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About that Secret Ending...

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This concerns KHIII's secret ending...so beware SPOILERS!


So...I'm trying to make sense of that secret ending where Sora and Riku end up in Tokyo, and I have all these questions...and the only I'm coming up with is that Nomura is planning to make KH apart of an even bigger crossover. I know this is super unfounded and probably dumb, but what if KH and TWEWY end up taking place in the same universe or in some kind of multiverse.

I'm not very familiar with TWEWY so I don't know if the KHDDD story could work within the game's canon storyline, but we know Nomura wants to make TWEWY 2 and said he hoped we played TWEWY Final Remix while waiting for KH3. What if he uses TWEWY 2 as a way to introduce us to KH4 and a potential Verum Rex game through which he can finally make his Versus XIII concepts come to life? What if that secret ending was not just the teaser to the next Kingdom Hearts chapter but also to other games that are all a part of a brand new shared universe?

Just a thought...Probably a dumb one, but just a thought. Would you guys like to see something like that happen?


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The secret ending had me a bit confused at first since it was so cryptic, but then after looking people's comments up online, apparently, Sora ended up in Shibuya, and many are speculating that he'll be playing the Reaper's Game so he can be able to restore his heart after exhausting it from using the Power Of Waking! So that'd make sense, and that means Sora would get to see Neku and the gang again! As for Riku being in Shinjuku and Yozora being in there, I'm like: "Whoa, what!?" And I'm thinking that cloaked man at the end was the Master Of Masters! But yeah, I'm excited to see what the future of this series holds! :D


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