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1x1 with terraxaqua34

 In fair Haven, where we lay our scene

The kingdom who's royalty originated from the sweat and blood of wars against the warlock and witches

Who with them bring plagues and disaster

For centuries they have ruled, and peace has prospered

Until the return of the plague signals turmoil for all

A dutiful knight

A kingdom divided in two

A sword that will lead to salvation

And it is all in the hands...of an unprepared heir



Character sheet:

Alliance: (Haven or Plague)





Weapon: (Opt)

Magic: (Opt)

Bio: (Opt)





Alliance: Haven

Name: Camilla Aristomache

Age: 20

Gender: Female



Posted Image


Weapon: Axe-sword

Magic: Space magic

Bio: Bodyguard of the trouble making heir




Alliance: Plague

Name: Seth Czernobog

Age: 25

Gender: Male



Posted Image


Weapon: Book of spells

Magic: Plague & Dark Magic

Bio: Warlock in search of vengeance

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Name:Ivan Seburki




Weapon: Royal sword that belong to the king

Magic: unknown 

Bio: He is the child of the great queen and king of the kingdom of Haven. During the day of his coming of age, a coup was thrown by remaining members of the ancient Plague kingdom. He and his guardian were force to leave behind everyone as they must go and search for a magical sword that is capable of saving his kingdom and his parents, if they are still alive.


Alliance: Plague

Name: NightCrawler

Age: 25

Gender: Male


Weapon: nothing

Magic: power over the elements

Bio: unknown, just known as the leader of the Plague remaining forces



Alliance: Plague

Name: Jugram Haschwaith

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110810054027/shipoffools/images/3/3e/-animepaper_net-picture-standard-anime-hakuouki-shinsengumi-kitan-okita-military-124622-aduialperedhel-preview-ed6df4f1.jpg

Weapon: Dual swords

Magic: Power of darkness

Bio: Not much is known about him besides being the second in command to Nightcrawler.

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Once upon a time, in a land far away...


The pest of the plague spread upon every step that Seth took. Sickness, darkness, Seth was the king of it all. He walked across the castle hall, sitting down on the throne. He was tired. He was still using large amounts of magic to spread the plague and corrupt the capital with magic. The castle slowly corrupted down, turning dark and eerie to mix with Seth. He was calm, smiling gently at his friends, his allies and men. The last of the long and forgotten kingdom of the Plague. The kingdom of magic took down in fear that they might be greater than anyone else. "What a pain." Seth said, sighing, smiling as he held his book, a dark aura floating around him as he focused on his powers, spreading his curse across. "I am looking all across the city, but I can't find him. I can't find his majesty." Seth said, looking up sadly. "I don't think he's within the city anymore. Do you think we should start looking further off, Jugram, NightCrawler?" Seth asked smiling at his friends. "If the prince lives, it will be a large throne to our side. That cannot be allowed if we want to succeed."


The horses trotted across, running away from the city. Camilla rode on her white horse, riding besides the prince and other guards and knights that swore loyalty to his majesty. "We need to get as far away as we can. If the darkness reaches he will be able to sense us." Camilla said, looking over at the prince. "Are you handling yourself, alright, your majesty? I know this is sudden, but we assure you that we have a place ready for you."

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Ivan had everyone stopped as they entered the forest. He got off his horse and stood there.'' I'm alright.'' he calmly said. He wasn't. He was mentally hurt. His parents could be dead for all he knows. Today was suppose to be his day, but it turned out differently.'' I hope we do have a safe place near. I doubt they won't be able to search for us. I just fear whoever attacked us isn't afraid to kill for me.'' Ivan said shaking.'' Am I really going to die?'' he asked holding his sword.


Nightcrawler stood and looked at Seth.'' Last time I checked, why are you sitting on the throne?'' he asked. Jugan simply stood. He knew not to challenge Nightcrawler, for whoever held the name, was the leader of the Plague.'' But I do agree. The brat must be killed at all costs. I didn't wait to calm this title for nothing. Until you calm my name as my future heir, then you can sit on the throne, but until then.'' Nightcrawler said as he simply drew his sword at him.'' You will kneel before me or I will bathe the starways in your blood.'' Jugan stood there with his hands behind his back.'' Maybe I should go your majesty. Seth needs the rest. I can go and take men with me. I assure you I will not fail.'' he said as he kneeled.'' Thank you Jugan. You are always by my side.'' Nightcrawler said as darkness formed a throne for him from Seth as he sat down.'' Let us now calm this kingdom as the rightful owners!''

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"We were born into alliance to you so you won't be dying under our watch." One of them said, only to be nudged by Camilla hard on the side. "You won't be dying, your majesty. A plan for this type of thing has been issued for centuries since the fall of the Plague." Camilla assured, sighing. This kid...isn't ready to even fight against someone of their own in a spar match. Now he was going to be the one to lead them back? They were badly screwed over. "We should be heading as far away from the capital. The further we go the harder it will be for them to track us down. Not like we can head back for the royal library either." Camilla said. "There should be copies of them all in Babelon city!" One of them said cheerfully. "That's days away on horse." Camilla said, feeling a headache coming up. She turned to the prince. "Take as much time as you need to relax, but you we have to hurry on foot. Our horses will be recognized." Camilla said as she began to walk with the rest.

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