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Person A vs. Person B

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So, I've been gone for awhile, not that I was ever a big part of this site anyway.

Anyway, I know that there are some people here with a good head on their shoulders and those are the people I'm trying to reach with this. I'm looking for well thought out answers as to who is right and who is wrong in this situation, if there is one.


So let me begin by saying these are two Call of Duty commentators on Youtube. They are both grown men, so they have the right to decide what they want to do. I am not a part of this, but I have had a discussion with both of them, one more extensively than the other. I know that people who don't really care for Call of Duty or the CoD community, but that's not what this is about, anyway here is the story:


Person A is a well known troll in the Call of Duty community. He attacks bigger commentators often. It seems like attention whoring to me, but when I brought it up to him he said that what he tries to do is bring attention to the issue(s). He never tries to bring attention to himself. If you looked at his trolling it is always about something the person being trolled has done. So, it's not like he just starts attacking people out of nowhere, if he feels you did something wrong he will troll.


Person B is a well-respected "larger" Youtuber. He has a little over 700,000 subs and does Youtube as his job. He has been getting a lot of criticism for becoming a money whore, which is somewhat ridiculous if you ask me, since it's his job now. Anyway, awhile ago he put out a video with his disabled son in it. In the beginning of the video he ran an ad for an IPhone app, he was being paid to do so, obviously. Person A saw this as person B "exploiting" his son to make money. So he began to troll Person B. He started attacking/insulting Person B, his wife, and his kids. This went has been going on for months now, apparently, but Person B has just looked the other way. But now Person A tweeted out Person B's facebook picture, which is Person B with his son, and edited it to make Person's B son have a monkey's face and Person B with another human face(rise of the Planet of the Apes reference). Anyway this got a reaction from Person B. He called out Person A and, long story short, they are going to "fight it out" at PAX this year.


Quick notes

-Person A is 19-20 years old. While Person B is 38 years old.

-Person B sells himself as this sort of "father" figure of Call of Duty Community. So, a lot of people are saying this is immature of him, myself included.

-Person A and Person B have a history of hatred towards one another.

-Person A, apparently, has Aspergers syndrome which is in the spectrum of autism. Person B's son has autism, along with several other diseases/birth defects.


Anyway, my personal opinion is that Person A went over the top. You don't insult a man's family. But, at the same time, Person B should have found a way to settle this without making it so public. Anyway, leave your response. Are either of them right? If yes, which one. Just leave your thoughts on the whole matter.

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First of all, Aspergers has nothing to do with this. Both of my younger brothers are on the Spectrum and when they do something wrong, nobody's going to let them play the autism card. Aspergers is on the lighter end of the Spectrum at the very least. Autism is NOT an excuse in this case.


I think "Person A" went about the situation the wrong way. If he found it offensive--which, since we don't know what video this is, how can we judge whether it was offensive or not?--then he should have taken it up with "Person B" directly through PM or something. If neither of them are you, though, why does it matter?

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Person A: Way too over the top. To insult someone's disabled son is just wrong.


Person B: A little inmature with the public fight, but I'd say he's in the right. What father wouldn't want to protect their family? Sure, he's not doing it the best way, but his heart is in the right place.


And always...


This could be a publicity stunt, unless we think that these two are crazy enough to try and kill each other at PAX this year.

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