Fates Chance XIII

Are Seasalt Ice cream bars creamy or icey?

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Okay...hear me out. 

Seasalt ice cream bars have always looked more like ice pops when ever we've seen them prior to kh3.

In kh2 and days I know the graphics for this weren't the best but people bit chunks out of them directly from the pop. 

If it was an ice pop (similar to like fruit pops or those slushee pops) thats exactly how you'd eat it.

You'd bite chunks out of it to eat it.

Thats also exactly how its represented in the manga. People take bites with small suface chips of the ice flaking off like how a frozen ice pop would.

When you eat something like a fudge pop that has more of a creamy ice cream texture to it, you're more licking it slowly as it melts and when it begins to become soft then you take bites. 

But they dont do that. You're supposed to eat Seasalt ice cream quickly or else it melts. They say that repeatedly in the series when its brought up.

And now when i watch the kh3 trailers, the bars look DISTINCTLY fudge pop like with more of a creamy look. 

IDK, this has been bothering me. What do you guys think?


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