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I'm close to finishing the game and I want to know if there's anything I may have missed. I have:


-All the Goddess Cubes activated/all the Goddess Chests opened.

-All the Gratitude Crystal side quests are completed and Batreaux is human.

-I own at least one of every bug and treasure.

-I can hold up to 9,900 Rupees (the limit of the Tycoon Wallet and three Extra Wallets; aka the highest amount of Rupees in the game).

-I have the Hylian Shield

-I have nineteen hearts, and I know where to get three more Heart Pieces.

-I have the Sacrad Bow, the Tough Beetle, the Big Bug Net, the Scattershot etc. Everything is upgraded (and in addition, I'm carrying three fairies, a 25 arrow quiver and a 25 bomb bag).


So is there anything you guys know of that I'm missing out on?

Edited by Amberlyn “Icelandic” Barrix

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