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  1. fixed, I put Braif and Xigbar by mistake instead of Braig and Isa And I know that Shan-yu is really....umm out there? to say the least, but that's why I mentioned some of these guys might be "coming from left field".
  2. So, I was just thinking about some things about future games, i.e. possible Kairi side games, the seven lights, thirteen darkness, etc. When I sort of remembered something I realized in BBS. Before I get into my little theory I just want to say that this might be common knowledge that I'm just putting together, so sorry for that, haha. I DON'T THINK this theory has been made, probably has tbh, I only searched through the first three pages of the KH:3D section and read what the OP put. So, again, if this theory has already been put out there a million times and I'm just beating a dead horse, sorry. Anyway let's get into it. You know the old saying, " The eyes are the window to the soul"? Well, in Kingdom Hearts, this is very true. I've seen a lot of topics about people guessing who the thirteen seekers of darkness will be. I've also talked to my friends about some possibilities now that they have finished the game. So, I've heard just about every name a a "possible vessel for MX". Obviously not everyone will be right so I started looking for characteristics, traits, or something that would lead to an answer. My findings? It's all in the eyes. Back when I was playing BBS I realied that Terra looked a lot like Ansem's apprentice(Terranort) with different colored eyes. Then it hit me that the eye color change in the secret ending of KH2 was symbolic of something, then I played through BBS, and yada yadda we know what happens in the end. Just recently I beat KH:3D on critical and when I saw the ending(right after you beat YMX) one of the first things I realized was Isa's Yellow eyes, along with the yellow eyes of Braig, Xemnas, MX, etc. So that's wear the clue lies. I looked up some Organization members and the only ones with those eyes are Isa and Braig. So, I think that those will be the only two Organization members to make a return in any further games, as bad guys anyway. I also, remember that Ansem the Wise has those bright yellow eyes, so I don't know how exactly he would contribute to the fighting but he has this "trademark". Anyway, I know some of these characters will be coming out of left field but, here are my 13 -Master Xehanort -Young Master Xehanort -Terranort -Xemnas -Ansem Seeker of Darkness -Ansem The Wise -Braig -Isa -Shan-Yu -Vanitas (Last three will be new characters IF this theory is correct, unless I'm missing people with yellow eyes) - - - So that's my theory. Anyway, I know this whole "who will the 13 seekers of darkness be?" question has been beaten into the ground. So, if you want to leave a comment about who you think will be in the 13 feel free to, but see this thread as more of a "theory thread" like instead of "who" will the 13 be say "why" the thirteen will be the thirteen, and then we can guess from there. Anyway, that's my little idea that I just wanted to get off of my chest.See you around. Edit: Put Braig and Xigbar instead of Braig and Isa, my bad, haha.
  3. Hey everyone. In Birth By Sleep, as everyone knows, there was Ven, Aqua, and Terra. They were all "linked"(for lack of a better term) to Sora, Kairi, and Riku respectively. In Ven the similarities to Sora have always been there, but for Terra the main connection to Riku was the whole giving into the dark thing. But, now, Riku is learning Terra's moves? I mean I'm playing through on critical now and just noticing certain things, I missed A LOT of commands first time through, and I noticed Riku can now use Meteor and Meteor Crash, which were Terra specific in BBS. Also some things like Sacrifice and limit storm, but I just attribute that to the whole darkness thing, so maybe those will become more generic moves in future games. I believe Riku's new "dark slide"(his dodge roll can't think of name) is something Terra could do in his dark drive, right? Anyway, I know this might not be relevant to anything, but it's something I noticed so I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed this. I would talk to some IRL friends about it, but they haven't beaten the game yet and don't want me to ruin anything. EDIT: now that I think about it "linked" might not be the best way to put it. What I was trying to say was that Ven was the Sora of BBS, Aqua was the Kairi, and Terra was the Riku, hopefully that cears it up for anyone who was unsure.
  4. Okay, so this game, like all other KH games for me, was confusing while I played it, but then made more sense after I thought about it or played through it again(currently in Notre Dame on my critical playthrough). Anyway, these are just some questions I had. - Is Traverse Town split into the first dream world and Sora's dream world? I mean in all the other worlds you could kind of understand that Riku and Sora were never really in the same area at the same time(then in the end you find out why that is), but in Traverse Town they could see each other and the other characters were able to jump from one Traverse Town to another. So, were they already separated by the dreams levels they were in(sorry, don't know how to word that) or were there two Traverse Towns? -Who are the seven lights supposed to be? I just sort of assumed it would be everyone with a keyblade(i.e. Terra, Aqua, Ven, Sora, Riku, Mickey, Kairi) but now Axel has one, so does he count as a guardian of the light now or...? -When Lea and the "reborn" organization members wake up, where are most of them? I mean Isa and Braig are with Xehanort now, but what about all of the others? Are we supposed to assume that they are all part Xehanort at this point? -So, Xehanort now needs a 13th vessel(again). Any ideas on who that might be? What are the chances he gets to Sora and part of KH3 is you playing as Riku(or someone) on a journey to save Sora?
  5. Hey all, it's been awhile. I'm not sure how many(if any) of you remember me, which is why I'm making this little thread as my re-introduction. Anyway, I've had a busy past few month to say the least, so how have you all been? Have I missed anything big on this site? P.S. Sorry, if this doesn't really belong here, but I thought it fit.
  6. I'm guessing this topic has something to do with the other thread I started?
  7. Hey, so I've just been in a sad sort of mood lately and "I've been walking around in a haze lately" according to a friend of mine. So I've been sitting here for the past hour or so just thinking about why I've been feeling the way I have. So far, I've come up with this reason: People expect me to be something great, but I just don't think I can do it. So do any of you ever feel like people have these sort of unreal expectations of you? Do others put some sort of stress on you? Anyway, I'm going to write some stuff as a little rant to get it off of my chest. You don't have to read it, just sort of use this thread to maybe get a similar issue out there, or just leave a comment/vote saying yea I've been there or no I haven't. Anyway, here's my story. So, when I was little I used to be a chubby little guy. I loved to play sports, but I always struggled with them. I tried everything: Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Football, etc. When I got to the age where I got to actually pitch against other people I fell in love with baseball. It was like I found something I did better than the other kids, athletically, and it gave me a sort of self-worth. A few years into it, I'll say this was in 6th grade, a close family friend, who just recently passed, told me and one other friend of mine that he saw us going places with baseball. I took those words to heart and I've worked my ass off to get where I am. Now, skip ahead to my junior year of high school. Going into that year I was roughly 230 lbs, 6 feet tall, and no real muscle. The Fall baseball season came around and I impressed the varsity coaches, they said they hadn't heard much about me(I didn't get much playing time in the lower levels). So, they said they liked what they saw, but wanted me to drop a couple of pounds, and I did just that. When the fall season came around I had dropped 30 pounds and I was feeling good. After a few appearances the team's pitching coach made my his own little project/prodigy. He stuck with me for the end of that year and all of my senior making me the best pitcher he could make me. At the end of season I finished with pretty good stats, and a lot of people were saying that I could go somewhere with baseball. Now I'm in college and it is not what I expected. We are run into the ground, pitch bullpens, and do insane amounts of core work daily. As of now I'm in the rotation, somewhere between number 2 and 4, and now is the first real time I'm starting to feel the stress. I mean every time I pitch, heck, every time I throw a ball I criticize myself in some way. I realize how imperfect I am. But, people continue to put me on this sort of "pedestal". I'm not saying that people are making me out to be the next Roger Clemens, but I get "special treatment" from the coaching staff. I always hear them talking about how much they expect of me this year and how they want to fix my mechanics to get the most out of me. Plus, a few weeks ago I got to go to a Scouts dinner with the coach and team captains. But it's like, I'm not this good. I'm not this guy who is going to go pro, sure it's a nice dream, but in all reality I won't make it. Oh, and one more thing is my grades. When I was young I went to a public school and got straight A's. After I went to a private school and got A/B's. Then in high school I started off strong, but became this B student. Now in college my GPA was a 2.23...Me and my parents got into a fight about it the other day and, they were obviously right I CAN do the work, but they keep neglecting the point that I had good drades in a public school. Also, my grades kept getting lower with the "strictness" of the school. So maybe I was never as smart as they thought, maybe I excelled at any easy level. Anyway, f you look at my major(Forensic Science) it's not the easiest. Granted, it's not the toughest, but this major, in my school anyway, is known to have a huge drop out rate. The guide I had in the Open House told my group that there are generally 300-350 students in this major during Freshmen year, but only about 50 of those students graduate from the College with a Degree in Forensic Science. I have a pride issue that isn't going to let me drop out/switch majors, but it's not easy and I wish my parents understood that. Anyway, that's my story, and I have to admit I feel a little better. So if you actually read this I think you have earned yourself a like, just let me know haha. Well, see you guys and gals around.
  8. So, I've been gone for awhile, not that I was ever a big part of this site anyway. Anyway, I know that there are some people here with a good head on their shoulders and those are the people I'm trying to reach with this. I'm looking for well thought out answers as to who is right and who is wrong in this situation, if there is one. So let me begin by saying these are two Call of Duty commentators on Youtube. They are both grown men, so they have the right to decide what they want to do. I am not a part of this, but I have had a discussion with both of them, one more extensively than the other. I know that people who don't really care for Call of Duty or the CoD community, but that's not what this is about, anyway here is the story: Person A is a well known troll in the Call of Duty community. He attacks bigger commentators often. It seems like attention whoring to me, but when I brought it up to him he said that what he tries to do is bring attention to the issue(s). He never tries to bring attention to himself. If you looked at his trolling it is always about something the person being trolled has done. So, it's not like he just starts attacking people out of nowhere, if he feels you did something wrong he will troll. Person B is a well-respected "larger" Youtuber. He has a little over 700,000 subs and does Youtube as his job. He has been getting a lot of criticism for becoming a money whore, which is somewhat ridiculous if you ask me, since it's his job now. Anyway, awhile ago he put out a video with his disabled son in it. In the beginning of the video he ran an ad for an IPhone app, he was being paid to do so, obviously. Person A saw this as person B "exploiting" his son to make money. So he began to troll Person B. He started attacking/insulting Person B, his wife, and his kids. This went has been going on for months now, apparently, but Person B has just looked the other way. But now Person A tweeted out Person B's facebook picture, which is Person B with his son, and edited it to make Person's B son have a monkey's face and Person B with another human face(rise of the Planet of the Apes reference). Anyway this got a reaction from Person B. He called out Person A and, long story short, they are going to "fight it out" at PAX this year. Quick notes -Person A is 19-20 years old. While Person B is 38 years old. -Person B sells himself as this sort of "father" figure of Call of Duty Community. So, a lot of people are saying this is immature of him, myself included. -Person A and Person B have a history of hatred towards one another. -Person A, apparently, has Aspergers syndrome which is in the spectrum of autism. Person B's son has autism, along with several other diseases/birth defects. Anyway, my personal opinion is that Person A went over the top. You don't insult a man's family. But, at the same time, Person B should have found a way to settle this without making it so public. Anyway, leave your response. Are either of them right? If yes, which one. Just leave your thoughts on the whole matter.
  9. So I finally got my own copy of Birth By Sleep and I've been playing though the stories. Anyway i just beat Vanitas in Radiant Garden with Aqua. In the cutscene after the battle Vanitas says something to the affect," I'll keep you around, it never hurts to have a back up." What does that mean? I mean I know it's been AWHILE since I've played through this game, but I don't remember Vanitas "needing" Aqua as a "backup". Anyway, anyone know what this means.
  10. Well I'm sure that no one hears knows about(I could be wrong) but there's this guy Woodysgamertag, a youtube commentator, who is 38ish and still playing games. So, I'm not saying I want to be like him, but I could definitely see myself growing up to be like that. I mean I love video games, it's gotten to the point where I might do youtube commentaries over some things, so it's a passion of mine that I don't see going away. Granted, I doubt I'll be playing them forever, but who knows.
  11. Try saying: Good Eye Might Without sounding Australian You can't. Good Eye Might
  12. She's beautiful...just don't make her angry...you wouldn't like her when she's angry...
  13. ahhhh chit girl I'm from Westchester, lemme pick you up.
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