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A song I wrote for a person I hate in school XD

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Yes~ I used the super mario bros. music~ It's in jap so I'll translate it~ (I refer him as an old koopa lol)


Old Koopa~

Is a really annoying obstacle right?

He hates everyone in the world~

Except for somebody and his idols~

He is Jay Chow's fan,

He really likes CCJ~ (a girl he likes in school)

But do you know? He always fails at stealing her~

No matter how excellent his plans (or moves) are,

He cannot success,

The Old Koopa is a failure~

Loi (my friend) is the last winner~ *winning sound* Yay for Loi~! Yay for Loi~! Yay For Loi~!

*Looks at Old Koopa and plays the music when you die* Game Over for the Koopa~


LOL I did this out of boredom...

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LOL! everyone has someone they hate. heres one for me:


oh james harris, i hate you

you are like a massive poo

we know you're ginger, even though you say you're brown

whenever we make a joke, you look down

everyone hates you, and they should hate you too

everyone wants to vaporize you until you turn into goo

you hit people, then run away laughing

oh what a freak, with the junk you are scarfing

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