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  1. can someone help me get my tits done and shit das it

  2. papi graduates next year as a professional doggy stripper/pole dancer!! you can rent him for you and your friends for $800 a night!! or you can watch his performances at clubs!!
  3. Hey putas!! Guess who's graduating? That's right, This girl is!! And you are all invited!...but if you're going to attend you better get a gift or some chit you'll get kicked and you won't get any food. I only want classy people and I don't want any gorillas there i hate gorillas. I am ready to become a prostitute so if you guys give me some dirty toys :cool: and chit like that i will appreciate it i also need money to pay for my boobs cuz thats what guys like das it!! i am the queen of 2014 das it [ and btw that is my cute doggy his name is papi
  4. i graduate next tuesday to become a professional prostitute i am getting my bachelors degree and chit i am so proud of myself WEPA class of 2014 das it hoes !!!

  5. let it gooo let it gooo this bitch dont want you no moreee!! das it

  6. Sora riku and all the hotties in my bed and chit das it ;-)
  7. I want my boobs to look like lightning farron rich men would like me more and chit das it

    1. Isamu Kuno

      Isamu Kuno

      You mean lopsided?

    2. Javelin434


      This status... Just made my day xD

    3. Kirie


      Stuff ur bra gurl

  8. I already bought some of that its dumb good and chit ya need to buy some das it
  9. someone needs to come and play with this kitty cat and chit das it

  10. I should be larxene because I am a bad bitch just like her and chit. Das it!
  11. I should become a Victoria's secret model because I am classy, beautiful and chit

  12. then i fill the tub up half way then ride it with my surfboardddd, surfboard ;)

    1. Ruby Rose

      Ruby Rose

      Cheaper than going to the beach

  13. I've been drinking, watermelonnnnn!

  14. do what u want what u want with my body do what u want don't stop lets party

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