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Spoiler for the Limitcut Episode!!




I only defeated Vanitas yet, so i can only help you with him (really big sorry my English is bad, i am from Germany xD)


At the beginning he will do one of two attacks

1. Triple Jump Attack 

Block oder Dogde them, but blocking is more safe, at the last hit, you have to block and give him the slight attack to counter and give him a combo

2. Lightstrike Attack


This Attack is really fast, so you have to block it, he will do 2x 3time attacks, but the last Strike is really slow, so second chance and once more doesnt trigger, if you try to aerial dodge, and they have Auto-Aim. Block the first two strikes, then give him a blockcounter (Counter-Kick or what name it is in english has the most range) so you can come closer to him, then you have to block again 2 Strikes and give him a blockcounter again, then you can give him a attack combo


The next attack in the most times is the Fire-Jump


He dives in to the Ground and will jump in your Position, you have to dogde this 2 times, then, you block it and give him a block counter and a combo


3.Attack is a Combo with splitting and no splitting Fireballs

When he comes out of the shadows, he will send a slow fireball, then he jumps in the air and send a really fast fire ball, block it, because the slow fire ball is splitting up and comes then really fast

He do this 2 times, than he will switch 5 times between left and right, in the Shadows, he will ALLWAYS spawn at the left and shot a really fast fire ball, block it, after this he will come really close to you, if you see the shadow of him, just block, because now he shot really really fast a fireball. After this he comes a little bit more closer to you and send a reeeeeaaally slow fireball, he switch to the left and send a fast fire ball, block it if the first fireball is send a half second in my feeling, then you block both of them. At least he send one fast fireball from the very left of you, just block it


The next attack is the keybladestorm riding oder something like this (sorry again for my really bad english xD) 

He will jump far away from you in the air, if you are fast enough, catch him with Windcut from the Multifocus, that will negate this attack and you can give him another combo. If you cant, because you are to slow or at low health and want to heal, than he rides this keyblade stream, he will send not blockable autoaiming ice shards on you, you have to dodge them(best in the air). He will do this 3 times, at the last time he will send after the iceshards the keyblade stream, unblockable too, dodge it, at the same time, focus vanitas, he will spawn at the right side of the Keyblade stream catch him in the air with a combo 


If Vanitas is at 60% or less health(6-7 Healthbars) he will summon the keyblades again, get him fast with the windcut multifocus or he will give you his hardest attack


If you couldnt...he will get in the middle of the field, changes in a black hole or something, he will send black vanitas shadows that you have to block, and he will send Keyblade Streams that you have to dodge in really short time, after this attack is over, he fall to the ground, if you catch him in the air you can give him a combo


After this attack he will repead every attack (but not the last, you know the “do-you-wanna-have-a-bad-time-attack“ that i talked about at least)


I hope i could help you and you understood what i am talking about


Have a Nice Day, Sans :D

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