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[3-13-2019] Organization XIII Challenge Quests, Roxas [+] Falling Price Deal, Roxas [+] Medal Board

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From 12 AM PT 3/13 until 11:59 PM PT 3/23, the Organization XIII Challenge Quests will be available! Complete objectives to earn Magic Mirror Medals, Magic Broom Medals, and Titles!

From 12 AM PT 3/13 until 11:59 PM PT 3/19, the XIII Falling Price Deal featuring Roxas [+] will be available! The first pull will cost the normal 3000, but the cost will lower with each pull with the lowest cost being 1900 Jewels on the 5th pull. With each pull you are guaranteed a Trait Medal #90, a 7-star Tier 7 medal, 8 5-star or higher medals, and 3 Magic Gems. Each 7-star Tier 7 medal pulled will come with one of the following skills: Attack Boost VI Max, Defense Boost I Max, Defense Boost II Max, Defense Boost III Max, Attack Boost V Max & Gauge 1, Attack Boost V Max & Lux++, Triple Threat II. A Roxas [+] medal is also guaranteed in 5 pulls! 

From 12 AM PT 3/13 until 11:59 PM PT 3/31, the Roxas [+] Medal Board will be available! It costs 5000 Jewels to unlock and come with: a 7-star Roxas [+] medal, 3 Trait Medal #90, a 6-star Scrooge Medal with the skill Attack Boost VIII Max, 3 Magic Gems, 3 6-star Chip medals, 3 6-star Dale medals, 2 6-star Cid 10 medals, and 4 6-star Huey & Dewey & Louie medals.



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Ugh, all of this is just... U G H.

First of all, this event is lame. People were expecting a "fight old Org. XIII members" event, but it was supposed to be Demyx through Xigbar, and the prizes were supposed to be one copy of their medal and a couple of trait medals, like we got in September. This one provides no such thing, and instead only offers "new titles" as the reward. Don't toy with us like that! We've come too far for just titles (and a mirror and a broom, ooh) to be the prize. And if that wasn't bad enough, these rematches have been super-buffed to the point that you can't do more than 1 damage unless you have a Supernova+ medal with a ground -60 trait. Honestly, just enjoy the banner artwork and ignore this event until it's gone. Like, don't even bother trying: you'll just waste your time.

Moving on to slightly less depressing topics: Roxas+. This medal isn't good. Like, it's better than Xigbar+ (which isn't saying much), but it's nothing to chase after. Even the medal animation is reused, which is a first for these Org. XIII+ medals. If you must have the medal, though, go for the 5000 jewel avatar board. It's a better bargain, especially for such a lackluster medal. The medal artwork is nice, at least.

Oh, and if any of you are wondering what happened to the monthly "beat this Organization member" set of quests? They're gone. There's no Data Roxas to fight, no Roxas+ trait medals to get, and most importantly, no jewels. So sorry if you were expecting 5000 jewels to help you pull a certain medal, but it looks like you're just out of luck. (You're in good company, though: we all expected a chance at 5000 jewels today and we were all disappointed.)

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