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Tokyo Game Show 2018 live-stream footage analysis

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\Welcome to KH13's analysis of the Tokyo Game Show 2018 Kingdom Hearts III live-stream footage! We will be analysing a total of 4 new pieces of footage shown live during the TGS 2018 live-streams; the extended look at Keyblade transformations, the extended Aqua scene and gameplay, the Toy Box boss fight and the full Arendelle Trinity Sled sequence.

It goes without saying that there will be spoilers up ahead for those who haven't watched these extra footages.


First up is the footage showcasing Keyblade transformations, link attacks, attraction flow and summons. The footage begins in an area within the Toy Box world which is filled with balls of different colours (something akin to a ball pit) which really showcases how improved the physics are compared to past titles. The first Keyblade transformation we see is that of the Infinity Badge Keyblade called Boost Hammer which interestingly changes Sora's coat red from black and is great for crowd control then it quickly switches to Monstropolis to show off the Smile Gear Keyblade transformation - Twin Yo-Yos.

Like the Boost Hammer, Twin Yo-Yos changes Sora's design, this time changing from blue fur to yellow.


sora blue Fur

sora yellow Fur


The Twin Yo-Yos is a quick, versatile transformation, great for closing distances and crowd control in a dazzling fashion. The next transformation is the Assault Claws - a transformation of the Smile Gear Keyblade. This transformation acts like boxing gloves for Sora to hit multiple enemies at once. We then see the yet to be named Arendelle Keyblade and it's transformation; Blizzard Blade. This transformation allows Sora to skate around the area and launch foes with spinning attacks. This then transitions to a ship in the Port Royal world and showcases the transformation of the currently unnamed Port Royal Keyblade. The 2 transformations are High Wind and Storm Flag. High Wind is essentially a spear type weapon that attacks long range and can also rain down pillars of light on enemies. Storm Flag is a flag (as the name might suggest) type weapon that is as flashy as it is effective, it can clear a group of enemies with ease. During this section of gameplay, the San Fransokyo Keyblade, which is yet to be named, is also shown, along with it's transformation; Nano Arms. Nano Arms has the ability to shapeshift through multiple forms, from a standard Keyblade, to a large hammer and even a rocket projectile that can be fired at enemies. The most interesting information given here is the ability to stack finishers. Once a finisher is ready, you can switch to a different Keyblade and get another finisher before unleashing them all consecutively, causing massive damage. A thing to take note of is what appears to be a new heartless that resembles an amphibious creature with a spear.


sahagin heartless


Next up is Attractions! The first to be shown is Merry-Go-Round which seems to pulse each time you time a button press correctly. This attraction flow is being shown off against the Ice Titan and the Lava Titan - the first time they have been revealed to the general public. They were first shown exclusively at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra. We are then reintroduced to Tea Party Cup which has been shown on several occasions but this time we see that the finisher can actually be used on the balls in the Toy Box world. The final attraction flow shown is Splash Ride, this time shown in Monstropolis. The best point of attraction flow is it seems to render Sora invulnerable while it is active.


Now we take a look at link attacks, starting with Baymax, whose link attack is called Intercept Jet. Intercept Jet allows you to fly aboard Baymax's back while swooping down at enemies while keeping them at a distance. Next up is the Toy Box link attack; Rodeo Rocket. This is activated by teaming up with Woody and Buzz, which then puts Sora, Woody and Buzz atop a large rocket that swoop and spin into enemies before activating the finisher which shoots the rocket off into the surrounding enemies. The final link attack shown is performed with Marshmallow in the Arendelle world. This link attack is called Avalanche Breath and much like Intercept Jet, it has you climbing aboard Marshmallow only this time you will be boxing your way to victory by swinging his claws. The next attack is hard to determine if it is a link attack or a finisher. Sora will grab mike in Monstropolis and bowl him straight into the enemies but the lack of a HUD and the fact it seems more like a movie that will play the same every time you do the attack, it feels more like it would be a finisher.


Next, we'll dive into some of Kingdom Hearts III's summons. The first summon shown is Meow Wow; a Dream Eater from Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. The summon is called Wonder Balloon. Once summoned, Sora will climb up on his back and bounce around causing damage to all nearby enemies. Once enough damage is caused, you can activate the finisher which will make Meow Wow drop onto his back and all the Dream Eaters from KH: 3D will come pouring out. The second and final summon to be shown is Simba; a veteran of the Kingdom Hearts series. Simba's summon has the fitting name of King's Flare. This time, Simba is back with a twist - he more resembles a fiery phantom. His attacks all seem to be fire based and cover a wide area; with spinning attacks that cause rings of fire on the battlefield. Once your bar is full, you can pull off Simba's explosive finisher that hits a wide area with a large fire attack.


simba summon


We finally get a closer look at Gummi Ships next. It begins by showing something similar to a Kingdom Hearts II Gummi Ship route; flying along a fixed path while shooting all the enemy ships you can see on the screen. What's interesting is what come next - the ability to completely explore the routes between worlds! When free roaming, you will have a radar on the bottom left of your screen showing your surroundings in 360 degrees. Another thing that seems apparent with Gummi Ships this time around is the ability to attach a super weapon of sorts. On the right hand side of the screen is a bar labelled "weapon" which when full can be used to unleash a blast more powerful than any other cannon or laser.

Finally, we take another look at the cooking mini-game with Remy from Ratatouille. We can see that Sora is being controlled by Remy pulling on his hair to control his arms. It seems as though you need to use the analogue stick to move Sora's arm, judging by the awkward motions used in the game. It would also seem like you need to press a button with the correct timing to make a good meal.


The next bit of footage shows Aqua after she has succumbed to the darkness (whether she is Norted or just lost the battle for her heart is yet to be confirmed). When the camera pans out we see Sora stood opposite her in the Realm of Darkness wielding the Keyblade received in San Fransokyo. Due to Sora having obtained this Keyblade, we can assume this takes place after the Big Hero 6 portion of the game. Once the battle begins, Aqua begins using many attacks that are reminiscent of the attacks Phantom Aqua used in Kingdom Hearts 0.2: A Fragmentary Passage and because of this, it could further support the theory of her becoming a dweller in darkness rather than a Xehanort vessel. Aqua is also wielding a new variation of the Kingdom Key that seems like it has mixed with the Starseeker - both Keyblades that have been wielded by King Mickey.


aqua keyblade


When Aqua teleports around the arena, a dark portal appears behind her - not too different from the corridors of darkness used by Riku and the Organisation members. It should also be noted that both Sora and Aqua are fighting while walking on water; something not seen in Kingdom Hearts thus far.


The third segment of footage shown takes place in the Toy Box world. It shows off a new boss for that world and judging from the surroundings, it looks as though it takes place inside the Galaxy Toys area. The boss is a new heartless type that resembles a maid doll with rabbit ears. On the right ear is a heartless symbol to show that it is indeed a heartless.


Toy Box boss

The boss itself uses a variety of attacks, but mainly flies through the air, plummeting to the ground to hit the party with an area of effect attack before flying off again. Occasionally, it will land and perform spin attacks if you get too close. As well as the main boss, there are also miniature stuffed animal heartless continuously attacking the party along with various heartless and other toys.


The final piece of footage is an extended look at the Trinity Sledge mini-game. This takes place in the Frozen world Arendelle. During this mini-game, Sora, Donald and Goofy are sledding down the side of a mountain on Goofy's shield, moving towards the camera, all while being chased by heartless. The heartless type seen during this mini-game is new and so far has not been named. It resembles an ice dragon which can dive at you as well as fire lasers across your path, leaving it up to you to dodge them. Once you evade the heartless for long enough, you are thrown into free fall mode with the opportunity to collect prizes on the way down. Upon landing, the camera has switched to being behind Sora, Donald and Goofy, and there are now ramps for you to jump over to get across gaps or just to collect more prizes. When you reach the end of the Trinity Sled mini-game you will need to fight 3 of the dragon type heartless.


Ice dragon heartless


It seems as though this could be a mini boss considering each enemy has 2 and a half HP bars plus small health bars for each wing etc. During the fight, Sora is equipped with the Shooting Star Keyblade and uses the transformations for this Keyblade; Two Gun Arrows and Magic Launcher. The enemy itself generally stays above ground and will swoop at Sora and the party but it can also burrow underground and use its tail to swipe at the party from under the snow.


What part of this footage did you find most exciting? Did you notice anything that we might have missed in our analysis? Let us know in the comments below!


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