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Setup help

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Hi all, I started play this game long ago, and now decided to get more serious, any suggestion for some setup?

Here are all my T8, T9 and T10 medals, they aren't a lot so I just wanted to know which combination would be better,

thanks a lot for attention! 




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Ok, so the one thing you need to consider is that there's no "one size fits all" setup. Different events call for different setups, so anything provided here won't necessarily be the setup you'll use all the time. The other thing to remember is that different Keyblades require different attributes to be effective.

You always want to start off your setup with a buffer that raises your general STR and lowers the enemy's general DEF. If you can, you'll also want to raise/lower the attribute STR/DEF too (Power, Magic, Speed, Upright, Reverse). Right now, the best medal you have for that is your SN HD Xion (1st pic, 2nd row, 3rd from the right). That'll give you enough general STR/DEF but you'll need to use other medals to get the remaining attribute STR/DEF. Keep in mind that Xion only offers Reverse, not Upright, so she won't be ideal for every setup. Other buffer medals that you can use are SN+ KH3 Sora, SN+ KH3 Riku, and SN+ KH3 Young Xehanort.

Side note: you also have buffers like KH2 Kairi EX+, Aced EX+, and Invi EX+. These ones are overwrite medals. Instead of giving you something like +5 when you cast them, they automatically set the STR/DEF to a specific number. This can be great if the enemy has something like +10 Gen DEF (because the overwrite would put them at -15 Gen DEF), but it can also overwrite your own STR/DEF. (Example: you have +15 Gen STR and an enemy has +10 Gen DEF. If you used an overwrite medal that said "7 STR, enemy -7 DEF", your own STR would be reduced from +15 to +7 and the enemy's DEF would be reduced to -7 DEF. In this case, you would have to use another medal to boost your own STR back up.) Overwrite buffer medals should always be used at the beginning of your setup, never in the middle.

After your buffer, your second medal should be something that will help with the remaining STR/DEF you're missing (unless your buffer covered literally everything for you). Medals like SN+ HD Aqua and SN+ HD Terra are good examples of this. You can also use medals like SN KH3 Goofy, SN KH3 Donald, SN KH3 Woody, SN KH3 Buzz, SN KH3 Mike, SN KH3 Pete, and SN KH3 Maleficent.

Once you've gotten all of your buffs and debuffs taken care of, everything else should focus on dealing damage. Every other medal from your 1st picture would qualify, though Pirate Sora should be used at the end of your setup (since he uses up all of your remaining gauges). Most of the medals from your 2nd and 3rd pics are too weak to be very helpful, though some standout medals are SN KH3 Flame Core and SN KH3 Neoshadow (but again, they're not very strong).

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It rather depends on which keyblade you're using, what enemies you're facing and what skills & traits your medals have. Generally though your first slot should have a medal which increases your strength and decreases the enemy's defence as much as possible. Your Xion medal is the best one for that but she doesn't increase upright strength so if you're using a keyblade which supports mainly upright medals your Supernova+ KH III Sora or KH III Riku may be best, or at least have them in the second slot. After that choose whichever medals fit your keyblade's slots that have the greatest strength but read the description of each medal as some are more powerful in later slots and some in earlier slots. Also any medal which deals high damage but doesn't increase your strength should usually be placed in slot 5 or 6, like Guardian Form Sora. Your main focus first though should really be to give your strongest medals decent skills. Xion should either have Second Chance or a Defence Boost Max attached to it as it's pretty rubbish in terms of how much damage it deals on its own so don't give it an Attack Boost skill. Also merge your trait medals with any matching normal medals to power them up, like KH III Sora & Youth in Black. Hope this helps!  

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