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[1-24-2019] QoL Updates, Kingdom Hearts III Countdown Quests, Chasm of Challenges Update, Proud Mode Update

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Today brings some changes regarding AP costs and Raid Bosses:


■ The following quests no longer require AP to play. 
 ・Story Quests, including Proud Mode Quests 
 ・Special Quests 
 ・"Proud+" and "Tutorial Quest" event quests

■ Adjustments have been made to AP costs of all other event quests.

■ Raid Bosses will only appear for Raid Events. 
・Adjustments to Raid Event times and AP costs are planned for Raid Events held after Feb. 1, 2019.

A notice regarding account sharing has also been published:


We would like to kindly remind our players that sharing accounts is forbidden by the game's User Agreement. 
The sharing of accounts can give players an unfair advantage, and we take these and other cheating violations very seriously. 
Violations may result in the account being shared being banned from rankings or in other actions taken against the account without notice, so please exercise caution with your account. 

See here for the User Agreement.

The official release of Kingdom Hearts III is almost here! In the meantime, be sure to clear the daily Kingdom Hearts III Countdown quests each day until January 28th at 23:59 PT (five quests total). Rewards include the Elsa Snuggly accessory (Item Drop Perk +3).

The Chasm of Challenges has also been updated! Note that the previous set of Chasm quests is no longer available.

Proud Mode quests have received an update as well--Proud Mode quests up to Quest no.775 are now available.

Images from this update can be viewed below. Are you ready for Kingdom Hearts III?


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So, this is all a bit interesting. As others have mentioned, SENA decided that players using the Chasm to grind for lux instead of the actual raid boss was a problem, so they removed the Chasm quests instead of increasing the lux output of the raid boss. Or at least, that's what seems to have happened.

Removing AP from story and material quests is going to be good for enticing new players to play the game, though it feels like they could have just as easily removed the AP system altogether instead. If you haven't caught up on Proud quests yet (like me), then this is a great time to work on those. Free jewels, free gems, and free keyblades.

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Ah, good, the browser game basically killed AP for story missions part-way through its run too (or rather, AP costs were reduced to 1, which was trifling) and it did it a world of good. I wonder if I'll even come back to the game now?

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