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[2-13-2019] Xigbar's New XIII Falling Price Deal & Event

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This month's New Organization XIII Campaign features the Organization's No.2, Xigbar!

Until February 23rd at 23:59 PT, Xigbar [+] is available in a Falling Price Deal! Each pull guarantees a corresponding Trait Medal #84, a 7* Tier 7 medal or a 7* Tier 8 Xigbar [+], and three Speed Gems. A 7* Xigbar [+] is guaranteed in five pulls. The 7* guaranteed medals pulled from this deal will arrive with one of the following skills maxed:

 ・Attack Boost VI Max 
 ・Defense Boost I Max   
 ・Defense Boost II Max   
 ・Defense Boost III Max   
 ・ATK B V Max & GA 1   
 ・ATK B V Max & Lux+ 
 ・Triple Threat II

Medal Attribute Guilt Tier SP Cost Ability Max Multiplier
7* Xigbar [+]  Reversed/Speed 8 4 SP [AoE]  Deals 9 hits. 1 turn: ↑ R- & S-STR 15, ↓ targets' R- & S-DEF 15. Gauge +2. Count +2. x31.98

Xigbar [+] can also be obtained from a special medal board for 5000 Jewels:

7★ Xigbar [+] Medal x 1 
Trait Medal #84 x 3 
Attack Boost VIII Max (6★ Scrooge) x 1 
Speed Gem x 3 
6★ Chip x 3 
6★ Dale x 3 
6★ Cid 10 x 2 
6★ Huey & Dewey & Louie x 4

During this same time period, Xigbar's New XIII event is also open. Clear these thirteen quests for a total of 5000 Jewels, five Trait Medals for Xigbar [+], Event Coins, Mirrors, and a Title!


Images from this update can be viewed below. How many of you have finished KH3?


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The medal is nice and the animation is amazing, but the medal itself isn't quite as good. I mean, it's alright, but there are better medals out there. Someone said that this one is like a poor man's KH3 Vanitas, and they're kind of right. Anyway, I believe this can be passed, especially since we're close to the time we should be getting another Org. reprint event.

As for the event, well... Have fun! (sarcasm) You have to beat every quest in 2 turns in order to get the jewels, so it might start to become impossible for some players to get the jewels after a while. As with other Org. events, remember that you don't need to spend jewels to beat it, as that kind of defeats the purpose of earning jewels for beating it.

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