer could be heard saying until it was muted as Clark turned and saw Lois standing there.


‘’ What’s the matter?’’ Lois asked as Clark shook his head. He hugged Lois.


‘’ I couldn’t save all of them.’’ Clark said as Lois held him.


‘’ It’s okay Clark. It’s okay.’’ Lois said as she held Clark close to her as OZ was shown to be watching in the shadows.


-In The Near Future-


Clark wore a black suit as he stood in front a grave in a graveyard. He is shown to be in sadness. He heard some noise and saw Lex Luthor walking up to him.


‘’ Sorry I’m late.’’ Lex said as Clark shook his head.




‘’ Yeah.’’ The man said as Clark looked down.


‘’ It’s my fault. For doing this. I made a stupid mistake. I should’ve did this differently. Now, this happened. I know what I have to do.’’


‘’ What are you going to do?’’ Lex asked.


‘’ I’m going to kill him.’’ Clark said as the man looked at Clark.


‘’ Is there anything I can do?’’ Lex asked.


‘’ I want to be alone.’’ Clark said as Lex turned and walked away quietly. Clark kneeled down. Placing his hand on the grave and held his head as a tear fell down his face. He looked down.

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