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KHDays 358/2 Days, new trailer description.

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A new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days has begun showing in Japanese storefronts. Although this trailer is not yet available to see, some Japanese blogs such as The Light in Chaos and ????? have described features from it. HEARTSTATION.ORG have translated these descriptions into English, which you can read below.


- Roxas is shown using the Bond of Flames keyblade

- Xion was the only member not appearing in the multiplayer select screen

- Donald and Goofy made appearances

- The style graphics have changed since Jump Festa like:

- Addition of names under character's face icons

- The limit gauge

- Scenes concerning Xion's connections are replace with ones reflecting her character

- At the Castle That Never Was, Xion picks up a seashell like that of Destiny Island and puts it to her ear, saying she can hear the sounds of the ocean

- In the back alley of Twilight Town, Hayner, Pence, and Olette gather at the side of Axel and Roxas

- Axel and Xion talk in the Castle of Oblivion, was Roxas there too?

- At the Castle That Never Was, Xion hangs her head low and says, "I... I'm not me..?"

- In the white room of the mansion in Twilight Town, Xion faces Namine and asks, "What should I do?"

- Xion appears to be crying in her bed at the Castle That Never Was

- Xion and Axel appear to be be looking for something on a computer then they both collapse

- Only Xion rises and leaves Axel behind

- Xion places a pebble/shell beside Roxas who is sleeping and then leaves silently

- After that, a scene where Xion encounters and speaks with Riku in Twilight Town

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