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    I'm fairly new to the PvP part of KHUX.

    I got a pop up message stating I got an "Re" something or other. I have battled with people that have them of course. For example; I noticed that if it's a blue Magic "Re", anytime I hit my opponent with a magic medal, part of my points to go the opponent. After getting the message that I finally got one too, I realized have no idea how to attach them. lol

    My first thought was that is was an automatic attachment to a specific keyblade or medal, but none of my blades or medals were showing an "re" during PvP battles. It's also not a medal that's sitting in my storage either. I'm stumped.

    I have google and searched, but all my search has to go on is "KHUX PvP Re". Which is not specific enough info to do a proper search. 😋

    So I'm asking the awesome players here.

    Any info, or links to info, about this "Re" is much appreciated.


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"Re" is short for "reflect". What you're seeing is the new reflect status, which bounces back part or all of an opponent's damage (even though you still take damage). Currently, only 2 medals offer this: KH3 Anti-Aqua for Magic and KH3 Roxas for Power. Anti-Aqua reflects 100% of Magic damage while Roxas only reflects 15% of Power damage

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