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"Member of the AmberGround National Post Service. Traveling from town to town,across countrysides,fearless in the face of danger,delivering the precious letters of the citizens,no matter the cost. That is precisely the job of a Letter Bee."



As a Letter Bee, you must travel across the regions and towns of AmberGround to deliver the precious letters,the "Hearts" of the citizens,to their destination. You'll report to the Bee Hive and your superiors. Defeat dangerous Gaichuu. All alongside your Dingo,if you have one. Fighting with our weapons,encrusted with Spiritual Amber,making our own heart fragments the weapons we fight with. A true Letter Bee delivers its letters without fault,with sacrifice,making sure that it reaches safely to the hands of the receiver. No matter what. Even with the mysterious group called "Reverse" at the Letter Bees tails,stealing the precious letters from the Letter Bees. We must not fail! May the Empress guide you,and be the best Letter Bee you can be!





It is the world where we live on. It is summerged by darkness. The only sun that always shines is the man-made sun that floats over the Akatsuki. The Akatsuki,Yuusari,and Yodoka are all divided regions,seperated by bridges,where only people with special passes can pass from one region to the other. Like Letter Bees. Though it takes a very special pass to be able to cross into the Akatsuki.




The capital of AmberGround. It is said only "The Chosen ones" can live here. It's a high-class society,only the ultimate rich, and invited live here. They are the only ones who have the honor to live under the man-made artificial sun.


Middle class population. Here at Central Yuusari is where the Bee Hive is settled,where all Letter Bees/"Bees" work and deliver Letters from. Letter Bees are very well seen around this region.



Lower class population. They are the most distant from the Akatsuki,and the most poor. Mostly Letter Bees barely pass by this region as some are to poor to afford the costly stamps. Letter Bees are seen around this region only from time to time.



  • Letter Bee: A delivery person who is entrusted with shards of the population's "hearts" in their letters, which they have to deliver despite the threat of armored insects.
  • Dingo: A bodyguard who is picked and trained by a Bee to protect them from armored insects. A dingo can be anything from an animal to a human. Even unusual creatures (so it doesn't nessesary have to be 100% animal)
  • Bee Hive: The headquarters of the delivery service where all the "Bees" work. Located in Yuusari, the middle-class area of AmberGround.
  • Gaichuu: Giant insects covered in jeweled armor, said to be spirit insects that lost their hearts. They live in the dark lands outside of the artificial sunlight and attack anyone who travels along the darkened paths. These creatures cannot be defeated by normal weapons. They can only be defeated by special weapons, guns, that all Letter Bees carry for protection and combat.
  • Spirit Amber: A powerful amber stone that has the power to allow its user to shoot a heart bullet from its heart bullet gun. It comes in a wide range of colors that each have different abilities. It contains this power because of the spirit insects trapped inside it.
  • Spirit Insects: Extinct insects from ancient times, they have all either become Gaichuu or imprisoned in Spirit Amber.
  • Shindan Weapons: Weapons equiped with Spirit Ambers which are used by Letter Bees to shape their shindans to attack Gaichuu. There are many kinds of weapons that can shape them. They can be also used for other purposes like healing, identifying, and so on. These weapons have different effects depending on the Spirit Amber installed there. It also changes effects depending on the "kind of heart" used to load the shindan. There's many kinds of hearts used with the shindan weapon & Spirit Amber; like anger, happiness, sadness, loneliness, hope, love, appetite, memories, emptiness, and so on. These weapons come in all shapes and sizes, from guns to musical instruments and more. The Shidan is not able to harm humans unless it has the Destructive Ability.


  • No God Modding
  • Let's make it PG-13
  • No killing or controlling other people's characters unless given permission
  • You can have up to as many characters as you can handle
  • Hero, pariah, villain, antagonist, etc. are all welcomed
  • Be creative and have fun. Create your story, get others involved. Make this as fun as possible for you guys
  • If you wish to leave the RP you may. But I do ask for you to at least make an epic death for your character, or tell me so I may know.



Character Sheet:

You are a: (Letter Bee, Non-Letter Bee, Dingo)


Age: (The youngest of Bees are 12 years old)


Weapon(s): (This is optional for Dingo and Non-letter Bee characters. Specify if Shindan Weapon or non-Shindan weapon. You can give your weapon a name if you want)


Dingo: (For Letter Bee and Non-Letter Bee characters. Optional if you wish to have a Dingo or not. If you wish to have a Dingo, write the Dingo's name and who/what it is. You may also have a separate character/human as a Dingo, or another RPer as a Dingo if arrangements are made between the two.)

Amber Color: (None applicable if you don't have a Shindan weapon)

Amber ability(Besides to destroy Gaichuu): (Abiliity to help others' hearts, heal, destructive ability,etc. You can make up an ability of your own if you wish) (None applicable if you don't have a Shindan Weapon)

Bio: (Optional)


My character sheet:

You are a: Letter Bee

Name: Nai Sekaragi

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Weapon(s): Sword



Plus the Letter Bee uniform

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


Dingo: Kou


Posted Image


Amber Color: White

Amber Ability: Gravity Manipulaton



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Character Sheet:

You are a: Letter Bee

Name: Kata Gentan

Age: 18

Gender: male

Weapon(s): Roigaku - Shindanjuu. Looks like a standard handgun.

Appearance: Tall, With long black hair. It is cut so that it dosnt get into his deep blue eyes. hes not very muscular.

Dingo: Ill leave this open in case someone wants to be a dingo.

Amber Color: Gray

Amber ability: The control over wind. Uses include repelling blasts with zero attack power.


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